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Started by Tasuke, May 14, 2024, 01:26:09 PM

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"Tenchi Muyo!" was a complete Phenomenon in Japan throughout most of the 1990's...
and Picked up real hard in popularity in the U.S. for a brief period in the early-2000's.

i was there at ground zero... and TM! was, essentially, the first major Anime series i was deeply invested in that was not Mecha-related.

In Fact; My TM! Fandom was centrally responsible for driving me into Anime Character Dolls and their Customization potential.

i started out with a full set of TOYNAMI's very clumsy 12in. TM! Dolls around 2001/2002...
and in 2023/2024, i came back Full Circle, after a fashion, by acquiring TAKARA's two-doll mid-90's Juraiian Alien-Princess pair,
both of which being long-time Grails of mine... and both being very amenable to an upgrade to the fabulous 2018 OBITSU 26cm. Doll Body~

- TOYNAMI Tenchi Muyo! 12in. Character Doll Series 2001 -

Very nice!
And hello!
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