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Hello Tenchi fans!

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Hey everyone! I've been a fan of Tenchi since it first aired on Toonami in the late 90s/early 00s and have recently gotten really nostalgic for the series while working at home during the past few months. Aside from re-watching several of the shows and movies on DVD I ended up getting both sets of Tenchi manga in their entirety off eBay and book stores online (I got some good deals but also spent quite a bit on a few of them!). I love OVA 1-2 of course, but I am partial to Tenchi in Tokyo :) (Universe is great too but I haven't watched it as many times as the others)

I wanted to join this forum to see what Tenchi fans are talking about nowadays and to see what hidden gems people have found in terms of artwork and other merch they've added to their collections.



Nonsuch Ned:



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