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Greetings Stranger! I'm surprised to see your kind here!


Well, what to say? Hello World from Asia! Just your average Salary Man here working at home as a bonafide corporate slave with the rest of my free life under a timer 7 days a week. My hobbies include the usual otaku stuff like anime, manga, novels and games. I draw traditionally and digitally but I'm an amateur at best. I also write my own stuff although not much to mention there with regards to finished products.

I'm one of those teens unfortunate enough to have gotten my tertiary education during the time when the concept of IT and call centers was booming while also being confused with computer programming, multimedia and arts, and engineering. Schools and colleges at the time mish-mashed subjects meant for those fields without proper consideration and deeper study first so the education we got was quite slipshod. Only our successor generations finally got to study properly planned out courses so in a way my generation was like a batch of test subjects.

As a result, we were taught things like Japanese Language in a very rushed manner (like RUSHED. 10 years worth of language study compressed into one subject lecture that happens only once every week for one semester). And now you have products/people like me who can read kana but very little kanji. People who know basic programming but then forgot all about it because it wasn't at the extent that was useful out in the professional world and we were left to find where we would fit in as budding professionals like roughly made puzzle pieces.

That's all there is to me. Not really that dramatic too since I'm well enough to be posting here. Anyway that's the long and short of it! It's nice to meet all you folks and may everybody have fun.

Hello, hello!

Good to have you aboard.

故郷天地ミキサーへようこそ, です。 :shy:

Welcome to the forum.


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