List of Projects we do/support

Started by Dr.Soviet, June 30, 2019, 03:56:27 PM

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Just wanted to make a list of projects that we officially support or affiliate with, recently my name and some others names have been dropped for certain projects that we weren't really a part of. To avoid confusion I will be updating this list over time

Please Note: Just because a Tenchi related project isn't listed on here doesn't mean we think it's bad or a scam and just because someone from a project posts on the forums doesn't mean that we support them unless other wise listed here.

With that being said we support the following:

Our own member Eff Efferson and his translation blog

Ricin and his procurement of Kajishima Doujins


Jibril and Tenchi groups on facebook,Twitter,Tumblr etc etc


If I missed you or are looking to be added to the list please PM me