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Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary

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Book 2 Aeka Ch 07

Airi Again

Yosho had finished his "public service" in Jurai .. It half Year already ...
and then ... He return to the Galaxy Academy .. once again.

Welcome back.... Yosho kun.

Same welcome ... , Airi was in the lobby .. the same terminal .. same quite airport.
and nobody there .. only Airi.. it remind Yosho when he came to the Galaxy Academy
for the first time .... six months ago

Airi dono, Long time no see ...
... what's wrong ? .. Airi dono.
When Yosho see her face .... it's something .. wrong happen for sure ...

Airi pad Yosho head .. and remains silent.

What's wrong ? .. Airi dono... can i help ?

No .. nothing ... i am the same as ... Ah ! funaho chan ! How do you do ?

Yosho very sure .. it something wrong happen ?
but Airi walking into the funaho ship .. alone ... (with funaho)

Why ? .. did she angry me ?
but it make Yosho feeling .. he proper came back to the Galaxy Academy

Calibration A -a -a-a -a aaa Wan Wan Wan Wan !
after he walk in side funaho main bridge, he see Airi yelling with funaho the puppies army
and running around like it can make an earthquake ..

funaho chan, are you still remember that ?

the funaho puppy army jump like a big waves of the puppy to Airi.
cover whole body ...

Airi dono ... You have a very bad days, did you ... please tell me...
a several hundred of funaho puppy and Airi .. stop, looking towards to Yosho ...
and Airi was sighing while she staring back at the puppies.

then .. She make a sad face same as that time ... when Both of them first met...
and tell her "between this 6 months story" with a sad voice.

I am the same with you Yosho, by my position .. I am the eldest daughter of the Airia
clan .... and ... the eldest daughter of Sheik Magma Gaira of Airai ... not the eldest
daughter .. of my father.

... for that, I had lost the freedom of perspective thinking ... and done any thing by
command every week ... that make me sick and could not be the laughing from
the bottom of my heart ..

But .. Now I was in the Galaxy Academy .. I can done anything ... and have
a proper freedom.

And when I look at you ... when you came here for the first time, it make me look back
to the old days .. I laugh for my self... you are very similar ... to me.


It's very joyful .. to be with Yosho .. and when Yosho go back to Jurai ... for 6 months,
like some body rob Airi smile from her face .... the taste of disappointment make Airi
think ... maybe she wrong .. and unawares when she very close to Yosho.

And .. "Shit hit the fan" .. began

One month ... after Yosho go back to Jurai and send ... "raw silk" garment stock to Airi,
yes he sale "raw silk" a lot of it to her

.... She's very joyful with her silk, but .. when Airi was wearing dress from Jurai...What ?
she bought from Yosho's garment .. It was a phone from her hometown ..
direct from Airai.

Airi make an wide eyes and change her dress in a hurry, have a seat and make a weakly
smile , but .. the bad news is ... the one who contact her from Airia is a specialist in clothing
and garment ... so

...... Father ?

yes .... this time is from Giara ..her father.. and he have some thing to say...
Airi make a weak smile ... when she talk with her father... and she realize .. the place that
her father call her is next to the Meeting room of the Sheik ....
How you been , father ?

Thank god i still can talk to you

What wrong ?

How can i put it ? .. Errr ... my body ... (ba ba ba ba..)
Gaira said his body is weakly .... but Airi look at him ... it's nothing ... and looking good ?

.. and in the finally ....Airi knows .... that word will come out of her father.
It no time for him left too much .. and it has been make a lot of problem in Sheik of Airai
meeting ... he begging for Airi to come back to her homeland before he's approaching
to his limit ?

While feeling the tenderness and hart warming of her father, Airi bowed silently.

We are grateful thank you to you .. miss Airi, please come back and have a good time
with your father and forgive us, we update you in hurry.

Never mind .. mister prime minister .. i will ... 

the Screen switch to deputy of "Sheikh meeting" .. Goba .. an annoying person
"number one" for her.

We will prepare every thing for you .. in operation

" Viva ! .. the Grace Airi Magma have return !"

and see you in the Sheikh meeting, in the Next 2 Month ...

WTF !? ... not in the end of second half of this year ?.. but the Next 2 Month ?!
Airi stare at monitor .. complaints it .. in her heart.
Yosho will come back here .. to the Galaxy Academy in five month... it no time
for event say good bye ?

At least ......
It not looking good at all ... after confirm many time ... that it .. go back in 2 month.
Goba's bowed at near the end of this commination and Gaira ... was off the line in
the script ... he said .... some weird ... thing.

...... Airi, Your mother have come in and to be the daughter-in-law of our clan ...
same age as you .. now.

From that moment, that was sentenced to return home instruction by Goba have
a hidden agenda, in it and that word make a hard painful in Airi's stomach...
she knows .. it's the marriage... for her ... but .. ?

Who (the hell) is he ? ... !?

Your Marriage will be in secret ... But .. please no make a doubt .. this is a good marriage ..
Miss Airi .. I guarantee

Yes ... Goba .. hey ! he guarantee that every thing is ok .... Hahaha .. (LOL)

But ... I support to knows who is he !

that is 2-3 words before the communication is cut... with the picture on screen ...
Giara and Goba ... laugh out loud together..

There is no freedom for marriage .... for Airi .. what the hell ? what on earth ? ..
Ariri don't unstaring that at all ?  no choice for her .... only accept this marriage
proposal and return home... and cannot see Yosho face .. ever ... ?

that very disappoint... very disappoint.

She found Yosho ... and he is a cute brother for her .. and got the freedom in
the Galaxy Academy given the smile and reasonable in this many year ....
now every thing is gone .... gone like a wind.

What ? he think about me ... When he come to the Galaxy Academy ..
he found ... I not been there .. and ...marry .. to .. someone .... I don't knows ?
... who is he ?

the worrying endlessly ..... and she con not connect to Jurai.....
this is completely hopeless.

... but once day ... 
the Every one knows ? who is she ... come .. here .. to visit the Galaxy Academy.
Kamiki Seto Jurai .. ! ... the demon princess of Jurai ! ... she here !... in no time ..
Airi jumped out of her room.

I have heard from Yosho .. even the Emperor of Jurai get nervous of Her ! ....
Seto sama .. is absolute .. power !..

and that day she immediately desired to see her ... Seto sama ...  but diplomatic
relations of the state between Airai and Jurai , now is not good in any way.
the office to permission was reject her request .. many times she approached.

Seto sama not like Yosho that he come to study ... Seto come .. for visit
as royalty of Jurai ! ..

of course .. no body permit that ..

However ...  Airi was not give up. She yarn to see Seto and not give up her hope.
She think .. every thing must have a hold ... A hold that she not find it yet..
and she try .. every where.

first ... greeting with the smile, but soon after that ... it not looking .. good.

Hey ! , .. Get out ! out !

No .. You cannot meet her .. never !

I told you ! many times .. no is no !

Why you want to see her ? ... that not make any sense

that funny .... please go back before we call  "fighting spirit"


Absolutely Fall ....

She try even Kanemitsu Questions and Answers Office ..
and all of them kick her out in no time.

A few days later, While Airi lay down on her bed .. watching a special program
on her telly .. in her room .. welcome Seto to the Galaxy Academy..
with a blankly eyes without power.... but ! ... between a program

She found it ! ... from the announcement schedule of Seto... now she get an idea
where and when ..

Airi jump out of her bed.

That's right ! .. this is it ! ... there ! .. I will meet her absolutely.
While staring at the Seto smiling in the telly, Airi is very confident.

The royal of Jurai always have an area that maximum protection and security, even in
the Galaxy Academy. Seto is the top of her class only the person who have ability,
popular or both of that have a grand permit .. to meet her.

Every where Seto go .. is full of guard and security network... the information .. what ?
Airi try to done .. is every where now ... view from a far distance may be not permit
to her.

but .. that place in the philosophy department .. may be .. able to...
the Washu Memorial meeting center.

Meanwhile ...

Yes ... that is a possibility place to meet Seto .. plus .. Airi knows well about the security
there in that meeting center... the old Bachelor of Philosophy teacher told her a lot.
Airi able to pass all of that security .. in no time ..

Seto finished her tour in the exhibition section .. some where in the facility ..and that point
no longer have public or television stations... that can make an international issues.
Only Seto .. Airi ...  Bachelor of Philosophy .. and a few of security this time.

Now .. Airi hide .. behide the corner of the facility, and change her clothes ... the special
dress ... the Royal of Jurai official dress ...

Thank for Yosho, he direct command to the garment .. give her that kind of dress .
as a gift..

Airi in the Royal of Jurai official  dress .. can walk pass .. every royal guardsmen of Seto.
She is actually the head of state's daughter .. and her country is .. special. She have
an atmosphere that feel "right" .. for a royal guardsman...

guard only saw her face ... and let's her pass ...

in the room ... it's only the old Bachelor of Philosophy stand next to Seto ... and surprise.

Airi walked into that room ...stand in front of Seto...slowly knee down... and said

My name is Magma Airi,  I am the guardian student of Masaki Yosho Jurai.
I knows this is a very rude way to see you .. here... but .. I have something to says.
Can we talk ?

As soon as she said that ... the terrible pressure emitted from Seto eyes...
more pressure than her grandfather can done... Seto state at Airi like.. she try to kill her.
that is impossible to see something like ... Seto knee down to her with friendly ...
or shake her hand.
Seto was speaking when she look down ... and said.
Airi dono ...did you knows .. the current relations between our Jurai and your Airia .. or not.
We thank you for your serving ... our Yosho .. our future emperor, but it will very grateful
if we see you again .. in the formal seat of the official diplomatic relations improved meeting
... in the future... and I hope that day you will be able to see me and not by that ..... way.

That is .. done ! ... a one shot kill ..  and Bachelor of Philosophy...rising his hand..

this way...your majesty.
like not thing happened .... after the old Bachelor of Philosophy was guide Seto into another
room at the back of the passage... every one go.. Seto, the old Bachelor of Philosophy,
Security guards and lady in wait ... complete ignore Airi and .. just walk away.

Airi was left .. with a trembling body by tremendous fear...
after she able to .. stand ... she went home ... like dead man walk the earth
and cry with no shame.

It very clear of Airi .. why ? Seto get that name .. the demon princess of Jurai.



Meanwhile ... in that .. room.

the old Bachelor of Philosophy laugh out loud .. like he gonna die ... by laughing

Hahahaha... that too much for me !

and every one ...
Ahahahahahaha ~ ~ ~ ~!

I wonder ... who is her husband in the future !

heh heh ..heh heh ..heh heh ..heh heh heh heh heh heh .. haha ~

Stop that ! .. You too ! ... Hey ! .. Heyyy !
Seto try to stop every one ... but ... no she can not.

It very long time .. since Miss Naja sensei and Washu chan sensei .. not around here !
We supposed to be fun like that, but no one actually can did that.
It is a pity indeed ...

Annoying ? Seto sama ?

No ... All of you always .. love that .. a surprise.

Yes .... We can predict almost everything .. that why ..
and this is a new record for brake a royal security .. last time
Miss Naja sensei and Washu chan sensei done it in 6 hours 31 minute and 2 seconds !

......  Hurmmmm

Seto remember what ? Funaho said ... long time ago .. Azusa and Yosho have some
thing very similar .. now she think she knows ... what is it.

.... After Miss Naja sensei ... dead ... it's no longer have the person ... to make this fun
in the Galaxy Academy any more... I think of her ... and Washu chan sensei too.

Seto stare .. when he said that .. with a sad expression ...
Seto muttered to her self.
Fun ? ...... yes ... fun... let see what i can done ?

Next update

I still not so sure..

Maybe Sun 22 Jun 2014 .. or Sun 29 Jun 2014
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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Book 2 Aeka Ch 08

Seto and Airi

Airi come back to her room from Washu (bad) Memorial meeting center and she collapse
to her bed ... and close her eyes ...

the times was pass by .. to evening ... and the Galaxy Academy Party is begun out side her
rooms same as every days ...
but today have a rock band big performed .. yes .. very noisy celebration

Yosho kun ... (stomach voice)

Airi didn't eat anything ... since she go outside in the morning

Ohhhh... I need some thing to eat.....

cracks.. cracks.. click .. click ..
ding dong !

Airi have no idea, who is it ? ... maybe her friend .. but .. this is not a good time
Yes ! ... , Who is it ?

Airi opened the door slowly, ... and loss her word ... when she knows ... who is the person
that standing infront of her door.

... it's Kamiki Seto Jurai ... with a lot of basket.

Good evening ! ...  May I come in ?

Airi still in stunned and not say a word.

..Sorry, Hello ! ... May I ?

Airi still not belived it .. and come out of her room .. look left and right ?
make sure it's not a dream and .. hey ! ... no one follow her ?

Easy .. easy .. no one follow me .. don't be worry.

Seto sama !? .. Why you are here ? .. in the place like this ? is it all right ?

Oh, ... All right ? .. Hurmm ... Let me think, This time .. I should be .. have a dinner with our
Galaxy Academy director ..

Seto turn to relaxing person .. not that one in the Washu (bad) Memorial meeting center
yes ? ... she just ..... sudden change

Airi have a bad first impression .. and Seto still have a "Demon princess of Jurai" Shadow
on her back ... but in this time ... she look like cute aunty ... so

Err... What can I help ? ... I mean .. you walk all the way up to the place like this ...
I don't knows ... maybe have a meals together ? .. can we ?

Seto showed Airi the large basket that in both of her hand ...
Airi have no idea how to drew with her .. then she let's Seto in ....
between help Seto put the food out of the basket ... Airi noticed that food
Seto was taken out of the basket and trying to prepare a meal that come from ... Na shi su ?

Seto sama ... this food ?

Ahhh .. In the afternoon, I have a lunch with the Old Bachelor of Philosophy dono
and I ask Oba-chan (Ms. Casa Igurie ... the current owner) to prepare it .. for me.

Seto sama, you go over there ?
Airi stare at Seto and ..  well surprised ... why the Jurai Royal .. the really big one ..
go to that place ... an official visit ?

Why not ? .. the lunch set taste so good ... ?

Oba-chan, She had been surprised .. for sure.
Airi noticed another plate of food ... that not in the Na shi su menu ?

And .... I never seen this .. menu before .. 
Ah ! .. that's mine .. I cook that dish.

Eh ?

yes... that foods, Seto entered to Na Shi Su kitchen and made it by her self.
the food is originally Jurai food .. but seasoning and dripping is come from local shop.

Seto sama can cooking ?  .. and all of that ?

Surprising ! .. did you ?

Yes .. I surprising !

Hahahaha , I may be honest !

I'm sorry 
Airi blush her cheek with her finger, but Seto was laughing ...
soon after that

.. Both of them laughing together and completely forgotten about what happen in meeting center
and have a dinner ,....

... Delicious ! ... this is really delicious.

Second Bow of rice ?

Yeah, Please ..

and Seto smile when she see, Airi are likely in the Wonderland

Airi dono , can you cook some foods ?

Me ? .. Errr No ... I am the professional eating !
but around here ...  the only truly good restaurant is Na Shi Su.

If you can cook a very good food, You can live anywhere .. you knows ?

Yes, I wonder ... maybe ..  If I try ...
Hey .. You must ... 
At my house , I teach my own daughter to cook a food ...
but .. She not good at it ...  the one who is the nice one is Funaho .. Yosho's mother.
Oh ! , and I try to teach Aeka (5) and Sasami (1) too .. Aeka only said .. "huh" ..
before she quit ... she so clumsy when done a cooking ....

Huh ? ... who ?

My Grand daughters, after we have Yosho all of them was a girl.

While the conversation continuing .. both of them ... enjoy all the disc of foods.

Amazing !  Every thing was very delicious ...

How about ? .... dessert after a meal !

Seto get a very big cake out of her basket... 50 cm ( in diameter ) !

Airi done a limit break ! .. and .. eat it ! ... over 90 %

Errr ... Where you put it in ?

...... I Don't know .. Give me more !

at the end ..
two of them sit back and have a tea ... japanese tea
but .. this is a little bit special ... because the water, Seto get it from "Mitzu Kagami" ...
her space ship .. in side the sub space ...

Airi was pleased to accepted Seto proposal
because Airi drink ... that kind of tea in side funaho .. they know when made the Tea
by that water... it will be ... very delicious.

Airi  thank her god ... when drink that cup of delicious tea

You eat too much .. i think .. ?

Well , that half of my dessert stomach

That cake is handmade by Seto, which also was delicious too ...

Cake with plenty of nuts and fruit with no sugar added .. very taste fresh and natural sweety
come direct from Jurai .. the planet with the most natural and plant in the galaxy
when you make a fruit cake taste completely different depending on the combination
and you can make countless type of cake, that you can imagination ..

the words of Seto so impressed Airi , and she got addicted to the pace of Seto completely.
good pleasure to have food that produced by Seto,  a story that tell by Seto, in the end after
eat remain one slice of the cake, and drinking a tea.
Oh, It was delicious. It was a feast indeed. ....
That why you not give me this ... Yosho kun !

How about ... another cup ?

Oh, yes... i cannot stop it .. 
Yes ! .. yes .. finally you really came out

......... !

the momentum Airi had been dampened as soon as She look at the expression of a smiling.

Seto sama..

When Yosho was come back from the Galaxy Academy to Jurai .. He change like a different person
.. you knows ?

Really ?

Yosho grow up too fast .. His mother Funaho said that with sadly.

Yosho's mother ?
Airi also knew, how difficult of Funaho life.. and her position in Jurai...

Funaho dono, Said "thank you" to you.
No ..  no ... please thank your self....
Airi mutters and shook her head to the words of Seto.

and I was shocked that Yosho have a strict new look that so reasonable only a year.
I knows ... Funaho dono wanted to have a memory ...
about him a little bigger and bigger every year... what a sweety ?

That Why ? You fell in love with him ... my Yosho ?


Seto Words was shocking Airi ... she not aware that ...

I ... I don't knows ... I can not answer .. that

Seto would be staring at Airi  ... and she in silence, various thing ... floating in side Airi head

... Sorry ... I thing that .... thing .... You should not be noticed... yet

It look like She Drunk with Seto .. and said .. many thing out from her mind ...
and yes it feel bad ... but Seto not direct ask her "Why ? You fell in love with him" .. right ?

Seto had watched quietly ... she knows well ... how to open some one ... mouth.
and .... when you come back to your country ... you have a marriage plan ?

...... !
... Airi was in wide eyes. !
Why ? ... Why you know that ?

In Jurai ... I actually have a hobby ...  I make a new couple.

What !?

Yosho's grandmother relative ... her brother ... (Amame brother), .. Yosho's father ...,  ... and Yosho him self.
not noly Masaki House ... the other Royal House of Jurai too.. I make it .. all
... but sometime ... just sometime ... It's ... WRONG... I make a big mistake... You knows ?

What .. ? ... what do you mean ?

Masaki House can marriage to some one ... , Not by just choose or only love 
So.. I choose another House of Royal Jurai for Yosho father ....
I love a strong type person ... I love your personality

Me ? ... but ! .....
.... the Emperor ?

Airi was trying to say ... but ! I not want to be a husband .. or some thing like that to Seto.
If you look at the serious eye of Seto ... no one can said that...

When he come back to Jurai with Funaho ... because he in love with her ...
Yes ! .. it's make sense .. of course ! , but that time I'm NEVER EVER allowed that happen to my
Azusa.. My dear Azusa chan .. I knows he was grow up ! .. I see it !! ... I love him .. even god knows that !

Seto suddenly said with loud voice .. Airi was panic ... and then she use "business meeting" technic
to make Airi understand .. Azusa is too child .. that why he do that..
..... run away from mother land !?

Yes... Run away with Yosho .. if you want .. go ahead !... do it !...

No ! .. .I can not do such a thing .. !

and I can not do such that thing .. to Aeka .. my grand daughter .. she is an official engagement..

I have no idea what to do ? Seto sama .. you try to make me more confuse ?

When you go back to Airia , Your marry to who ? .. I want you to learn your opponent technic .. Airi dono.
Seto ignore Airi and continue said...

I don't know ! .. No body tell me ! ..

Bad answer ... You supposed to knows ! .. even me have heard from Kei-ra Magma dono herself.

................. !?
Airi was surprise , Why Kayla make that conversation with Seto ?

She is the top rank nun .. all over "religion class" in Airai .. who can make a final judgement prohibits
between men and women to merry under the religion law ...   with out her "permit" no one can
have an offical marriage ...
Yes .. If she said "No" .. no one can stop that .. Sheik , Goba or Giara
and for some reason ... Airai nun was a moderate than Airai pope ... " a lot "....
(for easy understand ... I change position to .. catholic)

this is a demonstration .. how Seto training somebody with no direct words ...
"learn your opponent", and many "idea" .. how to survive .. in this world.

if his/her .. knows and keeps that ...  can actually change the fate of their own.

Why ? ..  She tell you such that thing ?
Is this normal ? ... probably being conducted fairly? ... the marriage of ... me ?
board of Sheik not announced that ..

Seto "question" make Airi wondering ?
That mean .. In every Sheik meeting, this is possible to leak every information to the other countries ...
Airi notice that .. and .. that mean Seto knows what she try to done .. almost .. anything !
but .. Seto not take any action ... why ?
Airi's been confusion so much.

By new politics of Airia union state ...
Seto continued ....

Airai's was try to convince the five countries/state, please "do not change" to completely free religion
or other religion ... same as Jurai ..

However, All of that countries/state was already to change ... after understand .. power of the Tree
and what is the Royal House of Jurai by missionary from Jurai... How and What's you can actually
call "the God" ... and all of them point to us ... Jurai.

And Airia wants some thing .. same property as our "Tsunami" .. and want to knows ... How ?
founder of the Royal House of Jurai can get her ..

Airi, loss all of her confidence .. after haer all of that words from Seto ...

Maybe .. Airia wants to make a weapon .. same power as the Royal Space Ship of Jurai ?
Who knows ? ...
Seto said that because the image does not fit to use in military purposes, both of them knows ...

We hopefully .. you not actually use that child to fight with some body... he don't like fighting so much.
but .. he can wipe out entry planet .. if he want to do ...

.. ! .. Are you sure ?

If we calculate from the difference between the power of each generation, Tsunami actually has
a tremendous power... She can wipe out even the universe itself... She exactly, the God.

We have such a power, that what the Royal Tree of Jurai can done ...

this question make Airi in fear ...

but ... We are not the servant or the Tree is not the servant, We are friend with the Royal Tree ...

I hear that .. the first Emperor of Jurai, He became friends with Tsunami from Yosho kun...

Yeah... and you have that "Ring" .. and it came from that child ? ... Would you knows ?
What is that presence ....(first generation tree ... accept Airi as master ...)

Yes ...

Listening to the words of Seto compare with funaho the puppies ...
Airi felt .. it was a lie .. ?

Seto continue with a very cold voice.
But ... the other guy may not think the same way .. as you... and force the Tree.

.. Err

Airi dono .. I want to say "thank you" .. you protec our child as partner... with my attitude..
from now on , every thing is count on you ...
Airi be appalled by the words of Seto

I should be notice ...the Force that can "destruction" even the universe...
if more than one country got that power ..... (and start a wars .. every one in this universe .. dead)

Airi fully understand why, Seto come to see her and tell all of the story...

.... and You have solution .. about my marriage ... isn't you ?

Seto said some thing .. look like her not ... answer that question.
Some say ... Amaki House done some thing like "force to adopted" .. a boy from " Hirata House " ...
I have no idea ... Why ? ... until now.

.. ? Is he .... ?
(Airi think .. he is Kanemitsu at the first .. She have no idea .. Kasan actually name Hirata Kasen)

Do you knows ... the boy .. name ... Kasen ?

Airi make a wide eyes !! ... No way ! , not that name !?
and Seto knows , Airi very very very .. hate him.

I think .. I can improved that .. if Amaki House need this boy so much ...
I will make an "offer" ... the third daughter of Amaki House ... to Marry with him for make a stronger
relation ship between Hirata and Amaki.
... it's will make a worse relationship between Hirata - Amaki and Magma clan .. but I don't mind that.
In Jurai ... There is a fairly strict conditions of marriage .. like ... do not marriage with somebody, who is not
a Jurai citizen... "this is our blind spot" .. every clan or family have that ....

(this is Seto complex answer ... and she train Airi in .. i don't knows .. maybe every dialog..)

Further explanation .. for Airi. If that really happen ... "every" missionary work of the Jurai Church in Airai
will be terminate completely ! ... all of that Church actually is Hirata .. and Amaki.

Today, Airi know the facts, mutter, and many thing with tears.

I do not realize that .. I am the stupid " idiot " .., Who try to start the Wars.
and We ... Airia was poor .. and stupid .. our Sheikh try to determine Tsunami.
She is actually .. the Real God.

But ... the Board of sheik decide to done that .. thank god, Airi able to "imagination" of their own destiny
.. if them do that .. every one in doom.

After Seto offer the marriage for Hirata and Amaki ... marriage between Hirata and Airi also does not
make sense at the same time... They're just thrown away the plan in this time .... only.
and Airi still in her father control ... like a puppet.

Plus .. Airi made a contact with Seto at Washu (Bad) Memorial Meeting Center ... would also known to
Sheikh meeting... by a spy but not Airi her self.
Seto should have this point .. in her meeting of course.

Yosho dono supposed to be comes back to Galaxy Academy ... half month later,
to take an absence procedures
Seto remains stared at Airi... this is the last chance ? Seto gave her ?

Jurai .. and Airai .. both of them CANNOT done every thing ... here ... in the Galaxy Academy.
if you ask for .. a job, a new house .. or start a new life here ... contact me first.
However, You and Yosho .. will not abandoned in your respective countries.

So .. that 's the last farewell .... for me ...
... You have to meet your father ..., his body condition is more stronger than you think

Eh ?

You still have a time ... a very long time ... I think. 
Seto walked to the door ...

Oh, Oh ! .. and one more thing ... I will make a recommend document for you to training at Na Shi Su ..
If you decide to start learning a cooking... Airi dono.

Seto relaxing smile and she has left the room...
Airi falls down on the bed and cried.


After that ,...  a Half Month later
Yosho was only visit for a very shot period of time ...
at that time the Galaxy Academy was in the spring season

Airi was in the lobby of the same Airport

Welcome back .. Yosho kun.

Long time no see, Airi dono.

both of them headed to the bridge .. to see funaho puppy together

How you been ? funaho chan

As expect Airi play with funaho puppy..
and funaho puppy was increased to nearly one thousand.. (thousand and one ...)

... Sigh

Yosho sigh ..
but it alway like that .... and he try to go back to his room, for change his clothes

Wait a minute !

Airi stop playing with funaho

Good news ! ... I have to show you something !

.. and all of them go down to the residential area.

What is good news .. Airi dono ?

Come On ! , Today ..  let's eat in my room.

Her room ... Is in her house .. Yosho build it for her .. before he was back to Jurai
under the huge tree in the center of the residential area, only 5 meters from a small lake ..
and pure water was flow from that tree.

Airi entered the room , go into the kitchen and started make the meal.
Yosho wait outside .. with fear.. he have no idea she can do it.
but finished food was very good to be honest... and more surprised, by the smell and taste
are very similar to "national affairs" taste of Jurai, from the landlady's of "Nashisu"
and original taste of Airi.

After the meal is over, Airi use funaho deadly technique .. "funaho .. go !"
funaho puppies, Airi and Yosho ..  laughter out loud together ...

funaho .. go !

No ! ... Wait a sec ! ..

On top of the hill with a view of the sunset, The sky was dyed bright red.
funao puppies laying around closely like carpet made from puppies ...

Airi started to cry first .. and place her head on Yosho shoulder

(Yes... They really did that .. like a cat , nothing to see here ....)
Yosho  ...... I love you
In the silence of the night, only the sound of rub grass with sigh of two people were heard.

After Yosho go back ....

That Day between Airi was travel back to Airai planet ... the official engagement between Hirata (Kasen)
and the third daughter of Amaki House was announced by Seto her self... (First KILL by Seto)

Goba secret or surprise marriage person ... for Airi is missing ... and this is a big trouble in Sheik meeting.
immediately after that ...  the religious ceremony of marriage request for Airi .. is not "permit" ..
(Second KILL .. by Kei-ra)

Airai capital city is in chaos .. every Sheik confuse and every one start to " blame " the other ..
the result ... is .. shut down all union state with in a few years... every planet not allow
foreign travel in-out, it become isolation .. and nobody knows .. What ? happen inside Airai.
(Third KILL .. by Airi .. after she knows .. her father real heal condition.)

That the story between this 6 month ...
Of course, Yosho have no idea ? .. Seto not telling him anything about it.
.. if he knows .. may be he runaway and go back to to see Airi ...

but at that time no one can guarantee? ; what kind of the final result.
Now .. both of them have a lot of sweet time ? together ...
and 5 years was fly ... like a dream.
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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Book 2 Aeka Ch 09 Sub 01/02

Ryoko invader ... (jurai invasion)

That day, the loud explosion sound .. like it's in the battle .. all over the Jurai planet.

the no 1 strong/strength in combat .. every thing .. force nation in the Galaxy ...
the planet it self have a security guard by Jurai low level Royal Tree, .. but...
this is the first time in around 200,000 year enemy can cross the line ...
"warning" alert has alarm all over the place ..
Imperial Palaces change to command center war room, suddenly ... the network was confirm
Who is the enemy that mad enough to make that suddenly invasion

In "voice only" mode ..
While everyone in the center command staring at the data that is displayed on the display..
fighters of "fighting spirit" yelling that to ... , who is the operator, and disbelief.

"Our defense line is complete broken !"
after he reach to the surface of the planet only a few ... tens seconds ....

" Where the Hell is enemy fleet .. ! "

" What ? ... the Emperor ? ... He's not here in this fucking time ? "

[horror weird sound came into each monitor]

"What's wrong !? , Hey ! ... Did you hear me ! ... Hey !! Hey !?"

" ... ... ... $#%#$%#$ . .. .. @#DEW$ ... @#  ..  "

(this sound is like what you see and hear on first 5 minutes of OVA 3)
Space-time around there was distortion by pressure of energy
when communication is restored , every time the answer back to command center is the same...

"Tremendous energy reaction .. Fuckkk noooo !  Arrrrgggg .. Boooooommm"
(yes ... when the communication is back ... that poor guy is actually dead already ....)
after that happen many time .. the new information confirm ... What is it ?

" the invading enemy space ship is just only ... one space ship ! ...  .. Boooooommm ...... "
the second generation class is in silence ... and then ... it gone !

Everyone in the control room was in fear ... 
the Enemy have a power to destroy a several thousand of Royal Jurai space ships ..
and even worst ... the enemy used just only space ship ... to done that.

the second generation class is very rare .. then every one got only the third or lower class
.. if it can destroy the second generation ... so easy ? ..
that mean only one thing ...

Every one run for his life... and no defense line anymore right now !

Shit ... ! 

Commander yelling ... (I don't knows why ... I remember this commander surname as Tatsuki ...? that weird)
but he not trying to deny the reality.

Black crystal space ship .. stop in the air several hundred meters from planet surface,
with the tremendous column of light shoot to the ground... the next moment, tremendous shock wave
across the area ... the sky was burn .. like a fire.

run for your life ! .. runnn !

that is Ryo Oh-ki .. It coming !

Ryo Oh-ki ?? ... the black destruction ??!

For crying out loud ...
Commander don't believe it true .. that is the Space Pirate Ryo Oh-ki ..
Some say .. long time ago .. when the Current Emperor of Jurai .. at that time he is the training warrior,
and meet her by accident.. the fighting is neck to neck .. and still don't know who is the stronger
between the Emperor + Kirito VS Ryo Oh-ki.
But, the name of Space Pirate Ryo-Ohki was enough to be known across the galaxy.

Weird sound .. come from Ryo-Ohki and then ... a fleets ... 3 Jurai battleships .. gone.. one of that ship
is 4th generation space ship.

When ? .. It's blow our 4th gen ship ?

Like a Black magic .. just a weird sound and the Jurai space ship is blow away.
the Commander not see the Enemy like this before ?

Black magic of destruction that was dyed all Jurai sky with bright red color ...

When Ryo-Ohki attack Jurai planet, the Emperor was away on the secret foreign trip ..
Frist and Second Empress was away some where .. on the secret foreign trip .. (not the same planet)

Meanwhile ...

Yosho .. Who is in between ... the secret foreign trip ... was finished his foreign trips and left home ..
urgently ..

Our Jurai planet ... is under attacked ???

Yes, Sir ...
And the enemy is only one ship name "Ryo-Ohki" ... I think he try to destroy the Imperial Palaces.

I will be there in 5 hours ...

the communication was cut ... militants report show .. the result ..
Yosho rushed to the Jurai immediately ...
WTF ... not a fleets .. but only 1 ship ... name Ryo Oh-ki ... ?? and it can enter the Tenju area.
Yosho heard the rumor long time ago .. the Pirate spaceship that not belong to any pirate guild,
was called "black destruction" have a tremendous destructive power.

However, because the activities in the civilization of  "Sword" (old rune civilization some where in Airia union)
is very large area , no body confirm that is real story .. only a rumor. but the patterns is very must the
same with Ryo Oh-Ki .. no one can estimate the damage in the situation .. how far it can destroy !

No way .. ? .. or fluke ?? , It not supposed to be break through all of the defense area ..??
At that time Yosho have no idea .. this Wars will become a legend ...

Ryo-Ohki .. , I'll make sure .. you is only a rumor ...


Another column of light ... like a fire went up.
Yes ... another fleets gone...  (Jurai fleets ... 1 x (4th gen) and 2 x (another lower level) ... I think ....)

The Woman on the bridge was smile like a child ...
emerald green hair .. red and black combat suit .. 3 red crystal jewel glow like a flame...
and evil narrow golden eyes, .. (just) Ryoko ... after this Wars .. her name will be the legend.

No .. No.. Don't come this way ! .. Don't come this way !  ... Motherrrr ! ... broooom
... another fleets gone

when Ryo-Ohki change her direction .. every fleets in that way ... gone.
all entry galaxy said 4th generation of Jurai space ship is absolute strong .. why it destroy so easy ?
no body understand ? ... and nobody can stop Ryo-Ohki !

In War Room .. the secretary ask his commander .. the General of Defense
Because every Masaki house is on foreign trips ... what we gonna do .. next ?

Did you contact to Kamiki house or Amaki House ...  ? .. what ever ? .. did you ?

Yes, I have continued called Amaki House, but he block our communication ... Why he done that ?

Don't say some thing like that !

But ! .. commander .. on scheduled Amaki House was arrived one day earlier than Yosho sama ...
He supposed to be here .. with us !  ..

Shut up ! .. Now our first line of defense has been exceeded !
Commander said with very loud voice in control room.

Ryo-Ohki done a zigzag move in orbit .. that why we can not shoot it !
We will wait ... until the enemy reaching the second line of defense ...
When that happens ...
every one who is lower rank than  lieutenants .. get out of here ... save you life
every thing happen after that .. is our responsibility..
This is the plan...

5 fleets of ship .. the lower generation take a backup for all 4th generation in the middle
and in the front ... the 3th generation ... we try every thing we have to stop it !

However, Only 3 fleets, with 2 of the 3th generation Ship done this plan..
another "2 fleets" denied this plan ... yes .. both of them is under Amaki House ...


Hey ! What the Hell ? .... Why only 2 Ship ?
shouting and yelling across all 5 fleets of ship communication system.. this is hope less !

I say "every thing we have" ....  with only two ships is ok ... if we fails , he is the last line of defense...
with the Masaki House up there ....

this really hurt  ... but .. Amaki House fleets .. all of them not done anything.

from the witnessed, who survive this bloody invasion ...

At that time all of us fear ...  Ryo-Ohki.

No body want to done that plan .. No body ! ... but ... that 2 brave ship still ..
I knows they not try to killed or destroy anything, they try to protect all of us
I feel very guilty.. that 2 ship was destroyed in front of .. my eyes.
there is no time to worry about anything at that point !

Yes .. In no time Ryo-Oh-ki move very fast toward at us.
I knows that 2 brave ship is in trusted by Seto sama ... with a good strategy and quality in unit of combat.
But ... Suddenly , the Wild Dance of Light terrible occurs around Ryo Oh-ki ... like the time was stop ...
and then ...

the Light Hawk Wing ... !

Instantly .. We have 3 sheet .. Light Hawk Wing ... like Kirito ..the Royal Space Ship of the Emperor Azusa ...
On the left and right sides of the bridge .. it's may protec us from Ryo Oh-ki  ! .. I don't believe  it !?

Eat this Ryo Oh-ki !
At that moment we try to withdrawal at full power, the extraordinary attack to Ryo Oh-ki
Just us ... only 4th and 3th generation ... Look at Ryo Oh-ki ... It was push down to the surface of Jurai planet
I believe that is the victory.

It's Work !! ... It's Work !!

We repeats shooting at Ryo-Ohki like crazy
Ryo-Ohki start to shoot back .. but our light hawk wing to be able to prevent the damage !
.. we gonna win ! ... we think ! ..

At about the same time, Ryo Oh-ki screaming .. our ship suddenly lose all of it power and stop working !
we don't understand why ?

Owhhhhh meowwwwwwww !!

At that moment, Ryo Oh-ki high-pitched voice can hear from every where in the sky/space.
It's stop all fleets of Jurai battleship entry the sky.
What's wrong, why we stop shooting ?!

I Don't knows Sir ! .. but all unit was stop working !
What !?

... Some one .. there .. said .. he's understand why ?

For god sake ! ... No Way ! ... our ship still in operation ... beacuse we are the only ship that have power
above the third generation !

Yes ... that why ? when you try to fight with the Royal Tree that have power of generation more than you,
your ship stop operating ... that why the higher generation can control the other ..
and every body who in 3th generation or below ... is .. 100 % guarantee, you will be dead for sure.
Fuck ! ... you mean Ryo Oh-ki have power more than the 3th gen !?! this is madness the Royal who
got 2rd or 1st .. all of them not here !.

Owhhhhh meowwwwwwww !!

Ryo Oh-ki screaming high-pitched voice again,  At the same time ...  all 3 fleets of Jurai battleship
stop working .. all controller display of the ship was disappears ... every thing on bridge start to shakes ....

Run .. ! ... Run for your life .. !..

Abort the operation !

Why ?! .. Why ?! ... I don't understand ? .. .... Waaaa... Aaa! ..... Broooom !
No one answer that question ...   No one can even hear that last word.
the ship fall ... it's on fire like a big ball of flame in the space.
Attack of Ryo Oh-ki done to planet Jurai become red-hot ...
Every where was burn in flame ...

There was a girl coming out from private rooms of Masaki House .. some where in Tenju.
She is Aeka ... but she not a children any more .. by scheduled .. She must go on a journey of foreign trips
with Azusa her father ... , but for some reason Aeka get her "tree selection ceremony" immediately before
the trip was start ... that why ? .. She still be around here with her little sister Sasami .. in Tenju and no body knows
about it ...

Sorry .. , I don't wait for that scum to be here ... Where is the Royal Guards !
Aeka walking across the corridor ... and her servant try to stop her.

Ahhh .. Aeka sama ... please don't do this ...

My Ship "Ryo-Oh" is the second generation class .. and it only one in Jurai now..
(yes yes my little princess .. you are no1 in term of Jurai Royal Tree class now .. no one can stop you..)
We knows .. Aeka sama ... but your ship is in between decorate exterior for fine beauty details ...

Sorry,... If I not done this .. I cannot stand in front of my Oni-sama (Yosho) and my father .. when he come back.

She not hear anything ... and suddenly, go out of the workshop ....
This is the first time Ryo-Oh fly into the sky ... Currently, just a few exterior and the Core unit is installation.
... not finished yet ... and She start the spaceship engine by "brute force".

When Ryo-Oh was taking off from one corner of Jurai .. Ryo Oh-Ki can sense that ...
It is different than the other ship .. and that make her more "fun" ... she blast her energy bullet to Ryo-Oh,
Ryo-Oh expand the Light Hawk Wing, Received that and two of them start counter attack by blast rapid energy
bullet in the meantime, but .. (many duplicate explanation a lot .. synchronize, fine tune , ect .. what ever ..
yes .. it not fully function ... yet )
... so ..  by technic Ryo-Oh not used fully power of the second generation class.

Good ..spirited , Hora ! hora ! ..... take this !

Countless energy bullet were cross fired between Ryo Oh-ki and Ryo-Oh, and look like some one is lower the guard
that Why ? one of the bullet was fly pass Light Hawk Wing of Ryo-Oh and than .. it was hit on Aeka favorite garden
at the one corner of Tenju branch ....

Bamm !

!!! ... That is my favorite garden , how dare you ! .. how dare you !..  you scum pirate !

Ohhh , that your favorite ?  Huh .... Hahaha ...

at that instant moment .. Ryo Oh-ki done a big shot charge

Nooo ! ... Stop ...  Please stop ! ... every memory of Me and Oni-Sama is there ... don't shootttt ...

How many times she play along with her oni-sama in that garden ... ? no body knows ?
Location that full of the good memory, bad memory ... many .. or every thing in it ..
Aeka try to protect this garden by her Ryo-Oh Light Hawk Wing .. but it not enough  ...
,the power control unit caused the overload.. Ryo-Oh cannot wipe out all of the energy.

Please ! ... Nooooo !
Brooooommmm !!!!!
For crying out loud ... at that moment .. it not just a symply destroyed .. it destruction .. every thing
Tree, it root, soil ... entry garden was vanish in only one shot ! .. and all around .. a few kilometer was burn in flame !

Woooo , Its all gone .. what about that ?
This is bad .. this is terrible ! ..
Now Aeka understand the scary of Ryo Oh-Ki and what is the pirate nation power .. and what thay done .. truly ..


However, The Other militants all entry Jurai .. starting to knows .. Who ? fight with Ryo Oh-Ki .. and maybe .. Work !
then ten more fleets go there in hurry to help .... immediately. 


Huh ... , What ?

Foot Soldier ... think he see some thing .. he stop and checking around... but .. he doesn't see anything ... ?
he have no more time to loss ... then he go back to his assignment .. everyone was busy here .. in Tenju ...
There was a Door ... between the "Room of the Royal Trees" and the Imperial House ... It's Quite .. not like
outside .. now smoke, hustle and bustle of the fighting .. every where ...
but .. because the wars outside ... it's vibrate the floor some time ...

Whaaaaa .... !

Sasami ... running to this huge door ... she runaway from her nanny (name mar-ma) and leave her outside ..
the reason why she do that is .. a few days ago ... She saw her sister ... go in side that door but the other adult not let's

her join the party.

Sasami tries to place her hand on the door ... , door which can not be opened easily by power of the children....
Enter inside .. raise her voice ... laughing out loud and have a very joy moods .. and yes she can hear that ... the gently

melody of the Trees
.. at first .. she step into the transfer device .. and it's transfer her to the floating platform ... the second generation tree

area ...

Happily, Sasami was going greeting with the tree ... one by one ... (like every one dose ...)

On the other hand, Ryo Oh-Ki and Ryo-Oh with another fleet .. a lot of them .. continue fighting like cat and dog, one of

the 3 th gen ships of Amaki House
was attack by Ryo Oh-Ki .... because the Light Whak Wing Protect ..the Damage was a minor but thank for the high

pitch voice .. it's shut down
all of the control unit .. so .. it loss control and it was Hit on the side of Tenju wall and made a bog explosion !

At that time ... is very significantly.

the large vibration was shake the Tenju, and at that time Sasami went fall into the pit fall along with the screen .. into the

darkness bottom


Please ! .. Stop fighting in the area Aeka sama ! .. this will make Tenju in range of gun fire and some body will hit it badly
the "figure" of some body was reflected in the monitor, the Bridge of the Ryo-Oh vibrate Aeka had collapsed on the floor
It's the Commander .. he and his crew was protected by the power of the Royal Tree ..

but it's loo late ... the exterior of Ryo-Oh was explode because it causing the overload by un-focused energy.
Ryo Oh-ki was reflected in the full monitor, Aeka think she would be kill this time.
but .. Suddenly !

Ahhh ! .. Oni-Sama !

At that moment Ryo-Ohki tried to done a chack mate attack, but funaho ride from a far in the sky and made the light

hawk wing shock wave and it was hit Ryo Oh-ki

... Yosho sama ?

Yes ! .. It him !

Yosho has arrived with funaho .. on time .. and done a heavy attack to Ryo-Ohki
Aeka was convinced of the victory from the bottom of her heart.

but ....

that is a decoy !!!

from the communication on the ground ... update the information to Yosho
We have a company... unknown person is inside the Tenju already !


Arrrgg ! .....
Another Jurai fighters was defeat, Ryoko was break into the Tenju and she was trying to reach her desired "objects"
There is the entrance ...

She shoot the energy bullet .. But, no damage on that door .. the door of the "Room of the Royal Trees" room.

Fuck ! ... take this !
She shoot another energy bullet by use her 3 red crystal jewel increasing the amount of energy

Aaa A~a~a~a Biri biri biri biri ....!!!!
She have no idea .. after she done that ....  the Real "pain" strikes her body by force like thunder.
It So much pain ... more the punishment when She acting like she "ignoring" .. Kagato direct command.

Shit ... what ... is that .....
And she was fainted .. in front of the door.


On the other side of the door,

Sasami was fall down to the land surface below .. she  was lying in the "darkness"
her blood flow out from her body .. and "instant death"

There was a small tree in the center surrounding by the water surface
Not the Second generation or First generation ... there was a founder perilla Tree of imperial house,
the Tree of Tsunami .. (or Tsunami Avatar in this world)

What you gonna do next ? Tsunami ..

At that monent when Sasami's blood was fell on the surface of the water, and lost consciousness
this Tree cutting her severe pain in half.

I will done .. what I promise with my friends ...

The next moment the mouth of Sasami should be dead has moved slightly
her body will have been swallowed up in a grain of light and water was calm starts winding vortex violently.

Tsunami  is seen as Sasami
Two heart assimilated .. Subspace that are producing by Tsunami was turned into interior of the mother womb right now.
and the new body was rebuilt in the vortex.

See you again ... Tsunami .....

(real word is " Mata Aimashou .... Tsunami " ... this word ... can understand in many way ..
See you again ? Huh .... yes .. yes ...)

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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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Ibawow, I just wanted to thank you for your continued translation of this novel :)
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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you’re welcome ...

for me it's very fun to read this 3 book again ...


Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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Book 2 Aeka Ch 09 Sub 02/02

Ryoko invader ... (jurai invasion)
Yosho was standing behind her that lost consciousness and stand still ...

I am Yosho, the crown prince of Jurai ! .. This is not the place for you ... get out here immediately !

Ryoko .. still not wake up from her fainted ... by that word ...
Yosho draw his sword and start to attack ... but Ryoko avoided that attack, and she remains unconscious ?

.... !?

One energy bullet fly into the hallway, and make tremendous explosion ... that hit both Ryoko and Yosho...
after that both of them fall into the sky ....

While falling from the Tenju ... Ryoko eyes was open ....

What ? ...

Mo ! ... Tsunami Unit is gone ...

What are you saying ?

Like some one spoke into Yosho mind directly .. same as " Voice of the Royal Tree "..
but this voice is different ...and it was emitted from " 3 red crystal jewel " of Ryoko...

I have not thing to done ..  here ... anymore ...

What do you mean ...?

......... (silence)

Damm ! , .... Ryo Oh-ki !!!!

Flash light ... from the darkness ... not only Ryo Oh-ki but funaho and Ryo-Oh .. is comming too
and Yosho not lose his time .. He calling funaho immediately, Aeka in Ryo-Oh run after him ....

Yosho O-ni samaaaa !

I will captures Ryoko by my self .... !

It was the last conversation between Aeka and Yosho ...

funaho make a hold on it self ... Yosho was drop to that hold from the air and warp to main bridge
and try to run after Ryo Oh-ki ... While funaho searching where Ryo Oh-ki is ?, the Emperor Azusa try to

connect him
pass Jurai communication base ... that why he connect back to headquarters...
and knows Azusa just enter the area point ... 27... 11... 138 ... (Some where very far in the space ..)

He stop and wait for Azusa signal


" we think ... you can do it better than that ... "
" you are the first prince of jurai and you have funaho the first generation ... "
" I knows you can do it ... "

Yoshi .. simply said it ... like he try to ignoring the reality.
it not the end ... isn't ... till my father was dead ...

that word was a sense of responsibility ? ... this is too much for Yosho now.
Yosho want to move him self to the deep space again right now..
and cut all of the communication, try to "solve" this problem by him self .. only ..
" the pursuit responsibility " is Masaki house .. if some thing happen like and he loss.
he is the only one that take the blame anyway ? .. Right ?

After Azusa .. His father became the Jurai Emperor .. His Mother Funaho was become the current
head of Masaki family. and Yosho is the first candidate to be the Next Emperor of Masaki House...
if this is a normal human case .. just only a few years for a decades .. but this is Jurai ..
a decades .. is a few 10,000 years

before Azusa supposed to be dead and Yosho became the Jurai Emperor ...
this is a very big "Hell" gap for Yosho.

Well , Well .. if that happen .. the funeral is very big for sure .. every house come .. Kamiki, Amaki ...
... wait a minute ...
If .. my father .. not dead ... but me ?

Yosho ... think in the weird scary way ....

Fight with Ryoko .. until we dead together may be the answer .. this is .. a best solution ... ?
.... Fufufu, Ha ha ha .... Yes ! .. Yes !... and I just disappear from this world !
Fight and Die ... now ... Ha haha...
... If I die .. who .. think of me ? ...

Funaho .. maybe .. and she will be released from all of the position ... to be free
and Aeka ...

Yosho cannot see her  ... done some thing like "I fell in love with you" .. anymore ...
since he was a child .. for him .. Aeka still be the same ... his little sister .. nothing can change that
and every time .. the word of marriage come from Aeka mouth .. it was absolute painful.

Ahh... I feel very sorry for her ... Poor Aeka...

that word .. is Airi word .. she was said to Yosho long time ago ..
Now ... Airi can replace Misaki ... but Aeka can not ... this is the difference.

communication from Kirito has entered. Yosho wakeup from deep emotion
It's from Azusa ...

Yosho !

Father ...

Azusa remains expressionless when he stared at Yosho .. his own son

I received report from headquarters... this is bloody good ..

Yosho done a deep bow, .. he bow the Emperor .. not his father.

You .. push space pirate Ryoko away from Tenju ... this is very good.
the information in term of combat .. that had been send from funaho, show a lot of secret details
at the first time ... it start from one of the main computer of Jurai .. can detect the super massive energy
and not only one.. but it the "three super massive energy" , and it inside Ryo Oh-ki ... but when it came to
Tenju this 3 massive energy .. had to move away from Ryo Oh-ki.

Yosho confirm.. more information

That energy come from 3 red crystal jewel on Ryoko body ...
the fact is hard to believe... but that thing ... maybe ..the origin source of power ..
and this force can overwhelm even the first generation class ... battleship of Jurai.

but the problem is Ryoko have a same size as human .. not a space battleship 
very hard to find where she is ... but Ryo Oh-Ki is not ...
maybe we can use funaho find it ..  everywhere  in this galaxy.

Yosho claim...

Come to think of it ... comparing with "typical" enemy .. the place that have a massive of rare metals
and the equipment that can done huge hyperspace warp ... is limit to very small target .. to find ...
and i have a first generation class of space ship .. not third generation .. I can search far deep more
than anyone.

it was a brilliant idea ..

if he headed from Jurai .. by the reason ... searching for Ryoko somewhere ..
he can jump to somewhere with Ryoko and remains missing
nobody knows where he is ... , nobody want to find him ...
this solution is the best

first ... he found the good logic to run away from Jurai.
next .. where is the place ... he want to go ... yes .. go there .. and die.

Yosho next plan is go to very far away planet ... the Earth .. the planet that his mother was born.
there is a heaven of tree .. like Jurai .. his mother Funaho build the garden that was mimics
her hometown in Tenju ... some where near the Imperial Palace.

Yosho knows the story from some one .. that say the old story of Funaho .. when she was very young.

.. I want to see that planet .. feel a bit pity .. that maybe the last time .. and fight with Ryoko in that place
but I don't mind
... anymore ...

I failure to take Tsunami unit out with me .. I wonder .. what kind of face, he will done .. (Kagato)

Ryoko thought .. No matter what ... She just simple report the true .. only that
no worry and not thing can change her mind..

" Because the Tool don't need emotion ! "

Kagato was lecture her long time ago... when he first try to use the power of the gem ..
yes ... he give her .. a real gem .. gem of Washu ..

First, Ryoko didn't feel any guilty .. when she killing some body ... but, It didn't mean that killing
is "no meaning" for her ... she done it with no sensation , no emotion , no feeling , no flavor .. just .. kill
this is most efficiency way to eliminate the "enemies".
But Ryoko done far more than the instruction of Kagato by unawares. this is the root for develop
her emotions. No basic temper of human emotions. Anger, Hate, Fear ... nothing .. directed from her ..
As long as you run this "command", all mention behavior was gone.

Not only Ryoko , Kagato used him self .. research his own emotions.

In fact ... the thing is
It was because Ryoko awakening of the feelings began to sprout, if continue like that
it's not good .. he don't need it growth in side Ryoko... that why he lecture and give her "the command".

... by bottom of Ryoko heart .. she is a good girl.
by that command
it set every thing to default .. for example
no test and no smell , she eat for full her stomach .. 
break down the alcohol, if she like to done
no sexual desire , she can feel the "touch" and "hearing" but it not applied direct to the brain.
that why real sex or masturbation was also not obtained much pleasure
(some thing in the middle, a filter .. perhaps)

Only pleasure ?
just destroy some things, and see the other person done a funny thing
some .. try to protect, some .. run away

more people .. more fun .. 
there is no such thing that really at risk for her ... she feel safe .. and kill some one is like play a game.

but only one person ... Ryoko .. still remember her .. is .. Aeka
that unique silly girl ... who came out from that star and she seem to be bonkers with anything ...

that O-jo-chan (little princess) is very weird funny !

Ryoko was laughing out loud every time .. when she thing of her .... and look back in her memory
what Aeka done when she destroy Jurai .. at some time.

(for Ryoko logic .. she don't understand "anger" and have no idea why Aeka yelling .. why she act like that
some time she scream and done a lot of thing silly with no reason ..
very funny to watch ... very entertain...)
While everyone checks and balances his or her power with the constitutional government

Myaa ...

Ryoko seen the galaxy star cluster map, some thing was projected along with the reply ..
It's a Jurai fleet... it's a Yosho spaceship .. warp from some where very faraway over 100 light years

... Interesting !

A few decades ago, Ryoko have an experience with Kirito.That fight is interesting .. and now
funaho ... got the same amount of power.. this fight will be very interesting .. for her.
and then ... She start to open the conversation.. first.
So ... Do you wanna go around with me ? , Oji-Sama ? (Oji = Prince)

I wanted to show you, my mother hometown ... Hahaha ... Come with me .. that no a shitty place.

Ok ..  Oji-Sama, every where you want, it would be nice.

Ryoko have no idea why... It's look like he was a little bit angry.
but never mind ... Ryoko jump to the transfer equipment.

at the same time ... funaho and Ryo Oh-Ki done a huge hyperspace warp ..
to the Earth in blink of an eyes.
Yosho saw the planet  .. the Earth planet .

Where is Ryo Oh-ki ?

Yosho think maybe Ryo Oh-ki was lost in the space-time variation of the transfer.

So .. this is your main bridge ?

Yosho looked back to voice from behind, he saw Ryoko .. she was standing there .. inside funaho ?
it have no time to react .. both of them fight with laser sword.. and then funaho and Yosho threw
Ryoko away into a residential area .. the sub space of first generation Jurai Royal ship.
for reduce the damage when both of them done a heavy attack

From here, the fight is confidentially, if possible I wanted everyone to look from the earth !

the Power is the same between Yosho and Ryoko, the difference is sword technique that Yosho polish
him self all over the years. as a result Yosho approaches from blind spot of Ryoko many time ,
the damage is accumulated a little by little, Ryoko coming to attack in all directions is going
the energy bullet , laser sword like crazy

Well attack ! Heh, but It not enough to eliminate me !

Yes ..  You are Right !

Yosho said .. and then he emerged the Light hawk wings .. 3 sheet of it.

Light hawk wings !?

Ryoko have no idea .. the person can use the Light hawk wings .. last time Azusa not used it
in battle .. she think it's only a space ship

Fuck !?

Ryoko try to escape .. suddenly .. Yosho use his sword with light hawk wing force
cut off the Washu gem at the right arm ..

First, one !
at the same time, that gem was sealed to his master key sword ?
Ahhhh !

Ryoko loses her balance of power .. and next is her left arm , when she try to runaway with a lot of panic.
but because Yosho was using the light hawk wings plus with the power of the gem combine, funaho can not
maintenance the residential areas for long .. and start to fail.

The cracks was appear in the subspace.

It's too Bad, if this goes on

Ryoko shoot Yosho by brute force, She use the energy from the remaining only one gem ..
both of them force to warp out of that sub space area.

Instantly, Ryo Oh-ki was in front of the bridge of funao.. outside.

Come on ! .... we have Light hawk wings .. shoot as you want !

Yosho yelling, Probably because He took the 2 gem out of Ryoko ..
vibration occurs on the main bridge .. after received a direct hit ..
What the fuck ? what happen .. ?
Yosho make sure at the monitor in a hurry, but the light hawk wings are already deployed 3 sheet for sure.
But funaho received a direct hit again the next moment.

Such a fool !
and then funaho start to fall to the Earth .. when he pass the moon.

So .. that ... the Earth !

Blue planet .. the planet that my mother was born...
with Ryo-Ohki reflection in the monitor... all entry screen.
Come on .. let's die together !
At that moment , tremendous shock all over the bridge
Exterior of Funao was destroyed .. every warning signal ... show up on screen
Ryo Oh-ki and funaho fall to the ground
What a pity ... we come to this far.

Yosho close his eyes... and every thing disappears.....


Yosho kun ... Yosho kun ...

the voice came from somewhere.
and like some one use finger push-push his cheek with fingertips.

...kun, ... Yosho kun ...

that girl start crying ..

Yosho ... I Love You ......

...... Airi donoooo !

No, I'm.. not that girl ......

Ohhh !

Yosho wakeup and holding the girl hand .... no idea , who is she ?
that girl withdrew his hands, her face turned to bright red, stand up, open the Japanese paper doors
and she run away.
Yosho was stunned and still stared in silence after his consciousness has been clear
found him self in some one rooms ..  it's old but feeling good.

he look out side the room that wide open. it's a garden full of Maple tree,
all leaf turning to bright red Autumn looked falling slowly to the ground.

It's beautiful ......

It's very good .. isn't?

Old Man come silence from behind. he closed the sliding door .. this is his house ... no doubt about it ..

Thank you very much ...
Yosho lower his head, the old man shook his head.
No.. No, The one how found you is my granddaughter, Kasumi  ... there she is ...

Yosho move his eye , where the old man was point ... his granddaughter just stood there.

Ohhh , come on ..

Kasumi become bright red eye .. and she still stood at far away .. distance.

She is too shy .. please don't laugh at her....

No, Thank you for your help, my name is Masaki ..... Yosho

when old man heard the surname, he laughing out loud for some reason.

.. My name is Tairo ... and .. same family name as you.

I'm sorry .... huh ? .... are you sure ? ... this maybe .. the fate ?

What fate ?
We love that "Mountain" very much .. that why.

Old man said and point his hand to the nearby mountains

Yosho move his eye, where the old man was point ... again .. and !!
It's the same landscape as his mother gardens.

What the !!?!!?!?!
Now .. Yosho understand ... where he is !? and who is this old man and his granddaughter ... maybe?
Err... Tairo dono ....

At that time , Suddenly the scream come from a far distance.
both of them jump out of that room and ... run towards where the voice is

Oh, no !

What is that .. ? the Oni (japanese devil) or the woman ??

where two people were headed is, close to the hole that Ryo-Ohki crashed
Ryoko with smiling face of madness for some reason, yelling to Yosho.
Where is my jewel !

Let's her go .. first ! .. Ryoko ... 
yes .. Ryoko lock Kasumi neck from behind.. and try to kill her.

Give it to me ! ...quickly ! , I can't control my hand properly without it... Hahaha ..
Argh ...  It's painnnn

Kasumi !

Ok ! ... Ok ! .. here .. your jewel !...

Beacuse Ryoko can not control her self properly ... and Yosho charge her suddenly
in the blink of an eye ... he took out a master key sword and stabbed into Ryoko neck
Arrrrggggg !! .. gurrrrr .. Hahaha .. Gurr lkasdm@#$@EQ

Ryoko still laughing like madness, so painful but so much fun for her ..
first time she loss .. It was a pleasure .. that she not ever tasted it before.
More ... done it more ! ... mother ... kyaaa hahahaha!

Yosho was seal the last jewel into his master key sword. Ryoko stop her movement
.. and move her hands and feet slowly ... , abd stop moving .. like she dead.

The next moment ! ... Ryoko was wide-eyed open and attacked Yosho again.
Appearance of two people disappear with a very big explosion. A few of 10 seconds after that.
Yosho appear in front of two people again. Ryoko was standing still collapsed like a puppet run out of yarn
and Yosho is one knee down , He is the winner obviously .. ?
Are you all right ?
Tairo and Kasumi ...come for help him .. but !
Yoshu see his master key sword are rough glowing .. it's react to something ?
and then he look at Kasumi "comb" .. Yosho open the wide eye again .. even he can open only one of it.
why ... the Royal Tree accept .. this ...?

this ?? .. my comb ... ?? .. my mother give me .. this comb very long time ago when she died..?

yes .. it was the one of the pair .. Funao give it to her sister.
Yosho don't believe it ... while staring at his master key react with this come.

.. this is the fate ?

yes .... the fate of Masaki house on earth .. is starting at that point of time.
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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Book 2 Aeka Ch 10


This time .. after Yosho chasing with Ryoko and .. both of them disappeared, the Emperor still not come
back to his home yet ... so .. he done a network conference from some where between travel back from
a secret foreign trips

meeting agenda .. ?

very simple .... find some one to take all of the responsibility ...
thank god .. our commander he still not die yet ..
and ... he give a lot of useful incident report to this meeting as direct in charge officer.

but remain have a lot of adenoids topic ...

Some said ....
Why we not have a flagship when we need it !.
Where the hell is the new pirate planet .. that can send only 1 battle ship and make us in rios.
Yosho have a bad fight in side tenju .. is it alright .. Tenju not inflicted with anything ?

and who the fucking knows that answer ... ?

If the new pirate clan done that again in the future
Who is the hell going to take the responsibility !

as alway ...

Amaki Syuuzan... claim
... he arrived at Jurai late more that 2 hours after Ryoko breaks away and leaving Jurai already.
, have a good smile ??? .... that why he is not in that report ...

Ryo Oh-ki and Ryoko is just a pirate .. I appreciate that you have written
but I think .. we need to changing in a field of responsibility ...
the pursuit for the scandal pirate ship is only Masaki House.
That is not just a pirate you idiot ! .. who the fuck ? want to use Jurai as a gimmick or just testing..
this level may be the illegal remodeling mods military humble
from a very big organization backed up ... maybe a multi international or a high class pirate guild !
Really ? .. That why ?, I will condemn saying there is a problem of data in this report
look at this picture .. why this not complete space ship can push our invaded out of Tenju ...
and he show Aeka with Ryu-Oh picture.

That not the fucking point !... the point is .. why ? it have that high level of force ... !
why some body that not Jurai able to develop such a thing ?
Is it possible .. some one from the Galaxy Academy done it !?
we not announced , all of us is not in Jurai .. not a single one !, why some one knows
and attack us at that time !!!
we not want your imagination philosophy in fighters .. so shut up !

and good opinion discussion .. is continue like that ...
Head of Kamiki house and Azusa the Emperor, still in total silence ...

For Utsutsumi opinion .. by basic, he is a soldiers .. he knew this report is true.
Syuuzan is shitty lie as alway .. but .. he have a problem with both Funaho and Azusa , long time ago...
that why ... he still in total silence
This is the Emperor of Jurai direct in charge ..

Shut the fuck up ! ..
Azusa can not listen this idiot anymore....
but Syuuzan continue speak non stop ...

that not a battle ship .. just Ryo Oh-ki

Azusa try to convince .. it have Ryoko inside ... Syuuzan not listen anything... and ask more question.
he in "doubts" about the power of Ryoko.
this meeting .. is a fucking bad joke .. and the worse question of them all ... is Misaki silly question ...

come to think of it ... maybe the enemy actually knows how much the true power of the first generation
battle ship that why it come .. between every one is go outside.

.... !!?!!? ... what the F ..?

"bloody question" .. and this question make every thing worse ..
Seto start her first speak .. and try to control this meeting by her self.

I'm very sorry .. please, forgive me .. at that time, I am in the area that "out of range"
of our Jurai communication system... and I not just simply hang-up the call.
It is a really shame, if I am really close distinct to Jurai more than Yosho dono !

Seto says that with her voice a 100% bloody mode ..
yes .. every one knows .. it not her story ..
really ...

so .. every one in that meeting ... shut his mouth 

Well, .. We need to understand the true situation, what happen ? who did it ? and why ?
is a top priority now ..  if all of you have any idea or update issue , please setup and update
your information to council meeting immediately
After finishing this communication ...

Seto came out of the communication room and go inside the main bridge .. with a lot anger ..
not only , what ? Syuuzan done ... in that meeting room and when Ryoko destroy Jurai.

but .. the true is ..
like Misaki her daughter said ..

the enemy knows .. every one that have a high rang Jurai Royal tree with his battle ship
is not in Jurai at that time because they on the foreign travel .. 
if it true .. the enemy will supporst to knows every one schedule
and the real activity at that time.... !?
before done the heavy air/space raid attack.

how can that be ?

every nation include Jurai have it own security ....
and some one in that nation can accident lose confidence information ..
yes .. but can not be "ALL" at the same time ...
and this enemy can collect the information from all nation at the same time ?

and now .. all every nation or organization in this galaxy knows ... and have incident reported
Jurai is NOT the most powerful in term of combat space army force in this galaxy ... anymore.
some one in this galaxy have the way to destroy Jurai... and actually done it.

After the meeting has finished, in Kirito ... the Emperor space ship ..
there was a picture of Seto on screen .. it's a special called communication direct from her ship
now 4 people can have another secret meeting .. the true Supreme Council meeting ..
Azusa, Misaki, Funaho .. and Seto.

You !!! $#%$#^$#^#^$^%

Seto start this meeting be yelling her daughter .. first... thank for your useful question.

I'm sorry mother ! ... I'm sorryyy .... big sister...

Please, Seto sama ...

I'm sorry .. I'm sorry ...
Misaki hide behind Funaho .. and low her voice down
Azusa not happy for this time .. He and his Family .. that have high generation of royal tree
if he stay in Jurai in that time .. every problem now .. will not happen ..
and he fail .. to protect the Family .. not only masaki ... all Jurai House .. and homeland.

But ... , I have no idea .. my husband go out of Jurai with his first generation ship for many time
it nothing happen .. why this time ?

Seto take a deep sigh.
Yes .. that is the main topic for today

I understand

Seto send her data into every one sub-monitor ... and said some thing with Azusa

this is the true analysis data for Ryo Oh-Ki and Ryoko power .. 

... ? Seto sama ? .. You think Ryo Oh-Ki and Ryoko have some sort of relationship with Tsunami and
both of them have ability to surpass even the first generation space ship of Jurai ?!

Bloody ! .. hell ? .. Why it's not in the highlight of report in that meeting !?........

Ah ! Azusa chan ... you still don't get it !?
Seto was disappointed and mutters ..

Actually ..., You begging me for investigated at that time , when you first fight with Ryo Oh-Ki and Ryoko
with the most powerful Jurai space ship. after that Ryoko become famous so much and every country
main research now a day is, How she can do it ... destroy us..

that is only the power game between nation !
No .. It's not .. and  the other information .. that you will scat you head, She come from the ruins
prehistoric civilization of "Warrior" excavated and duty used of many goods from the old ruins ... 
in a small area of our professional staff

so .. both of them is not the country or organization made .... It's personal made ...
and his name is Kagato

Well ? , individual developed .. You try to say .. both of them develop inside his garage ..
some thing like that !?

by his profile ... a man name Kagato is register as Terrorist Class A approximate 5000 years ago ..
after that .. we not have anything .... but it was the biggest problem
What ? Class A .. what is he done ?

He destroyed one of our planet .. in the special district protection area him self alone.

Azusa hear it, what Seto said ... he stunt and have nothing to say... he knows well how scary..
thank god at that time Kagato can not kill him.

the important thing is ... , " Who " is in that planet at that time .. "for research purposes" .. Right  ? 
Seto asks, ... with sad voice

Mother ! ... you !

Misaki pointed her finger to her mother .. immediately ..
You know ... ? , Who was there at that time ? ......

Misaki ask silly question again ... and Seto was yelling at her .. again


This is the Name list of the person who was there... and one of the line .. write down a name ...
"Washu chan" ....
Funao was in wide eyes....

What ! .. Washu .... Did you mean that Washu ... ? ... that weird ! .. she is  " the founder of
the Galaxy Academy"  !?

Azusa .. ask ..

At that time it's name " Jurai Imperial Academy "
Assistant of the Institute was actually named .. Kagato .. and She was together with Washu on that
planet of special protected areas

Seto .. Show Azusa .. a picture .. Washu and "a girl" .. her name is Kagato ..

but Azusa rubbing his jaw

..... but ... Kagato that I met .. is a man ? different .. person ?

this picture was take when Kagato was the assistant (as a Man serious)

... but ... Mother ... I think .. I see this one before

Misaki looked at the face of Kagato

You mean this .. Person .. ?

Look back at the first picture .. It's Kagato with Washu ... together (as a Girl relax)

Er .. ? ... What ? .. this picture .. ?

Washu ... and Who is ... her ?
Funaho ask ... both of them so .. difference .. Man - Serious and Woman - relax ?

A different person ?

this Man come later, and A Girl .. look like .. She is the "Clone" of Akara Naja .. Washu's best friend ..

What happen with the original ? .. where is she now ?

* (this 2 picture here  .. appear in GXP light novel no. 08)
About 5000 Year ago ... but this is not the official and remains unclear ... at planet K1190
She had been " dead " between " the excavation " when the unknowns priate done a heavy attack that planet.
However, ... no one found her body ... so .. the philosophy officer records her status  .. like that.
but I would not be alive if the assessment of the situation to be Washu comparable.

Mother ! .. Did you mean .. You are there ! .. K1190 !

Yeah ..., I was only 6 years old at that time ... and after that .. foster by my father.

Seto sama !??!

In addition .. after the excavation .. my father come for rescue the survival ... it end up with
He not found her .. Kagato .. and that planet was destroy .. because the several treasure hunter Pirate
He found .. me .. after the rescue ... was finished I was adoptive to Kamiki House .. and he permit .. Me
.. to use his surname... Kamiki ... I have no memory at that time .. don't remembers anything
My father .. think I was left be hide when in shock ..  at that time ... when the Pirate done air raid.

Seto smiles sadly, but Her original expression was back

Every thing start 20,000 years ago .. at the territory planet of Jurai name "Kana Mitsu"
Washu was found at that planet ..  her have no memory of the past and estimated age is 3 years old.
But .. nobody knows ... why and where she come from ... after,  She have various test for entrance the
Galaxy Academy at that era ... only one thing .. her really case ... and become her main research topic ... is

Displayed on the sub-monitor was change,... it was a 3 red jewel.

... This is !?
Azusa knows well .. what is it.

" the only thing " She have ... this 3 jewel is come with her .. when every one there found her .. at the first time.
this is very important so much.

Seto show another data on sub-monitor ..
"Research and Examined .. a combat data of Jurai ... from the material inside "the data bank" of Galaxy Police." ?
(WTF .. ?)

the energy source of Ryo Oh-ki, mainly come from ... 3 point .. neck and wrists of Ryoko ...
and when you look closely

Three point of Ryoko picture on screen was enlarged

No way !

A red jewel exactly same as Washu red jewel.

I don have any idea .. why she can have that Jewel. but long time ago .. even Washu her self said ...
no one "can not duplicate " my Jewel ... it's come from more than 100,000 years ago loss technology * ..
But ... I don't ask Tsunami sama yet ... about this point ?

* around 200,000 years old .. ref from Omatsuri Zenjitsu no Yoru 21 Seiki-ban 1
(year 2001 after this 3 book is on store)

It means ... that the answer about her past (remember some thing from her past .. and do it)
Funaho said ..

(Seto is 5000+ Years old she knows this logic)
for one person .. you think, you knows her well .. what about ? .. see her again after 15,000 years ..
everything still be the same ? no it not .. and we have no "evidence" .. she done it .. this time.
but .. I wonder .. the assistant that can used Washu dono personalized development equipment.
He feared me the most ...
And this is a very important thing .. don't leak this information; if you don't want to done with a large-scale work

You are so serious for this time .. Mother

If some other countries knows this technology, this is the worst military balance
Hey, I will check every possible thing about Washu dono again..

the first round of Supreme Council about Ryoko is over here.

Re-Start here ,...

Since the information about Ryoko was disappear and Yosho tree funaho is in offline mode ?
Six years has flowed .. but nobody knows ? .. where is Yosho .. now ? .. and immediately start the explorer team for
looking for Yosho around and across the Galaxy

How do you do ?

Seto had come to head of Kamiki House office room
Aeka take her Onii - sama .. that 3D projection picture with her.. and silence ..
in this time Aeka so sad and so worry Yosho, She do not speak well .. and silence ..for everything.

and Thank you for Amaki .. again ... he open the topic .. about Aeka engagement ...
so .. her father declared to get the new guy... quickly as possible and breakdown official engagement of Yosho.

As a result of that meeting .. head of each royal house was elected the candidate (from every where in the Galaxy)
but in the final still remain a several people .. and non of them win the vote completely ... so
every one of them agree to make a blind date with Aeka instead ..

by the way ..
Aeka can not again with them ... a matchmaking
for 6 years her Onii sama has gone missing ..  She doesn't change her feelings at all ...

Yosho is her ideal brother ... ? ...are you sure ? ... that is not a real love ...
On that day ...

before groom candidate of Aeka that Masaki and Kamiki house elected him from within each imperial house
will be announced, Aeka strongly desire to go on a journey out of Jurai .. looking for Yosho herself.
this is her last change .. she don't need that .. the groom .. from vote...
every thing had been finished before the next day sunrise.

Her space ship ... Ryu-Oh .. exterior that use for make a wave of protection force which was destroyed in the fight
against with Ryoko, and her space ship not done the final adjustment yet .. but never mind ... she change Ryu-Oh
part with sliding of dummy ship (her dummy ship made from the cutting branches of Ryu-Oh anyway ... )
by her position .. many thing made from her tree branches (include her space ship original replacement part .. )
for example ...

her master key ... the master key of Ryu-Oh .. her tiera made from Ryu-Oh cutting branches
and the Jewel made from sap 
In the idea of Aeka ... her plan is perfect

However, the problem is .. where is the location .. that Yosho live ...
by this way .. Aeka was selected is looking like find someone outside your country when you are completely blind
and Jurai send the explorer expert to fide out, where he is ? .. but sorry every one not found him yet ..
how much " good fortune " did Aeka actually need ...?

only good point of Aeka is her tree .. Ryu-Oh .. the second generation tree of Royal Jurai
It's can access to top secret information which are controlled by the network of the imperial house of Jurai

and the special about Ryo-Oh unit this is semi-offline unit .. Ryo-Oh can received "tree information without
access to Jurai network" .. by normal .. if the tree not connect to the network.. it's will be dead.

Just perfect (Heart icon)

the maiden in love with a simple thinking logic , every thing is seem to be fine ... for Aeka
and that day .. she done a frozen body process, that the top secret information methods for Jurai .. but
She can access to read it her guardian units ..... to stop her ageing .. and save her beauty as long as possible...

She knows this trip will be very long ..
and It's become a very long trip as she think ... a 700 years

But, She can not pass the security monitoring network of the Jurai tree without the record transaction
think for Sasami .. She got into the Ryu-Oh unit but Aeka didn't knows that ... She so worried about her big sister
with a lot of help by Tsunami both of them can pass every security tree without ... the record transaction.

At that time in Jurai , .. It is a very big problem .. Aeka and Sasami leave Jurai without the message.
more investigation and more explorer team was organized immediately, but ... like Yosho ..
no one can find Ryu-Oh, which was protected by the power of Tsunami.

this is very serious situation for Jurai ever ...

Meanwhile ...

Seto done a madness check for all intelligence unit control from all officer, every space ship , check and re-check
everything that supposed and not supposed to be check .. she done it .. but .. no luck ... just  "not found" message
show as a result every time ...

I'm tired.... why it's 0 % every time ... I don't know ?
She done everything she can done .. include .. Some thing that was .. not supposed to be done
check in the reserved area .... very low level of the imperial house ...

... You mean, Tsunami sama !?

Did I .... done something wrong to Aeka chan .. again ? ...

Every one ... done a lot of thing .. without care .. Aeka will accept that or not.
now all of them have to worry .. Sasami , Aeka .. and Tsunami sama .... Why she doesn't help ? .. this time.

What the heck wrong is happen to us .. ?
Seto can feel it .. the wind of change ...

... I forgot about that person !
Stay with me Funaho dono .. and do not lose your patience

And another person, that Seto forgot is her husband who want to done a double suicide
his granddaughter .. not only one .. but both of them Aeka and Sasami.. missing, ...  he in a lot of panic

Moreover, there was a problem because .. him !... Yosho .. Son of Azusa and that woman.
every time he think about that, it make him mad all the time.

every one knows ... it's is "selfish" .. to blame every problem to Funaho... only.

He still have a bad mood .. at that time .. Azusa get Funaho from the Earth .. and she become the first
Empress of Jurai .. that start the cool war .. when Aeka was born, she make him happy .. but her engagement
make he in bad mood again .. then Sasami was born the happiness is a little bit come back ..

However !

What ? happen today .. he can not accept it .. not anymore and he take a deep sigh,
then he left the conference room .. with only one word ...

FUCK YOU !!! ....

Only that ... and he gone ...
Align the eyes of people outside .. What wrong with our country now ? ... and the future ?

For Today meeting ... every one said that he or she able to predict the big shit will hit the fan
and the Topic of Akea and Sasami become a very hot topic .. the agenda change .. to "blame some one"
Funaho of course .. and the leader .. to blame her is .. yes .. Amaki Syuuzan .. again..

by normal ... Syuuzan .. not a basis "enemy" of Funaho .. but ...

... the first prince too !
... He have the first generation of Jurai space ship why he still lose to a pirate like that !!!
after he blame Funaho .. continue is her son...

Funaho was silent  .. and drink a lot of water .. whatever it was in the cup.
and this time ... Syuuzan is win ..

everyone in Masaki and Kamiki house shut his and her mouth well ..
with a "shake" body ... this is very rare .... Funaho done that.

this is very stupid .. everything .. in that meeting

Meanwhile ...

Utsutsumi , who accident came with Syuuzan because he found him before he go to this bar for get a drink ... 
he ordered his men get his special big barrel of liquor .. sake of cause and the highest grade of Jurai.

dame ! you stupid woman ! ... I will teach you today .. who is the bosss ...  ect ect ect %$#%$%$#%$#%

In other words, .. now ..
he is .. in the " fight bar " .. it is a reproduction  .. long time ago .. when Jurai is originally small pirate group ..
every one fight like this "everyday" ... in the " fight bar " .. !
it's the old traditions ... of Jurai .. every one can fight ... even he or she is a very high rank ..

Funaho suddenly .. come into this bar .. and she found only Syuuzan with a big barrel and big bottle of Sake
She sit down at the "seat" that supposed to be Utsutsumi "seat" .. and drink it ... drink it all bottle.

Syuuzan saw that .. he grinning laughed.
Hahaha .. What do you feel .. when you complete loss me this time ... ?

You bastard .. I will kill you ... come !?

Two people was drunk already ... Azusa and Misaki .. wipe his/her eyes .. that is our .. Funaho ... ?

Only one hit .. he gone .. Mr. Shitty Syuuzan .... 
but the true is ... Syuuzan is not .. so weak .. that mean .. Funaho super strong !

Seto join the group ... after she knows what happen .. she look very joyful .. and cheer !
and Funaho drunk a small barrel .. (not from bottle) ... Utsutsumi come back .. and see .. with surprise ?!
he said some thing to Funaho ....

DO NOT WHAT ?!!!! (Fu)

every thing .. ! why you done that ? (U)

Fufufu .. she just asked for someone .. to become a partner in the fighting practice .. (Su)

Heyyy ! Anata ... I forget to tell you some thing .. she is stronger than our Misaki ..
when done close combat fighting ... (Se)

Whattttt !? ...

Seto says ... that meant Funaho actually stronger than .. him !

Funaho was laughing .. No one can stop her anymore
Azusa face turn white .. when he watch the action of his wife...
at over-drinking movement .. of Funaho.
Don't do it .. !
Azusa and Misaki try to begging her ...


every one in that bar . .. hear that ! ... and after that every one come .. and start the fight !!!

Mother ...... do some thing !!

It is good medicine for every one... kill them ! .. kill them all !! Hahaha
Seto merrily laugh with horror look ...

Hey ! .. let's start the PARTY !

Food and drink ..  a lot of it was taken out from the main hall by Seto's "Lady In Waiting"
... A.K.A "fighting spirit" security guard .. and look like she is the promoter .. for this time.
(special unit .. all of them is female .. Mother of Masaki Taro .. work in this unit.)
and the big party .. began !

after drunk ... Funaho show off her turn power .. the power flows from her and Misaki Royal Tree combined
even touch can burn your hands, in the real combat .. Funaho and Misaki space ship can backup each other
that why ? .. and her power now is more that Azusa

And the reason is .. she drunk .. when she drunk .. it's start the trigger .. the power of both space ship was
automatically flowing to Funaho body .. and ... berserker !

About an hour later, that bar is completely destroyed ...
but... the party continue !

It's too danger ... please .. stay away .. 

Seto waiting for her to stop ... after a several hours later .... when all of them run out of liquor

Seto have a seat next to ... Someone that have a bandage whole body in the hospital room, became a mummy 

Every time you acting like a child .. I wonder ?

Hmph .. You are the first one ... who escaped first .. and save only yourself
Why you still ..  stick up .. with that story .. it's pass for a long time ..

I'm sorry ? ..

lets it pass .. and forget it ...
Yes .. Yes .. I thinks so !

Utsutsumi closed his eyes....

and sleep ...

That day .. long time ago ..
Utsutsumi ask Misaki when she was a little girl ...

You want to be an Empress ? when you grow up ?

She only smile ..and her answer is ..

I want to become a "Second" Empress next to older sister ..

.... His heart .. is completely broken ...
Seto walk to the entrance, and it's have some one voice ...
Utsutsumi open his eyes ... first thing he found is ...
Funaho and Misaki with a lot of flower ...
Youu. .. !

Hahaha .. easy .. anata ..easy

Father .. I'm ... sorry .. (Fu)

Sorry, Father .. I make you disappoint in me ... (Mi)

He complete lost the duel ..and had been kicked in the ass many time .. what a shame
Moreover, Who is the one that kick him .. is a cute women and she stood in front of his eye now.
the woman ... he had a incredibly bad feel from the start.

but .. come to think of it.. everything start from Azusa .. why ?  You continue hate her ?
I have no idea ? ... and look like ... after that fight .. no one dare .. with us again

Ahahahahahaha .. Who knows ?

you can cheat well ... that fight .. is GOOD FOR YOU

Seto whisper .. at Utsutsumi ear .. no one can hear that ...

Wa Hahahahahahahahaha !

He have no choice but to laugh again.

As a "Pirates" .. that the origin of Jurai ... the person, who come with the great power .. is a boss
and receive a respected .. that "duel" .. help Funaho a lot .. no one dare .. whit her again .. and
we can assumed that a rock-solid position as the Key Person , same as Azusa with no question.

Thanks to Seto, ... for every thing.
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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epilogue chapter and update old post .. many thing 
not over ...

Sun 27 Jul 2014

Update Chapter 10 ... in the middle of chapter

... and

Book 2 Aeka


... On the Earth

Yosho live with Tairo in his house, eat his local home made foods ... Yosho's "childhood" had been cure ...
few months after Yosho fight against Ryoko .. He try to terminate his tree .. funaho ..
by plant it into the soid of the earth deep into the mountains .. by technic the tree of Jurai will slowly loss it power ...

(like his grandmother Amame when she throw away Jurai)
so .. he take out the things necessary required from his room .. in the sub space of the tree
at that time, It is very easy if he want to return back to Jurai .. just called some body ...
but ... this is his choice ... to live here and not return to Jurai .. forever

About Ryoko , after she loss all of her jewel ... she not dead yet ...
Yosho checking her body .. and found she is still alive ... but he not try to kill her ... again.
He saw her eyes in that fight .. It's so beauty and pure. It reminds Yosho to think of .. Aeka when
she was a little girl... Azusa not really hate her .. so ... he "sealed" Ryoko into that cave...

another reason.. ?

the damage when he fight against with Ryoko .. that make a rumor ...
, which has been a big problem .. if he not fixed it... then he start to develop his technique

by create " the Legend of Demon " .. after that ... it's becomes originally local tales story.
It's very easy way to fool the neighborhood ... at night ... he grows the red jewel and walking around..
every one who see that is tremble in fear (700 years ago ...)

in the morning ... told the story ... that the ghost of the brave swordsman who fight with the Demon
and .. we need a shrine to protect every one from the evil ... show the sword .. and Ryoko body ..
... after that every one build this shrine for him.

As a result he can keep away from the neighborhood around.... 

A few years later ...

Yosho marry with Kasumi ..
yes .. Airi come first ... and still be the first ...
but .. Kasumi possible to make a room in Yosho hart same position as Airi ...

(I recheck 3 times ... not feeling good about this .. but it's write down in the book like that .. actually)

.... living peaceful .. and have 3 sons with her ...
but .. the strange .. thing .. happen to Yosho, Kasumi and their sons.

If you take the Royal Tree of Jurai root into the earth .. the Tree will loss it power ..
but .. not in this case ... funaho still have the same power after pass the decades...

Yosho immediately expected .. the Jewel of Ryoko .. maybe .. this 3 red jewel flowing the energy
pass through funao master key .. and it's charge the tree ?

but ... ?

the Royal Tree of Jurai have a unique type of energy to re-charge the tree
for example ... Low level of Masaki Tree .. not accept Amaka Tree , Tatsuki Tree or Kamiki Tree energy or network
It is possible for some special unit that can disconnect from the network .. but it need to be re-charge
with it's own network ..

No doubt about it .. Ryoko Red Jewel have a power same type as the Emperor's Royal Tree of Jurai
and deep than that ... funaho is not the second or third ... it's the first generation .. how much power
did it's need to re-charge ?

that why ? .. Ryoko with this Jewel can destroy Jurai so easy ...

and the Jewel must have the power far more than the first generation
that why ? funaho not loss the power ....

Yosho have a lot of time to thought .. this is an important problem... but more of that is ...
because he have no idea .. his funaho will not loss the power .. He, Kasumi and their sons was done a life-prolonging
exchange body by funaho automatically...and live far more longer than earthlings .. a lot !

Kasumi can not keep up with the concept of long live, for a long period of time... her age stop but the other she knows
is about to die ... so her rejected the life-prolonging when she was 80 years old and senility to choose her way to die
in the leakage and R.I.P .. at 138 years old

She die ... with a strong wish when she was very old, she discussions with Yosho .. her life was long and happy
but ... please ... "do not done the life-prolonging enchanted body to anyone else"

Yes ..
Yosho can make her live more over 1,000 year but her spirit remains the original earthlings
that the first time Yosho understand .. the original earthlings got sufficient when done a life extension
so .. he not try to done anything that change the earthlings structure .. when he continue living on the earth

Only one job for Yosho ... now monitor Ryoko that was sealed ... he knows if funaho not loss the power
Ryoko is the same ... for many time Yosho done a relationship with the outside .. that make the rumor
some one (Yosho) live very long life ...

However, communicate in that era is simple and have no evident.

Yosho can use funaho make or erased some thing in the map .. , rumor went disappear.
He change his identity in various forms and upgrade his skill ... for make a good rumor.
(that why ? .. his lie is so good ..)

Anyway .. he can not continue living like that .. forever; hide and shut him self from the outside world
after he loss his wife .. Kasumi .. Yosho make a decision .. and he contact Kanemitsu kun some where
in the Galaxy Academy  .. by funaho

At that time .. Seto knows his move when he connect to the information network of Galaxy Academy
but the Emperor of Jurai .. he didn't knows that ..

Hi ... Long time no see... Kanemitsu dono ...

... ? ... ! ... You ! ... Yosho !?
Kanemitsu suddenly running to the monitor ... and voice of someone Yosho cannot see from the monitor

Yosho ? ....Really !?!  ... Yosho !!

Airi dono ...
Yosho lost his words
Airi, .. she is not a girl or teenage anymore and he is not a boy ... both of them has become a mature adult .. now.


from Yosho side ... Airi voice from monitor so loud and it's make an echo sound from the mountains around there
over 5 time ! .. she is never change ..
Calm down ...... Airi dono .. Calm down

You ... you ...

Drink .. a tea ... drink a tea ... with me.. yayy
funao puppy army jumped out of her ring at that moment, and yelling a beauty voice of rejoicing

... and

Ehh ?? ..

On the other side of the monitor, the woman [same age or a bit older than Airi .. Yosho think]
.. was staring at him from a far distant [.. and I met her before ? ... Yosho think .. again]

Err ..........  .... .. .... ... ...... [completely polite voice ... but just a whisper Yosho cannot hear that ...]

Excuse me, ... What you calling me .. again , .... please? [how hard he try to remember her .. he can't ?]

Nice to meet you ! , .. Otosan ! (Father !)

O !... O !.. Oto !??...

Her name is Minaho ! .. She is your daughter !

Minaho bowed slowly while shy
After knows the true ... Yosho face turn white .. swishing his mouth and soon after that he smile gradually
Hahaha .... Dynamite mother....

When ? .. Airi had return back from Airai .. and Why ? She was there in the Galaxy Academy ... ?

Yosho have completely no idea at all ... during this (140 years).
... he knows only one thing .. his enjoyable feeling was comeback to his life .. once again.

End of Book 2 Aeka

(useful information ?)
So .... Minaho .. real age is in the range between 700 year olds +- 9 months when start OVA1
Her age at this time is 140 ... 

and every one in OVA use the same logic as Yosho and Kasumi here in this book
Tenchi can make 6 sheet of Light Hawk Wing at the end of OVA 3 by him self ... He will lived forever ..
and every one around him can lived forever ... as he or she want ..
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