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The Ouroboros Saga Book 1: The City of Emerald Scales (NSFW parts)

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They were beautiful. Ifurita’s eyes grew misty as she held one of the newborns in her arms. Sasami put her arms around Ifurita from behind and pressed her cheek against Ifurita’s while looking upon the newborns with a smile.
 Though the newborn serpents were merely minutes old, they already had tiny colorful feathers upon their wings. Such were the qualities of the ophidian creatures known as couatls. Ifurita and Sasami had come to know these plumed serpents as some of the most wondrous and majestic creatures they had ever had the pleasure to become acquainted with. And the two of them felt an even greater honor to be allowed to oversee the birth of an entire clutch of the serpents before their very eyes.
 But the greatest esteem was for the mother of these babies. For the mother couatl, there could be no higher reward than to have Ifurita oversee the birth of her offspring. For Ifurita was an aspect of the Couatls’ patron deity, Jazirian, and Ifurita’s presence here was seen as a blessing from the Goddess Herself.
 As the mother couatl nuzzled Ifurita’s open cheek, Ifurita knew what she had to do next. Her lips parted, and she began to recite the blessing of the Snake Mother.
 “Virtue untested is merely innocence. Each journey is a journey into death, but each death is a rebirth. The ultimate knowledge is peace. Teaching, learning, and the nurturing of life are the greatest of virtues.”

                                                                  * * *
 As the mother couatl rested with her clutch, Ifurita and Sasami returned their attentions to a group of Sarrukh children whom were in their care. The Sarrukh were a race of anthropomorphic snake people who hailed from the world of Abeir-Toril and of whom the Couatls were sacred spiritual leaders of.
 As Sasami looked upon the group of younglings before her, she was still amazed at how different the two sexes of this race were from each other. The males were bipedal, standing upon two legs. The females, on the other hand, had no legs. They had a vaguely humanoid upper torso complete with a pair of arms, but the bottom half of their bodies were like snakes.
 “Mama Ifurita, will you tell us another story?” one of the female children asked.
  “A story? Which one would you all like to hear?”
 The younglings looked around at each other questioningly, trying to decide among themselves what they wished to hear.
 “May we….hear something about the Goddess?” one youngling asked.
 Ifuirta smiled.
 “I know just which story to tell you all. Over the past six years, I have told you much about the nature of the Snake Mother. What I have never spoken of is how I myself came to know of Her and become a part of Her. It is also the story of how I first came to know my soulmate.” Ifurita said, giving a knowing look at Sasami with that last part.
 Not only were the younglings now listening intently, but so was Sasami. She had seen memory flashes of Ifurita’s when their minds had joined on numerous occasions, so she had a basic gist of how Ifurita and Jazirian assimilated with one another. But, in the six years they had been together on their mission, she had never heard her fiance’ tell the story in words.
 “I know I have told you all of my time in the world of El Hazard, and my meeting with the boy named Makoto Mizuhara. This story begins immediately after that……”

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 Ifurita found herself adrift in a vortex between worlds. The Eye of God had done what was predicted, and now Ifurita was on her way from El Hazard to Earth. Or at least that’s how it should have been. Something was off. Ifurita could feel it. A shift of some sort. The only way she could describe is was as if her path had been diverted, though how and why she could not guess at.
 The vortex of the wormhole she traveled through faded, and Ifurita landed lightly on solid ground. Much of her energy had been depleted. Strangely, she felt no weakness within the wormhole, but when she arrived on a solid planet she felt so weak that she collapsed.
 Before her consciousness left her, she saw it- a massive domed building. Wrapped around the building was the stone carving of a green serpent, it head pointing to the sky with its jaws opened wide. And then darkness.

                                                                        * * *

 “Is she awake?”
 That was the voice Ifurita heard as she began to regain consciousness. There was an unusual feeling sweeping over her, as if energy was being restored to her body.
 As she awoke, Ifurita looked upon a sight that would have startled and even scared most human beings out of their wits- the large head of a viper. However, Ifurita had no innate fear of reptiles, so she didn’t even flinch at the sight.
 She did find a couple other things highly unusual. The first was that the snake head was attached to the body of a buxom human female. The serpent-headed woman was completely nude, and Ifurita guessed that woman didn’t have any problem with being around her in such a state.
 The second thing Ifurita found unusual was something about the appearance of not only the serpent woman, but the entire surroundings as well. It all looked…..different...than how Ifurita was use to seeing things. Like the very substance of the room and the flesh of the woman beside her seemed like it was different from the substance that Ifurita, her clothes, and even the entire world of El Hazard was made up of. She simply had no words to describe it.
  “She should be ready to speak to you now, my Lady.” the snake woman said to someone unseen.
 Out from the shadows stepped, no slithered, another woman. This woman was different from the snake woman who healed Ifurita. The upper half of this new woman was entirely human, a raven-haired beauty with light brown skin. It was her the lower half of her body that was unusual. The lower half of the woman’s body was entirely snake-like, and she had no legs and slithered along instead of walking.
 “Tell me, strange woman, who are you and where do you come from?” the raven-haired snake woman said, with the slight hint of a threatening tone in her voice.
 Ifurita wasn’t the least bit intimidated.
 “Before I tell you anything, I want you to tell me where I am.” Ifurita said defiantly.
 Apparently impressed by Ifurita’s defiance, the dark-haired woman smiled slyly.
 “You, strange woman, are in the city of Hlondeth upon a world known as Abeir-Toril. I am Hlondeth’s ruler, Dediana Extaminos.”
 Dediana gestured to the serpent-headed woman.
 “Take this otherworlder to join the other….guests.”
 As Ifurita watched Dediana leave, something about what Dediana said caught Ifurita off guard. How did Dediana know Ifurita was from another world? Was it because of the strange otherness of Ifurita’s appearance? And just what was this strange world of Abeir-Toril, and how did she end up here instead of Earth?
 “Come with me, otherworlder. Now that you have the strength to walk again, I shall show you to your new quarters.” said the snake-headed woman with a coldness that reminded Ifurita all too much of herself before Makoto freed her emotions.

                                                                     * * *

 The walk was short, but interesting. Everywhere Ifurita looked, serpent imagery abound. The pillars that held up the ceiling were carved to look like green snakes, and the very walls around looked like they were made out of scales. All of it made from that same otherness that seemed to make up the fabric of this strange world.
 And it didn’t stop with the architecture. The few people Ifurita and her guide passed by were snake/human hybrids, just like said guide. And from what she saw, no two of these people were exactly alike. One male individual looked mostly human, aside from being completely hairless and having a body covered in scales. Then there was a woman who also looked mostly human, aside from the scaly tail coming out her backside. And like her mostly nude guide, these people didn’t seem to favor clothing too much.
 Ifurita, on the other hand, was made to wear a cowl with a hood to cover her head and face. The guide said that this was because they didn’t want Ifurita’s appearance to raise suspicion. When Ifurita asked the guide if a mysterious hooded figure wouldn’t seem suspicious anyway, the guide simply told her that people of the palace would simply assume that figure was Dediana’s next meal. Ifurita didn’t want to ask anything further after that.
 “These are your quarters.” the snake-headed guide told Ifurita, “You can get acquainted with your fellow otherworlders until Lady Dediana calls for you.”
 Ifurita’s eyes widened a bit at the mention of “otherworlders” being in the room. She thanked her guide and quickly stepped in the room. This was no mere guest room. What she saw rivaled the throne room in Roshtaria’s royal palace. It was a large hall with a pool of water at its heart. The pool was surrounded various luxuries, pillows, and cushions while trays of food were set up in various places.
 What was more reassuring to Ifurita, though, were the people sitting in the room. All of them female, these women at least appeared human. And, unlike everything else she had seen in this world, these women were made of the same substance that Ifurita herself was made of. All of them looked up at their new roommate, a few seeming happy, and a few looking at her more seriously. She removed her hood to let the women get a better look at her.
 “Hello there!” said a pink-haired beauty who stood and rushed towards Ifurita. This woman’s hair was tied back in a ponytail by a black bow. Her attire consisted of a black dress with a black leather corset making up the top half.
 “It’s so nice to see somebody else join us in this strange place.” the pink-haired woman said, taking Ifurita’s hand, “My name is Akasha Bloodri…….oooooo, you’re blood… smells so nice….”.
 Ifurita somehow never saw it coming, despite all the senses and defensive mechanisms built within her. The pink-haired woman, Akasha, planted her lips on Ifurita’s neck. Ifurita felt a tiny pinch on the spot where Akasha place her lips, and then sensed a tiny drain in her blood.
 Confused, Ifurita looked around, and noticed all the other women in the room rubbing their necks, apparently all too familiar with this occurrence.
 That wouldn’t be the last time that Ifurita was caught off guard. A surge traveled through her body, a wave of pleasure that she had only felt once before. It all occurred when somebody behind her had grabbed her buttocks.
 “Nice!” came a voice behind her, “I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a plump rump before!”
 Ifurita collected herself from her near-orgasm to she the girl who had latched on to her. She saw the face of a young girl with blue eyes. This girl had long blond hair with a red bow tied to it. The girl wore a white, red, and blue outfit that the memories Ifurita got from Makoto registered as being the uniform of a Japanese schoolgirl. Ifurita guessed that she was in her mid teens.
 “Such indecent behavior for a girl your age, Minako. For a girl of any age.”
 Those words came from a dignified looking woman with silver hair tied back in a ponytail and silver eyes to match. She wore a light purple outfit that Ifurita’s mind registered as a Japanese kimono.
 “And you, Akasha, need to learn some restraint and control your vampiric urges.” the silver haired woman went on.
 With those words, the woman called Akasha removed her mouth from Ifuirta’s neck. A small trickle of blood dripped from Akasha’s lips.
 “I’m really sorry about that, Miss….?” Akasha began to ask.
 “Ifurita. My name is Ifui...ooooo!!”
 Ifurita’s moan came from the fact that Minako still had her hands all over Ifurita’s bottom, eliciting sighs and groans from the other girls in the room.
“Pleased to meet you, Miss Ifurita.” the silver haired woman said, “Now that we know your name, it’s time for the rest of us to introduce ourselves, starting with me. My name is Kiyone Masaki.”

                                                                    * * *

“Do you really believe these women will serve your….Sseth’s purposes?”
 “Yes.” a voice answered Dediana from behind the shadows, ignoring Dediana’s slip of the tongue, “They all have special powers and talents that will be useful to us against Sekolah’s minions. But, the one that impresses me the most is the newcomer. Though she came to us in a weakened state, I sense a power in her greater than all the others combined. She will make a worthy sacrifice once her quest is complete.”
 “And that….beasts?”
“They might both be  useful to us. The male can join these women in their quest, while we can keep the female in order to motivate him. I will leave it to you to prepare our guests for their impending journey.”
 Dediana felt the other presence leaving the chamber, and felt a wave of relief. That is, until the presence spoke its final words.
 “And, Dediana, let me remind you of one thing- if this fails, you will face an end far less noble than that of a sacrifice to Sseth.”

Chapter 2

To normal human eyes, the dungeon would have been pitch dark. But, to the senses of a yuan-ti halfblood, the darkness was nothing. The dungeon keeper navigated his way through the blackness with full confidence, not being handicapped by the blackness.
 The keeper finally arrived at the chamber he was looking for and peered at the creature inside. The keeper felt more than a little disgust at what he viewed- it was like an anthropomorphic version of one of the children of the hated rival of the keeper’s god.
 “Well, Spawn of Ubtao, Lady Dediana may have use for you after all.”
 The creature, already awake, grumbled at the strange title the keeper gave him.
  “My name is Bronto Thunder.” the creature mumbled.

                                                            * * *

  “That’s…..fascinating.” Kiyone said as she listened to what Ifurita told everybody about her background. “After Lashara and Neese, you are only the third among us who does not originate from a variation of Earth or some colony of it.”
 Of the two young women that Kiyone spoke of, Ifurita learned that Lashara Moon was the young empress of a galaxy far away and unknown to any Earthlings. Neese was a teenage priestess of a world called Forcelia.
 All the other young women present were native to Earth, save for a woman named Sephira Earthlight, who was from a Earthling lunar colony. But, what was odd about this group of women was that they seemed to hail from different Earths of different alternate realities. Yuri, a young purple-tressed policewoman, came from an Earth from a reality where there was no intelligent alien life in the Milky Way galaxy. But a plethora of alien races were well known to the two universes that Kiyone Masaki and a teenage girl named Eiko Magami originated from. Likewise, Minako Aino and Yumiko Ichinose were two girls with sorcerous powers who each came from separate universes where magic worked differently from one another.
 The strangest example of all, however, came from two women named Sachiko Kuonji. The two Sachikos were the same woman from two apparently parallel universes. That seemed to baffle everybody except Minako, who would eventually provide an explanation.
 “Now, Ifurita, you’re probably wondering where the hell you are and why so much of this world looks strange.” Minako spoke up.
 “Oh, dear, here we go with this story again.” Yumiko sighed.
 “I, for one, find it fascinating and even enchanting!” Sephira said.
 “Well, I can’t say much about where you are,” Minako proudly went on, ignoring the other comments, “but I can explain why everybody looks so different. You see, Ifurita, you and all the other girls in this room are what we call animated. The world we are currently stuck in, on the other hand, is live action.”
 “I...don’t understand.” Ifurita responded.
 “She means we’re all cartoons. Particularly of the anime variety.” Yuri chimed in with a bored tone.
 Ifurita could only give a confused facial expression.
 “I...take it they don’t have cartoons where you’re from.” Minako said, sighing when Ifurita shook her head. “Well, if you don’t already know the difference between animation and live-action, then it’s really difficult to explain it. However, as far as we can tell, it doesn’t really matter. Despite how strange everything in this world looks, it appears that we can still interact with it as if we were a normal part of it. We can eat their food, drink their water and whatnot just fine.”
 Minako began to grin devilishly.
 “I bet we could also do the nasty with live-action people as well!” she said.
 Minako then received a bop on the head from Yumiko.
 “That is enough filthy thoughts out of you for today!” the pale-haired sorceress said.
 “It’s so hard to believe, all this time I’ve been a fan of anime, and it turns out that I am an anime character!” said a timid brown-haired girl by the name of Haruka Nogizaka
 “And what of those two?” Ifurita asked, looking at the two Sachikos, “Do you have any explanation for why there are two of the same woman?”
 “Ah! I thought you would never ask!” Minako said excitedly. “Well, I can’t say for certain, but I figure that they are something akin to the same character from different adaptations of the same series. Like, say, a manga and it’s anime adaption.”
 Ifurita still couldn’t comprehend what Minako spoke of, and at that point figured it was best not to try. Instead, she decided that she had to get what information on the world these women found themselves in that she could.
 “So, you say you have no idea where we are, but what do you know?” Ifurita asked.
 “Probably not much from what you yourself already learned.” Kiyone answered, “We are in a city called Hlondeth populated by strange human/snake hybrid people. The world we are on is called Abeir-Toril. But, beyond that, we don’t know anything, because they haven’t told any of us anything since they’ve kept us all here. They’ve treated us well so far, but….we don’t believe that they have anything good in store for us.”
 Ifurita blinked.
 “So, you’ve felt it too?” the former demon god asked. Some of the others nodded.
 “There is…..something horribly wrong with the people of this city.” Neese began to explain. “We all feel it. It’s not just that they are humans mixed with serpents. It’s that whatever magic is blending their human blood with serpent blood is dark and unholy in nature. We’re all afraid of what purpose they may be keeping us here for.”
 The group was silent for a good long while before their silence was broken by an individual entering the room. Ifurita recognized the individual as the same snake-headed woman who brought her to this room.
 “Dediana will see you all now.” the snake-woman announced.

                                                                  * * *

 The group was brought to Dediana’s throne room, though it lacked an actual throne. The Extaminos woman’s serpentine body lay sprawled out upon a pile of cushions, all while surrounded by a small group of women of various snake/human hybrid combinations. Having been in the throne room of Queen Diva, as well as the palace at Roshtaria, Ifurita was really no longer impressed by ornate displays, but the others in her group looked at the vast room with is snake themed architecture in awe.
 “Welcome, all of you.” Dediana greeted them in a tone that Ifurita noted was both welcoming and mocking at the same time. “I know you all wonder why I wished to meet with all of you, and I shall get to that soon enough. First of all, I wish to discuss what you may have already been thinking about. As you have all figured out by now, each one of you comes from a different world from this one. You have all ended up in our city, Hlondeth, around the same time frame, and why that is we still don’t know. However, one thing we are sure of is that most of you have special powers and abilities that could prove useful to the people of this city.”
 “There are the two of you with sorcerous powers” she said looking at both Minako and Yumiko.
“There is the vampire of which is quite unlike any vampire on our world,” she said looking towards Akasha.
 “A priestess of an alien deity.” she said to Neese.
 “A girl whose strength rivals that of even the mightiest dragons.” she said to Eiko.
  “And there is the woman whose power is great and mysterious to us.” she said looking at Ifurita.
 “Which brings me to why I have brought you all here.” Dediana went on after a brief pause, “For the last five years or so, the Sea of Fallen Stars, the sea that our city is on the banks of, has experienced a dire menace. A race of carnivorous fish people known as the Sahuagin have become a blight to both the races living below the sea, and to coastal nations and cities like our own. For most of known history, the Sahuagin had been confined to the Alamber Sea by an underwater mountain range. But, in a recent catastrophe, those mountains were crumbled and now the fish men have free reign over the entire Sea. Our city has been among those that the fish men have raided. However, there is something different about the attacks on our city. These particular attacks have been led by the priestesses of Sekolah, the shark goddess of the Sahuagin. Meaning the Sahuagin have some larger designs on Hlondeth.”
 “What does any of this have to do with us?” Kiyone inquired impatiently.
 “No nonsense. I like that.” Dediana responded. “In this city, the people are devoted to Varae, the Snake God. There is a myth that our faith began several millennia ago with a great saurian progenitor race who were Varae’s chosen people. This progenitor race were the bearers of four sacred aquamarine gems which were said to be the key to the power which their civilization once thrived on. That sums up that part of our myths about that race.
 “Now, however, we know this was no myth. Shortly before your arrival, one of the gems was discovered beneath the catacombs of this very city. And with it, there were ancient writings that gave us possible clues on the whereabouts of the other gems. And then you all appeared in this city. Now, the priests of Varae believe that you all have been chosen by the Snake God to go on quests to find the gems, and it is believed that when the gems are found, we can finally crush the Sahuagin and restore our birthright as Varae’s chosen race.
 “But, you are not the only ones who will partake on this quest.”
 Perfectly on cue, as if they could hear Dediana’s commands from outside the room, a group of serpent men guards dragged a large, chained up creature into the room. The creature was strong enough that the guards could barely drag it along. Ifurita, Kiyone, and the rest of the group’s eyes widened in shock at what they beheld. Even Ifurita recognized the creature from Makoto’s memories. A dinosaur. In particular, an apatosaurus or brontosaurus. Or at least that was what it most resembled. This creature, standing about twice the height of a human being, was more like a bipedal anthropomorphic version of a brontosaurus with pale blue scales and blue eyes to compliment the scale color. The brontosaurus man even wore an unusual outfit, telling the group of women that it likely wasn’t a mere unsentient animal. Nobody saw Lashara tense up.
 “Let me go!” the brontosaurus man kept shouting in a deep, rumbling voice as he struggled, further confirming his sentience.
 The guards finally got the bronto man before Dediana and, after a continued struggle, forced him to kneel.
 “This vile spawn of Ubtao has been nothing but troublesome since he appeared in our city.” Dediana explained, “However, rather than just killing him and being done with it, I decided that his strength could be of use to me, and I will have him join you women on your quest. He will oblige if he understands what is good for his mate.”
 At that last comment, the bronto man calmed his anger a bit, and a look of sorrow appeared on his face.
 “With that, I give you all a day of rest before I give you further details of your quest. I trust that you will all serve me well.”
 Kiyone nodded before Dediana dismissed them. Ifurita looked around at the other girls in her newfound group of comrades. While Kiyone responded to Dediana’s orders with full confidence, the others were far more anxious. 
 Nobody asked Dediana because they already knew the answer. If anybody in this group failed their mission or refused to partake in it, Dediana likely had a nasty end in store for them.

                                                                    * * *

 After being escorted back to their room, the girls felt it was time to get acquainted with their new comrade. Minako was filled with childish glee over the dinosaur man.
 “Are you really a real live dinosaur!?” the blond girl asked with her eyes alight.
 “Umm, yeah.” he replied glumly.
 “THAT’S SO AWESOME!!!!” Minako exclaimed.
 Neese, the only one among them who didn’t seem awestruck by the dinosaur man, strolled up to him calmly with a warm smile on her face.
 “What is your name, good sir?” she asked him.
 “Bronto Thunder. I’m from the planet Reptilon.”
 “Bronto Thunder. Reptilon. Such...original...names.” Yumiko said snidely.
 “And who is the mate of yours that Dediana spoke of?”  Neese asked, ignoring Yumiko’s comment.
 “Her name is Apatty Saurus (Yumiko said “sheesh” quietly at the name). She’s my fiance’. I was returning home to Reptilon from a mission to visit her. When me and my team arrived home, Apatty greeted me, and then this strange light came out of the sky. Whatever it was scooped me, Apatty, and my friend Ichy up into it. I don’t know what happened to Ichy, but Apatty and I landed in this strange city with snake-shaped buildings and whatnot. I landed on top of something squishy, I don’t know what, and….that human woman over there (he said pointing to Lahsara) screamed at me and ran away. Then, all these snake people appeared and took me and Apatty prisoner. I haven’t seen Apatty since, but now that snake woman has threatened her life unless I do what she says.”
 Neese blinked as she looked back and forth between Bron and Lashara.
 “You….two have met?” Neese asked.
 Lashara’s eyes began to water as he grew more upset.
 “Yes, I know that monster!” the young empress cried, “He killed my fiance’!”
 Everybody’s eyes widened in shock, but nobody was more surprised than Bron himself.
 “Umm, what?” Bron asked.
 “My fiance’, Photon!” Lashara cried some more. “He was brought to this world along with me. But, shortly after we arrived here, that blue monster over there fell from the sky and crushed him!”
 Bron now knew what it is he accidently stepped on when first arriving in this strange world. He suddenly felt too much shame for words. The others in the room could tell from hearing both sides of the story that the said incident was purely an accident on Bron’s part, but it was apparent that they would have trouble convincing Lashara of that.
 While the two Sachikos and Haruka tried to comfort Lashara, Kiyone walked up to Bron
 “I know you didn’t mean anybody any harm.” she said. “We’ve all been separated from loved ones here. But, rest assured that we will find a way out of here, and not only will we find your mate, but the rest of us will be reunited with the ones we love.”
 “Well, most of us.” Yuri smirked, causing Lashara to cry harder.
 Bron seemed to feel some assurance from Kiyone’s words. But, as Ifurita thought about it more, she wondered if they would be able to keep Kiyone’s promise.


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