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La Blue Girl R1/R2 DVDs

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La Blue Girl R1/R2 DVDs
« on: March 30, 2017, 05:02:44 PM »


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Are there any differences between the various R1 DVDs of La Blue Girl? I know it's been released at least 4 times: by NuTech, Anime 18, Kitty and Digital Mass. I have the NuTech discs and not only is the translation extremely shoddy, the subtitles look like I timed them. That is...not a good thing. Are they all that bad? I'm considering translating it as I watch this and am amazed that NuTech got away with this crap. Well, maybe they didn't get away with it, considering how quickly they went out of business.

I was hoping to score the R2 DVDs and translate the whole thing since all of the R1 releases are edited, but after I checked on Amazon I saw they're all OOP and crazy expensive (about 800-1000 USD total between the discs and proxy fees for the 6 DVDs). So...uh...if anyone might happen to have those R2 discs, and then just happen to make ISOs of them available to me, I just might happen to translate it. Or words to that effect.
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