Role Playing

Started by Kokoro, February 01, 2023, 11:08:33 AM

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So, seeing as though I've gotten no updates from the RPG boards I've posted in, I'm guessing that the role playing games here are dead?

It's largely a dead forum in general, unfortunately. Not much general discussion.
I host a completely unrelated forum elsewhere, the only thing that keeps it alive are 2-4 never-facebook people that come in to chat and joke around about things almost completely unrelated to the subject of the forum. my pants

Indeed, these are sad days for forums.

Just today I found an archived copy of Destiny's Fear I had running on  It was a fun read, and I'll probably revive the game, if nothing else to see where it goes.  It brings back fond memories!

I seem to recall Can't recall if I ever posted there, though.

Most likely, most of the starters of this very forum would know of ;)