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OVA1 Opening Theme Lyrics

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OVA1 Opening Theme Lyrics
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For Washuu

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Lyrics for Tenchi Muyo OVA 1 OP (full version)

Written by For Washuu (Elliot S.) on the night of January 5th, 2014 AD.

Are you there, Ryoko, waiting, tonight?
Are you here, Ayeka? Don't you two fight...

Shall we go?

Out upon the frontier
Once again thrust into the throws
Out upon the Frontier
To return? Well, none of us knows

Tell me, can you see it?
As the demon lights up the night
Doubt if you believe it
Will you try to decide what's right?

When we confront the problem
You can bet we'll not hesitate to fight it
And if we can't withstand it
Tenchi has something to tell you about
If you can stand up to him

Washuu, design a new life
For you, myself, and all of mine

Sasami, bring ballance to this house
Mihoshi, awaken chaos - your knife

Out within a starfield
Flying through nebulae dust
I don't know or care where
we go as long as you will come home

Once more, can you see it?
Don't know who they're coming upon
Wake before the morning
And see the prince pull forth a new dawn

Emperor, scholl boy, shrine man
Hither, Tenchi, they all await direction
Don't you know what your crown is?
Your sword in hand, given to you by Grandfather
And now you are left wondering

Oh, Tenchi, chose now which way
Tell us, please, how long may we with you stay

Are you there, Ryoko, waiting, tonight?
Are you here, Ayeka? Are you both alright?

Tenchi! Grasp your-