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Ouroboros Saga side story: Cycle part 2 (very NSFW)


 “My little Sasami!!!!”
 The Masaki household all smiled as Sasami gave the traditional greeting to her mother and ran into her arms. Today was a special occasion. Sasami and her fiance’, Ifurita, were paying their first visit to the Masaki household since leaving on their mission. And it wasn’t just a friendly visit, either. They had come home because Misaki and Tsunami were soon to be wed.
 Standing where Sasami had just run from, Ifurita and Jazirian, who was currently in her Ifurita-like human form, stood. She looked a bit apprehensive, and the others could understand why.
 “Go on.” Jazirian prodded her
 “But….it’s embarrassing.” Ifurita whispered, her normally pale face turning a deep shade of crimson.
 “You know it will be much easier for you in the long run if you just go ahead and do it.” Jazirian responded.
 Misaki looked up at the two of them. “Ah, there you are, little Iffy!!”
 “Ready on the count of three.” Jazirian whispered. Ifurita bit her lip, and as the count went down, she and Jazirian finally cried out “MAMA MISAKI!!!!” in unison and they both ran to give the former queen a great hug. Jazirian then gave Tsunami as warm embrace as well.
 “Come on in, you three, dinner is ready.” Tsunami announced.

                                                           * * *

 After the big family dinner, Sasami and Ifurita helped Misaki, Tsunami, and blue-Aeka clean the dishes in the kitchen. Misaki was amazed at how quickly Ifurita learned the the ins and outs of the cleaning even though she had apparently never done it before. Perhaps those stories of her ability to automatically learn anything she sees were true, the former queen mused.
 However, there was something else of bigger concern to Misaki. Since she came home, Sasami seemed rather distant from Tenchi. And Misaki had already figured out why.
 “So, Sasami, you can’t bring yourself to tell Tenchi, can you?” Misaki asked.
 Sasami looked at her mother in surprise. Aeka also looked up at Misaki with questioning eyes. Sasami then frowned at Tsunami. “Tsunami, you…?”
 “No no, Tsunami didn’t say a word to me.” Misaki reassured her daughter with a hand wave. “I’m a mother, Sasami. I know the signs when I see them. You and Ifurita both. You are both about two months along, I’d say.”
 With that, tears began to swell in Misaki’s eyes, and she then gave Sasami and Ifurita a huge bear hug. “Oh, I’m so happy to be a grandmother!” she cried.
 Aeka, however, looked at her little sister with disapproving eyes. “Sasami, dear, I know how much Ifurita means to you, but you could not wait until you are married?”
 “In the traditions of the serpent races that worship me, they are already married.” Jazirian said, suddenly entering the kitchen. “When those who are truly in love share their first intimate moment, they are married in spiritual sense. All else are just formalities.”
 “Still,” Aeka went on, “you seem far too young to have engaged in...such activities.”
 “Says the girl who was trying to get into Yoshor’s pants before she even hit puberty.” Misaki remarked with a sly grin. Aeka’s face flushed, and suddenly she couldn’t say anything more.
 Sasami’s expression grew sad. “I don’t know what to say to Tenchi. I know how he feels about me. Even though he knows well enough about my relationship with Ifurita, I think he’ll be hurt by this.”
 Tsunami put her arms around Sasami. “Tenchi will be alright. It may hurt a little, but the truth is that Tenchi’s primary concern is for your happiness, and he has always been willing to put it before his own.”
 Ifurita wanted to say something. There was something on her mind, some bit of knowledge that she had which she had not been able to say to Sasami yet. She felt as though this might be a good time to say it, but she backed down when Misaki spoke up.
 “Plus, there is something I must share with you both, Sasami and Ifurita. Let’s finish up in here, and I will tell you two a little story.”

                                                                      * * *

 Misaki, Tsunami, Sasami, Ifurita, Jazirian, and Aeka were all gathered in Misaki and Tsunami’s bedroom. They listened intently to what Misaki had to say.
 “First of all, Sasami, I know that you love Tenchi as much as he loves you. And the thing you’ve gotta understand is that, even though you are with Ifurita, you shouldn’t give up hope on Tenchi. For one thing, Juraian marriage laws work both ways for men and women. A woman can have multiple spouses just as man can, so there’s no reason why you can’t marry Tenchi along with Iffy.
 “Furthermore, there is something I need to tell you. While I’m getting married to Tsu-Tsu here in a couple days, the truth is that, by the customs of Jazirian’s seprentfolk, I’m already married to somebody. Two individuals, in fact.”
 Sasami and Ifurita looked at each other, eyes wide with shock. “What do you mean, Mommy?” Sasami asked.
 “Remember how I told awhile back how it was not yet time for you to know who I conceived you with? Well, she is one of the individuals I speak of. Your second mother was, is, somebody very dear to my heart, just as Tsunami is now.”
 Sasami suddenly felt a growing eagerness. She only had hints of the person who sired her from her mother, and now she was dying to know this woman’s identity. Misaki and Tsunami could see that eagerness in her eyes. They knew that the time had come.
 “You wish to know the identity of your second mother.” Tsunami told Sasami. “You must learn the truth about her for yourself. It is time for you and Ifurita to go on a journey.”
 The marks on Tsunami’s forehead began to glow. Sasami and Ifurita gave each other and “uh oh” look before the world around them vanished.

                                                                     * * *

 Before they even had a chance to examine their new surroundings, Sasami and Ifurita could easily grasp what just occurred. Tsunami had sent them back through time. Ifurita’s quick mental examination of the timestream confirmed it. But where were they?
 Sasami quickly knew the answer when she looked around. Yes, she indeed knew this place all too well. She and Ifurita stood outside the nursery where all of Jurai’s royal trees were kept. She was home. Sasami communicated this to her wife.
 “Well, since we’re right outside the nursery, we might as well go have a talk with this time period’s Tsunami to find out what’s going on.” Sasami suggested. Ifurita nodded in agreement.
 They pushed open the doors and walked inside. Ifurita was awed by the sight of the vast chamber and all the trees, having never seen it before, but for Sasami it was a familiar sight. Perhaps too familiar considering what happened to her here.
 Sasami led Ifurita to the teleportation deck which transported them down to the lowest level of the chamber, where Tsunami should be waiting. Once they got there, they heard the sounds of a woman sobbing, They quickly rushed to the source of the sound, and soon found a woman kneeling before a tree that was at the heart of a pond. Sasami instantly recognized both of them. The tree, of course, was Tsunami. As for the woman, there was no mistaking that long sky blue hair, even though Sasami usually knew it being tied in a ponytail, or the sound of the woman’s voice.
 Misaki’s head cocked upward at the sound of Sasami’s voice, and she looked back at Sasami and Ifurita. The two of them noted the tears streaming from her eyes.
 “Wh...who are you two?” Misaki asked them, making them both suddenly realize that they had apparently been sent back to some point before Sasami was born.
 Sasami was about to be careful in answering her future mother, when she heard a voice in her mind. Tsunami. Tsunami’s voice told her “go ahead and tell her the truth.” Sasami was hesitant, but over the years she learned to have faith in Tsunami.
 “Umm, this might be hard for you to believe, but I’m your daughter from the future. My name is Sasami. This is my wife, Ifurita. Tsunami sent us back to this time period.”
 To their surprise, instead of questioning them or responding in disbelief, Misaki’s eyes suddenly lit up. The woman joyfully ran up and gave them her trademark bear hug.
 “I suppose that explains where you get your good looks from.” Misaki told Sasami.
 They shared a bit of a laugh. Once things had calmed down, the three of them sat at the edge of the pond.
 “Why were you crying, Mama Misaki?” Ifurita asked.
 “Oh, I was just talking to mother Tsunami about the current state of my life. You know that I’m married to Emporer Azusa as arranged by my adoptive mother, Seto. The problem is, even though I don’t dislike him, I….don’t really love Azusa. Not in a way that I’d want to be married to him, anyway. And I think he feels the same way. He seems to love sister-Funaho far more than me.
 “And, on top of it all, I can’t even bring myself to….be...with him. We have a daughter, your sister, Aeka. But she was created in a laboratory, rather than through...regular...conception. Gods, it’s going to break her heart when I tell her that someday!”
 Sasami gently hugged her future mother. Further compelled by Tsunami, Sasami explained things to her. “Don’t be too sad, Mommy. I can tell you right now that one day you will be able to escape your marriage with Azusa, and you will marry somebody that you truly love. And, while I don’t know who she is, I was sired by somebody that you really loved, and it was not Azusa.”
 “And you’ve got a couple of granddaughters on the way.” Ifurita added, making Misaki smile even further. Upon seeing Misaki’s beautiful smile, Ifurita blushed a bit. She realized just how much Misaki’s beauty reflected that of of her daughter. And she also then realized just how much she wanted to get a taste of the second queen.
 Misaki was about to say something to her daughter, to ask her more about the future. But as she opened her mouth to speak, she suddenly found her lips joined to Ifurita’s. Sasami covered her mouth in shock as she watched her mate suck away at her mother’s face quite eagerly. To Sasami’s further surprise, Misaki not only didn’t resist, but seemed equally eager to return Ifurita’s kiss. And Sasami found that the whole sight gave her a very funny feeling down below, a feeling that she understood very well at this point.
 When Ifurita released Misaki’s lips, Sasami practically pounced on her mother and gave her an even more passionate kiss than Ifurita had. Ifurita smiled at the sight. She then recalled when Sylia visited her and Sasami from the future and joined them on their intimate night together, and mused that now a similar scene was to play out with them and Sasami’s own mother.
 The three of them quickly removed their clothing. Misaki took each girl by the hand, and they slowly walked into the waters of the pond. The water was warm and inviting, and they went in until they were waist deep into it. Sasami kissed Misaki once more, their bare breasts pressing together. While they did this, Ifurita put her lips to Misaki’s neck and sucked on it very gently.
 Unable to hold back their urges, Sasami and Misaki skipped any sort of foreplay, and began to rub their vaginas together as they held each other tight. First, they did so gently, but gradually their bodies rubbed together more and more intensely. Ifurita watched them with delight as their passion grew. At last, the two of them finally reached their climax, and Ifurita looked on in wonder as the marks on Sasami’s forehead glowed in sync with her orgasm. She understood what this meant, and she realized something, something that took her by surprise when it hit her.
 Sasami and Misaki held each other for awhile after the climax, breathing heavily. Ifurita moved in and whispered something in Misaki’s ear. Misaki’s eyes widened, a look of both joy and realization across her face.
 Misaki then grabbed Ifurita and pulled her close. Not wanting her daughter’s wife to feel left out, Misaki joined her vagina with Ifurita’s, and soon they were in the scissor position. Sasami smiled as she watched the two of them grind together. Like with Sasami, Misaki started rubbing her vagina against Ifurita’s slowly at first, but as their passion grew, their rubbing became more intense until they at last reached climax. The three of them embraced each other. Sasami looked up at Tsunami. Even though the goddess was in her tree form, she could sense her smiling with joy and approval.

                                                                         * * *

 Sasami and Ifurita would spend the rest of that night with Misaki in the queen’s private room. They made love to her several more times that night, this time taking more time for such things as foreplay. When they felt completely spent, they lie in each other’s arms in Misaki’s bed.
 “You have to go back to your own time soon, don’t you?” Misaki said sadly.
 “Don’t worry, Mommy. You know that we will meet again one day.” Sasami told her. “And you know how much I, we, love you.”
 Indeed, when the morning came, Sasami heard Tsunami’s voice telling her that it was time to return home. Before they left, Sasami and Ifurita received yet another one of Misaki’s bear hugs.
 “Still, I wish we could have found out who my second mother is.” Sasami said glumly as she and Ifurita faded away from that time period.
 “Oh, let’s just say that you know your second mother better than you know anybody else in the universe.” Ifurita told her slyly, drawing a confused look from Sasami, only for Sasami to realize with shock what Ifurita meant.

                                                                 * * *

 After the two of them returned home to their own time, they really didn’t need to explain what happened to Misaki, as the former queen still remembered that night all too well. Misaki and Sasami had always been close, but now that they had this intimate night in their history, they were all the more closer. And Sasami found the truth about her second mother both surprising and amusing at the same time.
 The day of Tsunami and Misaki’s wedding arrived. The wedding itself was simple, seeing as only the closest of family were invited, but it was still a beautiful event. When Tsunami and Misaki kissed, Sasami chuckled as she looked over at Tenchi and noticed how he was trying to hide the bulge in his pants from those around him.
 Tenchi. She knew she needed to talk with him. It seemed like the time had come to do so. After the ceremony, she and Ifurita pulled him aside to talk with him in private. She told him all about their pregnancy. She waited for his reaction, expecting him to break down in tears. Instead, he only gave her a warm smile, and then hugged her gently.
 “I’m so happy for you, Sasami.” he said. As he held her, she knew there was something else she had to tell him, something she had wanted to say to him for years now. She pulled back from his embrace, grabbed something from her side pocket and handed it to him. Tenchi’s jaw dropped as he beheld an engagement ring fashioned in the shape of a garter snake with an aquamarine gem in its mouth, just like the one Ifurita gave to Sasami not long ago.
 “I….I love you Tenchi! I love you just as much as I love Iffy! And, I...I want to marry you someday along with her.”
 Finally, tears swelled in Tenchi’s eyes, only they were tears of joy. He embraced her once more. “Oh, Sasami, I love you, too! I will gladly marry you!”
 “I promise, Tenchi, when my mission is over, I will return to you, and we can be together.” she told him.
 They held each other for what seemed like an eternity. Tenchi then realized that Ifurita had been standing there watching them the whole time. He looked at her, wondering how she felt about what was unfolding. To his surprise, he smiled at him. She then walked up to him and gave him a small kiss on the cheek.
 “You and I have a destiny together as well.” she said, causing both Tenchi and Sasami to wonder what she meant.

                                                               * * *

 Years in the past, nearly nine months had passed since Misaki had her encounter with her future daughter. She rested in a chair, with her nanny, Mama, attending to her. Misaki’s belly was large. She was heavily pregnant.
 Getting close to the birth of what would be her second child, she mused at the events that led to little Sasami’s conception. How ironic it was that if Sasami had not gone back in time, she would never even exist in the first place. Yes, Ifurita was right. Sasami’s second mother was indeed the one person whom Sasami knew better than anyone in the universe.



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