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Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary

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Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary

After Azusa Funaho and Misaki go back to Jurai. Sasami don't sheerful as ever , Washu notice that and try to help out(funny experiment ?).
Washu turn Ayaka hair back to her original color with this hair color Ayaka look exactly similar to Misaki. After Sasami saw Ayaka she crying
Ayaka know what going on and make her back to sheerful again.

Yosho saw Ayaka with her original hair then he flasbacks to his past.

When Yosho was young every morning Misaki will come and say hello to him everyday but she not come from the door but come from the windows.
Yosho room stay on very high area. In Jurai no one can climb up to his room except Misaki but little Ayaka can do it too this mean Ayaka
also have a lot of power like her mother.
(Ayaka Characteristic before changed hair color similar to Misaki and this Characteristic comeback sometime when she fight with Ryoko
and When she jangle with Ryoko for tenchi)

With this situation Yosho don't realize his feeling who he love Misaki or Ayaka but Seito notice this
(Yosho fall in love to Misaki and Misaki characteristic also You know in Tenchi Muyo 13 - Here come Jurai that it but Yosho still a boy)
so She talk to Funaho and ask her to stop Misaki Morning Greeting  (Funaho can deal with Misaki easier than herself). After that no Morning Greeting
from Misaki any more Yosho feel uncomfortable and after saw Ayaka was changed her hair color  then He understand everything and realize his feeling.
That day Seito come to ask Yosho to go and study at Galaxy Academy, He know what it meaning. (I think that why Yosho don't show himself to Misaki when Funaho and Misaki come to earth)

At galaxy academy, Who come to help him and explain everything to him was Airi (Airi's country and Jurai are enemy but she don't care about this)
(she really energetic women talk walk run talk walk run talk.....)

Airi after explain all area of academy in one day.

Yosho and Airi become close and closer, one day Yosho decide to show Airi his Funaho unit and Royal tree ship.

This pic show Airi and Yosho try to calculate how much if he sale all of cloth that make from Royal tree in his ship out (Jurai cloth very very
expensive Airi told Yosho).
and Yosho give her a ring which make from Royal tree to Airi(If Airi wear this ring she can enter to Funaho Ship anytime her want.  In Funaho ,Yosho
make a house for Airi too)
Well one or two year after this before Airi and Yosho go back to their planet they stay together in Funaho Ship and ....(Minaho born from here)

Ryoko’s Assault and Ayaka's Ryo-oh all detail are complete here

After Yosho and Ryoko come to earth Yosho was safe by local people (Funaho relative) and woman in the picture was Kasumi (Funaho's little sister daughter)
Ryoko captured her and tell Yosho to give her back a gem with only two gem Ryoko can't control herself and try to kill Kasumi but lighting
come from Kasumi body and push Ryoko away that make Yosho can seal Ryoko with his master key sword. Exactly Lighting not come from Kasumi body
but come from a comb that Kasumi received from her mother (Funaho's little sister). After seal Ryoko, Yosho decide to stay on earth and living with Kasumi.

At Jurai, Funaho still was not accepted by other people so Seito make a plan by let anyone who don't like Funaho fighting with her in Royal hall.
So there are a lot of people who don't like Azusa and Funaho and come to fight with Funaho, Surely Utsutsumi(Seito Hasband too). Before Fighting Seito let's funaho drink and made her drunk.
(Funaho Drunk not Shy anymore and speak very vulgarity)After Begin who come to fight with Funaho lost by one hit ("One hit kill" HaHaHa) but Funaho still drunk and not stop (berserk mode) still
destoy everything in hall. Seito very funny but Misaki and Azusa tell her to stop Funaho. Seito tell Azusa to stop Funaho by himself but
with situation no one can fight Funaho for sure.(Funaho herself have a lot of power and also received power from her tree and Misaki's tree
also lend Funaho a power too.) After this accident finish no one dare to let funaho drinking again.(after this situation Jurai Amaki family don't have any
political power anymore

From this accident when Funaho speaking "Poor ayaka" in Tenchi Muyo 13- Here come Jurai. Yosho want to change story
so he ask back Is Royal hall finished repair ? or something like that I'm not sure exactly word.

after Kasumi dead (Yosho live with her as a normal people , I guess maybe a kid that Washu takecare him in animation must relate to Kasumi and Yosho root but I don't have information about this)  Yosho decide to contact back to Jurai via his friend in Galaxy academy (More than hundred year).
And realize that he have a duaghter (Minaho) with Airi.


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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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Another thanks for your work, Alen :)
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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Alen, I always wanted to know, was Misaki also getting feelings for Yousho or was it just one-sided?
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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I guess if Morning Greeting still continue, there are a lot of opportunity Misaki will fall in love to Yosho becuase Seito saw Misaki changing little by little that why her tell Funaho to stop Misaki.
But in novel Yosho just one-sided love.

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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I have alwys speculated that Airi's parents have carefully brought Yosho and Airi together. The main purpose for Airi's parents was aim at protecting the peace.  Relations bewteen Jurai and the Airai have always been complicated over the millenia.  At the time when Airi and Yosho have first run into each other, relations between the Airai and Jurai seem tobe at an all time low.   Gobe who the second Minister of Airai was part of Airai's plans for Tsunami.  Gobe was working with the rivals of the House of Masaki, the Hosue of the Amaki.  Gobe ahd convinced Airi's parents that an arranged political marriage between a young male member of the Amaki House and one of the Hierarch's daughters. The Hierarch 's daughter who was chosen for the arranged marriage was Airi Magma.

It had seem that Gobe was working with Airi's father to disrupt the Airain's plans for Tsunami.  It is lijkely that Gobe and Airi's father  may have been well aware of the up and coming attack on Jurai by Kagato and Ryoko.  Since the Airai is a religion, Gobe and Airi's father had access to some ancient Prophecies. The Airai have treated any prophecy with caution. For most prophecies fall either into the status of warnings or will never come true.   Ryoko's attack on Jurai had occured at the time when Airi defected to the Galaxy Academy.

From the novel. Airi had assumed that her father was beginning to become more feeble since he was an old man. Gobe had seem to have been taking advantage of Airi's father. Yet, Magma was pretending to feeble.  His main intentions was to prevent a war between the Airai and Jurai.   

The novel had seem to give us some vital clues of Gobe's and Magma's plans for Airi. Both men as well as a few others have to take a major risk to prevent a destrctive war which could have destroyed the Galactic Union.  Since Airi's father and Gobe have access to the ancient prophecy which foretold Ryoko's and Ryo-Ohki's attack on Jurai, they felt that the plans to bring Airi and Yosho was worth the risk. A risk in order to prevent a war.

Of course, the ideal of Airi's father and Gobe intentionally bringing Yosho and Airi together is mostly my opinion.  Yet, the first clue of the plan to bring Airi and Yosho together is focus on Airi being selected to be Yosho's guide to the Galaxy Academy.

 :babble: :really:

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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I don't think so. Airi's parents don't know anything about Yosho  and Airi always work as a volunteer to guide new student for long time.

Gobe's and Magma's they don't have plan to bring Yosho and Airi together but  Gobe plan to make Airi marriage to other guy who have relationship with
Kasen (One of Jurai family) but all of plan Seito know about it and Destoy his plan. Well Seito also know and meet Airi father before.

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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book 2 AEKA ch Prologue
(after ova2 + a week)

the Emperor of Jurai ... now he turn to a Silly Dad. after bring new "marriage"
candidate for Aeka ,Fight with our Tenchi and lose its every time .. every days.
after that start a party jerk around Tenchi, Ryo Ohki and Sasami ... every nights.

after end this i-di-o-tic propose loop .. and go home .. back to Jurai.
the Masaki house come back to the quiet and peace full ... once again..

[Sigh] .....

M-eow ? ... (Ryo Ohki rub her cheek with Sasami cheek)

Now Sasami is only one girl around this area some where in the forest on Sichuan
Okayama perf .. so .. she done a lot of house work. cooking, cleaning,
wash a dish, drying ... ect

after many hours of work ...  she enjoy her self by read a MEGA collection
of shojo manga (girls manga) or shojo book that Nobuyuki collect for many year.
but some time read that a lot make her sick..

... let's take a walk ...  ryo chan ?

Meeiii ! ... (Yes ! .. i think .... and more deep than that ...  i think when
Ryo Ohki said some thing it's not a cat language but you hear her in cat language
same as Jurai Royal Tree did .. you hear veee sound ... only person she talk with
can understand in human language)

10 minutes after that ...

both of them end up with ... keeping weeds out of the masaki shrine but not a big job .. 
Mihoshi clean most of the shrine area, when she not on her daily task ..
a police patrol around Earth solar system ... nothing much left.

Myaa ?

... and Ryo Ohki sneak out her work by chasing a butterfly
most of the time she always done that by cat instinct
 and have a lot accident
falls in canal, falls down from hillside, loses her way in the forest .. ect

After that it's Ryoko jobs .. to find where she is ?

" sigh " ......

What are you doing ? Sasami chan !

Warghhhhhh ! (very loud)

Washu walk silence and ask question from the back of Sasami.

What happen Sasami !
Katsuhito (Yosho) jump out of the shrine to see what happen ?
Ryo Ohki stop ... and come back to see her ....

Hurrrrm ...
Myaa ?

it's nothing ... just ... Washu and Sasami

look like .. the spring season come a bit early ... this year ...
Yosho said ... but Washu realize something ..
I ... I'm praying ... for my father and mothers safely return... to Jurai... Washu onee chan
Ha haha..
Washu understand her feeling .. but pray for something is .. a bit old style " Erath " logic.
not for a High Dimensional Space Goddess.
(Pray to Who ? .. Her sister Tokimi ?)

I think .. all of them will be alright ... he is the Emperor of Jurai .. nothing to worry about.
Yosho said ... but Washu hug her... Washu is not a Heartwarming sister like Aeka or Tenchi.
but.. maybe ... not this time.

it's only 10 days after Jurai able to read Mihoshi report.
and after that all of them come to the Earth and try to force Aeka to marry someone.
that very crazy..

No one can guarantee it's not happen with Sasami if she go back home .. to Jurai
but she still a little girl... home sick and miss her family.

Sasami chan ..
I just remember that time. when your mother hug me .. it's full of surprise ..
i think .. if we change Aeka appearance ... and hug you ... maybe... it's better feeling ...
did you think ?..
Sasami chan ..
i will make your wish .. come true ..
after that word ... it's have a loud scream voice of Aeka .. from Masaki house.
a minute later .. some thing look like a jelly eating Aeka .. slowly move to the shrine

Washu onee chann ...

It's alright .. It's alright
Washu make a wired smile .. 

thinkkkk ! (sound like electronic house ware finished doing something)
ok ! .. it's finished

and then jelly throw Aeka out

Ah ! .. is that .. my Aeka onee sama ? .. why she have a blue hair .. like .. me ?

Washu re-engineering Aeka biogenetic that Jurai done something with her long time ago.
now she turn back to original stage .. have a blue, same hair style as Misaki
and a bit tone of voice change ...

Aeka still confused .. what happen to her ? .. but after she look at her hair...
and she start to yelling.
Sasami jump to her and Cry...

Mama !

No ! I'm ........ Arr Sasami ....

two of them hug .... but Yosho .. who saw all of that ..
its remind.. what he done to her .. Aeka
and all his sin ...
700 years ago..

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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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Book 2 Aeka ch 01

Image of Aeka ...

Jurai ...

Name of the Planet, the Monarchy and the United State of Nation...
that have maximum air (space) force and territory in the Galaxy
the Jurai Planet is a Forest paradise .. normal size of a tree is approaching to 1000 meters.

the Only one gigantic giant tree, outstanding height of them all is over 5000 meters.
with rigid structure, countless branches and leaves is perfect to construction all entry city in to
the Tree body. the foundation of Jurai capital .. the Heaven Tree ... " Tenju "

the place that be the center of economic and politics that drive by the royal of Jurai.
"the Jurai imperial houses" .. who carefully improvement in the right thing and the right persons
to connect with the absolute power " person " in the Galaxy .. " Tsunami "

decade by decade .. over a dozen of ten thousands year.

From one small corner of this Heaven .. , the pretty little girl happy voice is all around.
she is the one of the 4 major houses of " the Jurai imperial " name " Masaki "
daughter of Azusa the current Emperor of Jurai.
Hey onii - sama ~! ...  Yosho onii - sama ~!

in the room of Masaki Yosho Jurai; Son of Azusa, that little Girl jump from the leaf outside
his room across the windows, look very similar with Young Sasami, clothes look the same
but her hair is blue .. not green.

Yosho was reading the book to study some thing.
She jump to his room with a big smile.

Finally ... Found you ! Yosho onii - sama ~!

Oh.. Aeka chan ..
that a very Bad Manners .. to enter some body room through the window.
if the father knows, he will preach you ...

But, Misaki oka-sama always jump like this ...

Yosho sighed but Aeka laughs with carefree
Yes .. that right ...the second empress of Jurai "Misaki", who is Aeka's mother done that
jump all the time since she was a children and she did not change that weird habit at all.
after Aeka was born .. no one try to stop or preach her anymore ..
but it's very and always "Annoying"... every body.

Yaa Ho ! Yosho chan let's drink some tea !
Misaki done a fixed time wakeup call every morning by yelling outside the windows
in front of Yosho bedroom. Yosho try to change a sleeping point but it's doesn't help.
Misaki will found him every where right on spot and right on time.. every morning.
it not funny ! to have someone 12 years older than him .. wake him up like that.

... if Yosho hear that wakeup call and try to ignore her or go back to sleep
not said ... Good morning with Misaki ...

She will tickle him by use her cold hand stuck in Yosho's bed under the futon
until he wake up .. and said Good morning

She look like a typhoon when it come .. that area is in doom.

Onii - sama ... Hey onii - sama ~! .. Yosho onii - sama ~!

Ehhh ?

Aeka voice make Yosho come back to reality.

I'm sorry ... what you said ... ? Aeka chan ?

Guess what ? What Funaho oka-chan and my oka-chan talking about ?

.. Heaaa ! Did you climp up to that room !? .. over there !
He surprise because ... over there is the several hundred meters up from his rooms
that is his mother room. and it's not have a safety system .. to protect injury
out side Tenju wall.

What happen if you fall down !? ..

But ...

Yosho place his finger on the Aeka lips.
please don't do that again ... if you miss only once time.. every one will grieve me
when that happens.

.. onii - sama ?

please ...

Yeah .. I will not done that again .. anymore .. (? are you sure ..)
Aeka smile....

Good girl ...

but you knows what ?

What you try to done ? Challenge some thing with Misaki oka-chan ?

No... you have no idea ! ..
Funaho oka chan and my mother said, i will be you bride .. Yohso onii sama !
Huhhhh ...?

Aeka tell him with shining eyes... but Yoshu real surprise with this news.

Really ?

...... Yeah ! Really !

Yosho and Aeka engagement is the agenda topic of the Jurai supreme council
after that ... 2 weeks later.

Yosho 12 years and Aeka only 4 years old.


Masaki Yosho Jurai has been born .. under this condition.
his mother Funaho is the descendant of the Sister of the first Emperor of Jurai
come from (colony of Jurai) planet some where very far away... but she get the first
Empress position and his father is the current Emperor.

it very complicated for him .. in political position.

after Funaho done "tree selection ceremony" and she got second generation of royal jurai tree
she named it's " Mizuho " (and Misaki got the other twin tree name " Karin ") .. looking good ?
However, about half of the Jurai royal and elite still declare her as " enemy ". 
if you think in percentage ... as normal still ok ? but her " enemy " most of them is
a person in high position... very high ...

it's fifty/fifty every time when she done something...
(for e.g. on book 1 Ryoko what Amaki and Tatsuki done)

When Yosho born as the first prince, his mother not take that much pressure as before.
but he grow up with the silence pressure ... like
i can do it more .. or
i can do it better than that ...
every thing for him require extra high standards and make sure .. not take his mother down.
even in the public service .. that not reasonable at all.
after he done "tree selection ceremony" and got the tree, he take no doubt to named its
same as his mother name " Funaho ".

Yosho permit to done the "tree selection ceremony" when he only 8 years old. he named its
" Funaho " but he not got funaho the Tree .. same area as her in that no body knows area.
but he get this tree same spot as his father first generation tree " Kirito "
after it been removed decades ago.

funaho is a fairly young and very small in term of the first generation tree.
it's look like second generation.

However, funaho can generate tremendous absolute power .. far more than any the original tree.
(include Kirito)
(Funaho = human, funaho = tree)

and when it become a space ship, it will be absolute power, a very few ten thousand years got one.
a very rare ship... (if you don't count Kirito around 30 years ago....)

after the space ship had been accept. by politic is very far more gap of power
between other class of ship.

Yosho live in that world.

Good Morning .. Yosho sama...

Head of Kamiki house (Wife) .. Seto... call Yosho when she walk down on the corridor
to the Main Hall some where in Tenju.

Good Morning .. Seto sama ...
Yosho smile in his point of view, she is his mother close friend. and he think Funaho have
a big heart, she not get nervous when done business take face to face with Seto ..

a very big person .. like the Old Emperor of Jurai or the other that have maximum power
in Jurai or Other country all of them .. Seto is very scary person ..
no one want to talk with her... even the current Emperor of Jurai.
.. but in fact .... Azusa "fear" her not "scary"

Seto reflected personal not like a ghost or a devil. not her clothed or her appearance but
it's .. just a business talk style of her that make everyone want to gonna die...

Funaho sama ... she here ?

Yes .. she have been waiting for Misaki sama in that private room.

Thank you ..
and Seto smile .. she slowly walk into that room.

Welcome .. .... Seto sama
Funaho greeting... but she look a bit .. not happy... in this time Seto handled Funaho
same as Misaki but still require check and balance the activity of the "Anti Funaho" gang.

Seto liked the character of Funaho.
Funaho can keep atmosphere of an old tradition Jurai imperial house and have a sense
of security opposite with Misaki her daughter, Seto scolded her all the time.

the arrangements is official and i put it into the agenda of the Supreme Council meeting.
tomorrow i was do my best.

thank you .. Seto sama.

he was born to be a properly perfect for Aeka chan husband. very benefits ..... i'm sorry ..
this marriage is for the future of Jurai... and he have reliability.
i think you can have some vacant and reliable on Yosho as your partner.

.. Ah !
Misaki .. arrived and found both of them, join the conversation

.. arrrr it's very goods. if i can marry him my self, it's perfect!

chee !
it's still a secret .. don't talk that too loud...
Funaho try to stop Misaki....

what secret ? .. Misaki chan ....

I told Aeka after i knows that engagement from you Funaho onee chan.
Can't wait for official announcement.
Misaki smile... but Funaho and Seto ... in silence ....

and i send her to told Yosho chan in his room yesterday around 20.00 ...

.. ! .. what ? ... why you done that !?
Seto sudden make a scary face.

... but !

I didn't said .. i not like you funny little hobby .. that you wake Yosho up every morning
but he is 12 now , he an adult.. stop done a shame thing.
he can wake up by him self ..

..... but ! ... Ugh

what is you " but " for ? .. my sweet heart.
and Seto said that with tremendous pressure.

Ugh ..., it's ..... Errr

many time Funaho help her .. but this time... .. it can't ...

it's time .. to starting make a conversation with Yosho chan as an adult ...
understand .. !?

...... yesss

after that in the room is complete silent
Misaki ... accept that command.. but
her tear come out like open a big tap of water, she jump out of the windows
climbing up ... yelling all the way

Oka chan (mother) bully me warrrrrrrr !!! boooo buu ..

and a round trip if you go up on top of Tenju and turn back around 5000 km is

Heyyy ! don't forget to come back and have you dinner this evening...

Seto look up from windows see her climbing, yelling,
comeback .. sigh .. and stare at Funaho...

please ... don't mind her  ...

and another thing ... Funaho more makes sense than Misaki
lucky Yohso is very similar temper as her. Seto love her daughter ..
and it make her very worry about Misaki position in the future .. 

and .. i 'm sorry ...  that i refer her to your husband ..
it' look like i through an annoying problem to you , ...

No .. no.. please don't think like that ... every family is always annoying.. Seto sama.

... not cute at all.
after that Seto make her eye .. water.

When Seto see Yosho and Misaki, it's remain her .. what she done ..
to Azusa long time ago. but Set did not noticed yet.... and continue said

Yosho is more adult than Azusa that time when i met him...

Seto sama, you still like Azusa sama did you..
Funaho see it pass through .. and it's very rare, who can under seto well.

Huhh ? .. Err ...  please don't told that to Misaki chan ...
Seto smiles shyly.

when Seto talk about Azusa , Seto change emotions a bit.
and Funaho can sense its.

Yosho chan and Azusa sama is very much the same temper .. Seto sama

Seto stare Funao smiled and try to prank her back.

.. you knows what ? .. i very surely ... Mitsuki still around here invincible .. and by
Azusa chan side , sometime i think .. if I has born a little bit earlier than that .....

Funao can fell its, Seto not jealousy with Mitsuki.

yes.. she there .. but invincible ...

..... Funaho sama... you knows that .. too.

but i can come this far .. because of you .. Seto sama..

I done all of this thing ... beacuse i think its better, good and wonderful premonition
to change some thing. even the Fate of Jurai... i will !

and ...?

in the name of the big sister role .. 
Sorry for all about that Azusa chan !
(the Emperor mean nothing .... if Seto want Seto get)

Seto laugh first
It's our secret .... seto sama
Funaho laugh too,
next morning.

Yosho sighed in his bed..

it's time.... come ! .. come !
and... the sound of some body ... its Misaki coming outside the wall.
Yosho open the window for her .. every days... but
.. the sound of moving leaves stop ! ....   

Yosho wonder ... what happen with her. he see toward to the window but he didn't
see Misaki.... its only her voice..

.. drink morning tea with me .. Yosho dono?
.. good morning .. Misaki sama .. yes .. i will.

.. i so sorry... i can not wake you up in the morning any more ...

.. why ?

.. well ... i think Yosho dono ... you are an adult ........ now

Yosho don't understand .. why she call him .. dono not chan ? .. and what on earth is
can not wake he up anymore ? an adult ?
what happen ?

Misaki leave .. the sound of leaf become smaller, smaller and sigh......
she leave with a big hold in Yosho heart.
he just only 12 .....

and it's not stop there.....
that night ... some body .. knock his room
sound a lot like Aeka .. but its difference.

Who is it ...

... Yosho onii sama .....

not like Aeka every day.... not entry the room by windows but the door ?
then he open the door with surprise...

Aeka ! .. your hair ....
yes ... her hair becomes "purple" and hair style is change... to be like his mother
" Funaho " close as possible

long time ago.. Yosho seen a video .. it's record when his mother just 14
he seem like his mother that days very much... but he did not notice .. Akea
seen it's too and want to be come a woman that type.. same as Funaho

she change every thing .. close as possible even change her genetic to use
her father as main not her mother ...
surely that type is yosho the best... but

my hair look funny ? .. yosho onii sama ?

Did Misaki sama seen this ....?

She hold me an hour not let me go .. and said it's very cute.
yes .. you very cute ... looking good

... but it make Yosho more pain. he can not look at Aeka as a man.
he is actually her brother ... not thing can change that.
and this pain did not stop .. it happen every days ... start form this day.

... Yeah! .. i will show my new hair style to every one ! thank you onii sama.

Oh ..... no ... what am i done

Yosho don't think that is ... " Yes " ... never

next morning

in the Yosho room .. the sound of moving leaves  .. out side the wall
same place same time .....

Heyyy Yosho let's drink some tea !
Yosho stand in front of the window this time wait for that climax ......
but ....
Good morning .... Yosho dono.
Misaki said that with absolute politic voice.

Good morning .... Misaki sama.
he wonder .. that is real Misaki ? .. then he open the windows look up.
but Misaki not there ....... Misaki leave with silence.

He can not accept that .....
and He put his head in to his pillow and Cry ....  a lot of Cry.

Misaki samaaaaaa !

after that days ... he never hear the sound of the leaves move again.
and he didn't get out of his bed.

It has become a new daily routine .....
A few days later

Seto has visited Yosho ... in his room
if she come to visit Funaho .. it's very common ..  but.. this time it's not.

she drink a tea with Yosho ... talk and eat some fruit ..
the Earth fruit grown from seed
that Funaho take a souvenir to Azusa before both of them leave the Earth.

and then
between talk she suddenly change the Story.
Huh .... ? Me ? go to the Galaxy Academy ?
Yosho not surprised .. most of Jurai has been sent to that place .... and learn some thing.

Yes .. Seto sama ... i will ... as a goodwill transfer student next year.

No ... I mean ... this year.... in fact ... this year a month ago... certainly.
I didn't said, I force you to done that .. but.. you will be send to the GA anyway ...
did you.

but... why ? ... Seto sama .. why it's so suddenly ?
Yosho can not understand logic of Seto...

the Jurai position ... the network of "personal connections" with other countries in the future.
it is a good chance .. to understand ... when he learn and graduates at the Galaxy Academy
as Prince of Jurai and this time .. is a perfect time... not next year.
*very important point
Seto now look like she ... " in half sleep mode " .....and answer Yosho question.

Really .. or you want to stay here.. continue playing as parent and child with Misaki sama
like that every day !

Seto sama ... i will , thank you vary much  ...


Please , support me.

this day ... Yosho learn one more thing...

when he saw Seto eat the fruit ..she very enjoy the test.... but
he feeling ... he losing something.. , What kind of taste .. Seto have ...
when She win this business talk... and eat it ?

Yosho decided to study in the Galaxy Academy, in very short period of time.
and the Engagement of Aeka was decided by the Supreme Council Meeting.
it's 2 Years from now after the study is completed.

.. but the other countries .. knows that before its had been announce.

Aeka will waiting for you forever .. onii sama ... 

Aeka cried and repeating that words like a spell ...
Misaki peeping at the corner with a tear jerking

two of them promised : Yosho will come back home twice a year.

Well .... have a nice day .. and good luck with your studies.
on the night before Yosho go to the GA, Funaho and Misaki come to his room ...
Funaho check every thing is ok ... but ..

What ? ... Your class .. starting tomorrow ?
.. Misaki .. still have no idea ...

Yosho lay in his bed... and think ..

it's the End .. of my routine life .. here in Jurai
and i will start a new one tomorrow ... 

he look forward to the sound of leaf .. and close his eyes quietly.


in GXP book 9 ....  or 8 i can't remember that
Seto is a double personality disorder .. like her tree " Mitsu kagami " (water mirror)
Awake ... and Asleep ... that why she able to collect all information all the time.

Washu talk to her shadow personality once time... in that book .. where Naja is
and She said ... " Ask the Tree " ...

I think She knows ... how ability of Mitsuki .. actually work
i not confirm that ... just mine imagination.

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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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Yosho ...
(the Idiot, the Fool vs the Hyper Girl)

Some where in the universe.

The Space Ship  .. Same name as the first Empress of Jurai .. " Funaho "
running very fast .. like it disappeared, Monitor on space ship main bridge show
destination details ... a solar system but not the Earth solar system ...

it's the Galaxy Academy ... local solar system.

the Galaxy Academy (or the GA for short)
a very huge school .. air (space) region location is next to the Jurai border
100,000 years ago before the GA era ... originally is the Jurai Imperial Academy
reserve for Elite of Jurai or the Emperor only.

now a day it's a association federation ... the school for all country in the universe.

the Area ... all entry one solar system... 6 artificial planets .. full of natural ... but in this time
in used only 4 of them ... the building, the station, class room in order to build and increase every day ...
can not confirm how many staff there ...

it's a knowledge treasure box of the galaxy... cutting edge of all humanity technology, is here
in the Galaxy Academy
... monitor show .. now .. the ship nearly arrived at the Main Star of the GA ...
on the bridge Yosho have a little bit "nervous" ... it's the first time he go to some where else
by him self alone with out a security guard.

However, he on the First generation Jurai battle ship class... no one can make a damage.
or is it ? .... in this universe... if you want to see some one who can done it, would be here
" the center of the scientific development of the galaxy "

the Security of the GA is very high. it's very rare to make some thing danger or bad thing
but Yosho ride Top of the Class Battle Ship to School is a lot over kill.
He afraid to shame the People of Jurai .. or his mother.
He 12 now ! .. He can go to school by him self. some thing like that.

Ahhh Finally ...

Funaho fly toward to the Airport of the GA Main Star... and take a silence landing.
when he come out .. and stand at the port .. alone .. no body there ..
not like Jurai .. when he arrived it's full of people to pick him up.

He realize .. he have no idea what to done next... this is his first time ever
go to another planet by him self.. , and he stand still .. a minute .. 

Welcome to the Galaxy Academy ! , Masaki Yosho ...
Yosho has been called by some body from behind, she is a girl look like a students.. here...
but he a bit surprise, wonder .. of course ..
he is a prince of Jurai. and this is a grand welcome for him ?
By the old tradition of the GA (not GP section) ; older student who volunteers ..
will take the role for guideline new freshly students
take care and recommend how to done various thing ....
he or she is a guardian student

this Girl older than Yosho .. 3 years .. not thing accident .. she waiting for him.
and then ... shake hand.

... My name is .. Magma Airi .. Nice to meet you

Ahh Nice to meet you too ... My name is Masaki Yosho Ju ....rai

What you say !
(suddenly said with loud voice)

What wrong ? Airi dono ?

Your last word ! ... You ! .. introduce yourself like that every time ? .. add "Jurai" in your middle name ?
that very weird .. you know ? .. not make any sense at all ... hahaha !

What different ?, what wrong ? .. i have no idea ?????
Yosho confuse .. he is the Prince of Jurai. Why he can not use "Jurai" word in his name ?
(because .. you so stupid yosho)

Ahhhhh ..... I'm so sorry, you had surprised, Why the Son of the Absolute Ultimate Big Power Nation
in the Galaxy, who studying abroad for the first time was greeted by only one girl ..
with no ceremony and not thing else ..
did you ?

Airi drop her voice tone...

Yes !... and this is my first time .. you knows ?
Yosho feels a bit comfortable... she right on his spot.

... Hey you ! ... Really 12 years olds huhh ?
Airi ignore Yosho again ... Move her face and look at Yosho in very close distance ...
make a wrinkles between the eyebrows and said this weird question .. look very serious ...

... Errrrr ... I ... 
Arrr .. Tooo borrrrring ....
Airi Tweak Yosho cheeky !

Ok... never mind ! ... first thing first ! .. let's make a tour !
I will guide you .. touring all around.. like i done to your relatives
the  .. err .. something  Jurai .... what ever .. he comes here .. this place a bit early than you ..
prepare yourself freshly !
You not in you country now .. you can do any thing .. any thing ! ...
Airi said that ...

Yosho can feel its... like open the door ... have a freedom
.. and can actually go any way and do any thing, he want for the first time..
but ! ..
Airi continue said ...

Don't make a trouble .. that dis-agree between countries point of view. if it's happen , it's not easy
or in worse case .. "kick out of the school" ..

(in GA , some body may got a very big position in his or her country ... and between country
have no idea who is bigger ... if have a problem, a simple solution is ...
kick both of them out of the school)
And !
Why you come this far .. by that small cruiser, not an Imperial of Jurai ship ?

Airi said while staring at funaho ... and wonder

Now funaho ship is very small ... exterior made by wood, no metal, look like its not have an armor.
custom "Core Unit" and exterior not look like normal Jurai Ship at all...
Every Jurai done that ....

No, I not arrived by an Imperial ship for this time.

Ship of Imperial Jurai
Inside is a top secret. No one and no matter what, except the Royal of Jurai can look inside.
but every one knows .. it a battle ship top of the class in this universe. Yosho lie to avoid the interest
in the Ship .... of all the people not only Airi ... but every one.

Yosho come to the GA by funaho is a top secret .. only a few people in the royal of Jurai knows that.
and when funaho leave Jurai .. one of dummy ship is send before the real trip.
funaho is 1 of 4 .. the first generation Jurai have.... that how top secret it is.

Airi tapping Yosho back ....
and look up deep into the open clear sky ......

Yosho think ... Airi is a strange girl .. some angle she look similar to Seto... or Misaki
and suddenly, Airi noticed and come back to reality ...
She stare back at Yosho ... and ....

What the fuck wrong ? (wanna have a problem with me ? .. boy ?)

... Errr .. I change my mind ... she very similar to Seto ..... see ?




What do you mean ?

Tell you the truth, ... I am not the only one who take care you.
and your presence is not here.... it's will like a magic , i guarantee.

my presence ...?

yes ... everyone waiting for you. let's rock tonight !
in your welcome party ...

thank you ..

it make Yosho feel warm inside, and make his eyes water...while he walking behind Airi.
that what he want .... a warm welcome ! thank god a million time !

And that night......

.... Errr .... Airi dono ... What is that ? .. a circus parade ?
Yosho stand still ... Airi Jump and Yelling all around
on the street, it's the people of the Academy every where ...  parade like a big festival.

Airi winked her eye to Yosho ...

It's welcome party for all of you ! Hahahaha ... surprised isn't it ?

What do you mean ? All ?

the People here ... come from different religion and countries all around the galaxy.
every one have his or her own special day.. for Example, birthday .. you want to celebrate but
everyone else have a birthday too .. why ask for it ? .. every time..
end up .. we do it ... every .....
what you say .. i can not hear you..... ! what ? you joking ? .... every day ?

no ! not every day ... it's every night ! .. in day time your duty is study... right ?

... what is that ?
Yosho see a strange man with " the hat " very large one.

don't take it ! ... it a mark.

mark ? .. what is it ?

the People around here... Every one in the GA standard outfit (like Washu)
but Yosho ware Jurai outfit ..... very easy to spot ... and a strange man coming with a good smile.

Congratulations ! .. take it.

what ? ohh thank you !

... Today Who wear this hat... is the owner of this celebrations.

thank you !  thank you very much !
and then ... many girls in sexy dress kissing Yosho...

Wow...  he very cute ...  big sister will guide you everything .... [heart]
No .. Errrr
innocent boy ... yayyyy  [heart]

Sorry all of you .... but i think .. guiding by all of you ... a big sister ?
its too early for him......

Everyone look at Airi .......

Errrrrr..... Airi is your guardian student .. ?


Good bye !!!!!

No more question.... every one gone ..; like them disappears in the crowd.
after that many group of girls or woman try to say hello ! with Yosho ....
but every time when all of them see Airi
... every one gone ... gone like a wind.
Airi dono seems to be very famous in some way .......
Yosho think ...... but ...   

Meanwhile ....

I am a College Student ..... nice to meet you .... and what your name .. again ?

My name is Masaki Yosho Jurai......
No more question... that woman, who is a College Student  .... gone and disappears in the crowd.
the People, who can hear Yosho name .. run for his life ...
that make an empty big cycle area around Yosho.

some of them point his or her finger to yosho from long distance and said.

hey , that him ! ....  that him !  .. the Prince of Jurai !

What ? wrong with them ? ....
not like Airi .. when he said his full name every body gone
Yosho still don't understand... why ?

what are you saying  ??? .. Airi dono !

Yosho try to listen what Airi said... but another group of woman was attacked him again
one of the drunk woman hugged and try to kiss Yosho ...
and yelling all around.... and again ... after saw Airi ... all of them ... gone.

smell of liquor and perfume make Yosho sick.

Boom bo bo bo Boom bommm boommmm
a Big fireworks .. brightens in the sky

Arrr ... this night party time is over !
every one said "good night" to young student.. that fireworks is a signal
its time over for high school level or lower .....

Hey ! .. Yosho its time ..

Thank you very much for your coming today ...
Another groups of Girls shake hands with Yosho non stop... and Airi help ? him out.

Very Popular .. huh ..??

No i'm not !

Yes .. yes , you are not.....

both of them walk follow the flows of crowd ..and then go on the small alley , its only both of them again.
fresh night wind flowing ... feel very good... and then ... both of them arrived at one of
the High School Dorm ... Yosho's register dorm.

Well ... Good night ! ...
Airi turn back
Yosho try to stop her.

Ah! .. heyy Airi dono .. wait! ... i will send you at your dorm !

... Wanna Send me ? ...  young boy ?  ... not this time
.... and thank for coming ... celebration with me tonight ..  good night ...

Airi winked her eye ... run into the flows of crowd .. and disappear.

Oh ......

Yosho think ....
he still wonder ... every time he said Jurai... every one run for his life ...
but Airi not ... Why ?

... never mind .. i will ask her .. when i meet her tomorrow,
and when he walked pass through the dorm courtyard.


Who is it !

Yosho stop ... figure of five people jumped out from some where try to attacked him !
Yosho saw that and he remember the pattern of attacking, he knows ...
its one of the Jurai martial arts... and all of them is a boy... not adult.

However, Yosho can read the opponent movement ...
it's not a fight back ... but try to stop all of them....
very easy....

Yosho have a good teacher, Misaki and Seto ... but not a bloody sword technic
not now ... he use a lower limit of his power and then .....

Oops ... am i over done it ?

Yosho stop , every one laying around...
it's not thing humiliation but every one is a Jurai.

Are you alright ... if you need something i can help ... we can talk ..........
between Yosho speak

the Boy .. sweet eyes .. fearless face ... look like a boss,
.. slowly walk out of the shadows, another boy said nothing and walk away ... 
now only .. this boy and Yosho .... was left in the courtyard.

My name is Hirata Kanemitsu ...
his said that in normal tone not angry .. said like this attacked is not thing personal.

My name is .. " Masaki Yosho Jurai " ....
no more fighting .. and start a cool wars.

it's idiot, who try to attack Jurai people. but Hirata is the one of Jurai clan .... not a big one
and he attack the main royal family ... of his own country ... ?  and make a cold wars  .. ?
that idiot. .. very .. very idiot.

Huhh ... Useless fucking idiot ...
Kanemitsu said .. when he stare at the group of boy, who defeated and walk away.

What are you saying ???

Kanemitsu Always Spoken a " Low Class Language " 

Yosho don't believed ... he is the one of Jurai ..clan
Why he speak like that...? 

Stay fucking away from that shitty girl  ...

What !? .. you spy me all the time...  ?

now ... both of them was found by dorm patrol officer and in between walking to officer room
, both of them still fighting ?

She .. my guardian student ...

Your fucking guardian ? ... what do you think about her ?

Who said that !

Dorm officers noticed, it's Yosho voice and he try to open the light but he can't found the switch .. yet.

Don't done the fucking investigate .. remember that ! goodbye ! you fool !

Thank for your advice, you idiot !

.. and then the light is turn on

Do both of you have any idea about this Dorm closing door time ?
and what time is it now .... huhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!
Ahhh !

Dormitory officer very anger ....yelling .... but .. no one there ... both of them disappear !


Yosho went back to his room and have a shower.

What the F... wrong with him ?

He just arrived from Jurai this day ..
but many thing happen ... both Airi and Kanemitsu.. and he still wonder what wrong with .. jurai word.
why every one .. run ? .. complete .. no idea ?

after shower... he open the terminal in his room.
and check the personnel profile of Airi from funaho databank.
massive information is displayed.


Magma Airi

eldest daughter of Sheik Magma Gaira, who rule Union Planet (National) of Airia Republics now a day.
most of the information , Yosho cannot access to it. but summary is

Airai ... the Union Planet .. the most powerful union and spread across the galaxy
the galaxy largest national population if you sum up all of the people.
before the Jurai Era .. and 10,000 years ago ... It was destroy and spread out.

the fact is, the remains "ruins" that were common present in many planet across the galaxy
was built by some body that came from the planet outside not from a local or an individual person.
the ruins of primitive human beings religious certain .. was track down by "family name"
ruins after ruins ... the originally ruins was built on the planet in many countries before
the establishment of the Galactic Federation has been enlightened clarified by the researchers
of the galaxy academy.

but the mystery was left behind ... who built the ruins, the true religious ..
what and who all of them pray to... and what happened to them.

1000 year later, after destroy the research team of the galaxy Academy by Ph.D. Hakubi Washu
play the key role to discovery ... All of them come from the planet Airai and still make a spread out
by Many Airai Professor or Airai Elite Person.

Most of Airai Planet, rule by "Sheik" (Lord) and after them contact with Jurai a "freedom religion"
State of Nation .. a lot of thing .. change ...
right now, I can actually say all of them change his religion and leave the old union...
because "Jurai" .. when Airai Professor or Airai Elite Person do some business trip to Jurai territory
it's very clear " good to go " followers the Juai "freedom religion" system... and all of them
done it for real. to be the Jurai territory... only one generation complete change from old religion
to the new one. It was never happen the thing like that before, that why frontier of Jurai was expand
and Airai was shrink down all the time.

and the biggest reason is the founder of "Jurai" imperial house was accepted by Tsunami
the God that you can actually see, feel and touch her power. not like the Imagination God of Airai
However, God is referred here,
is totally different from the concept of God on Earth.
an Alien People with high technology on interstellar space, called high dimensional and very intelligence
people "the God", it very different to "confirm" the High-dimensional intelligence body is exist.
and "the God" come with power overwhelming every thing .. include advanced in science.

so .. "the God" is not common.

in this time. the imperial house of Jurai got one and presence her .. "the God"
in term of Battle Ship of the imperial house, Power of the Trees and Other wide variety of Power
between abound 150,000 - 200,000 years of the God of Jurai... Era

What Airia people think about that ? when he or she look a the miracle absolute power of the new God.
compare with the old one...

this Measures .. will continue in the the next research 
(my point of view .. Airai is more like UAE than USSR)

Arrr Ha ! that why ..
the idiot Kanemitsu fear .. i make a good corporate with Airia.
... but this information is very sensitive and Airi dono not look like the bad person
wait a minute !
why ? ..  Airi dono was assigned to be my guardian student ...
many negative thinking continue ..
Till Yosho fell asleep.

the next morning

...... morning huhh.

Yosho .. lay down in his bed with the sound of moving leafs from outside ...
same as the old time in Jurai.

Its Galaxy Academy .... She never ever come ...
but he still waiting in his bed for Misaki ......
and then...

Heeeyyyyy ! ... Yoshoooo Wakeee Uppp ! .....
the very loud voice of Airi come from some where ...
Yosho fell down from his bed to the bedroom floor.

.... Oh dear !

yes .. the woman who older than him, call with the loud voice and at the same time ....

Airi dono ?
..... Airi call him from the monitor.

Are you alright ? haha ..

Good morning Airi dono

Sleepy head .. change your outfit now .. today we have many thing to done..
i will waiting for you in the park ... in front of your dorm.

Yosho ... wake up instantly and hurry ... headed to the park.

Good morning... and sorry to make you waiting

Good morning, ... i see how quick you change your outfit .. fine ! .. but
Airi use both of her hand done a cross sign

You have no time for breakfast  ...
but... never mind .. let's have a breakfast.

both of them .. walk together .. Yosho feel a bit positive attitude .. and he forgot to ask that question.

... Want me to continue guide line you like this ?

Yes ! Airi dono .. if i not make you inconvenience and ...

............ i don't want to said this again .. but .. . Are You Sure ... You are 12 years olds now ?
i don't want to be your another god mother... you know ?

(Airi knows Azusa have more than 1 wife, Yosho knows Airi is the Princess of Airia)

Then ... why you accept me ?

Because I want a good personal relation with " other countries " ,
and it's better ... my first " other country " .. now ! .. is " Jurai " !

... Sorry ! ... it my fault ... i knows nothing .. please forgive me...
Yosho look into Airi eyes ... its no lie ! ... and he take a deep bow ... he very sorry.
Well.. Well ... don't mind that to much

Airi laugh and smile

After all ... She really similar to Seto and Misaki .. really really ..
Yosho think .. when he looking at the joyful expression of Airi.

a few hours later
Yosho finished breakfast and the other procedures, after that it free time for the second day
so .. he come back to his room... and he can think another one more thing
he nearly make a bad relation with the other country .. he will keep that in his mind
Airi volunteers to be his guardian student .. don't make a trouble with her ..
it will make a trouble at the international level.
Yosho open the terminal, the communication system of the GA, he connect to funaho
and prepare to studied. but its show a missed calls.

Oh.. Airi dono called me for the first time... and i missed it !

then he call her back ... and Airi received a call immediately ..
the screen change from audio only to video

sor .. er.. sorry Ai Airi dono ... i .i .ii have no idea ... you uo called me
nnd to ot.. tommorrow  .. @!$#@!$#!$#!

on screen Airi is in her room. she wore only a shirt, let her hair down
and She was dressed like this all the time at home..   
but ... not a jurai
every one in jurai dressed an elite old Japanese era style
maybe 5 or 10 sheet of kimono and not show the skin.
its the first time he see that .. ///

Yosho continue said .... with completely bright red face.
he want to go some where in the GA tomorrow .. but he have no idea where is it.. how to get inside
can you help ?

Airi see that and laughing out loud
All right .... All right .... easyy .. tomorrow ? right ? no problem .. i'm free

Yes ! ... Thank you...Thank you very much

And .. see you tomorrow ! bye !

Screen is turn off...

Whaaaa I make an appointment with her .. !
I make an appointment with her .. !
what should i done ! ...

need some help ?

the voice ... is come .. inside yosho head...

no not now ..

Yosho not touch a terminal. but he can communicate with funaho by a master key sword.
Yosho speak for himself... gently about tomorrow ...

... that right !.. just ask funaho !

in Japanese language
it not have a true rude word, but polite and more polite word
but .... this book supposed to be .. FUN
and thank for mr. idiot kanemitsu .. i don't mind add a rude word into this book.

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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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.... this Ch is very annoying me ... look like nothing but 75-80% is dialog
and most of it is important, i cannot sum up or "edit it out" like other chapter
that why ? .. I split it... and ... yes... full details,
loss less and DNF chapter again ...

Book 2 Aeka Ch 04 Sub 01/02

Airi ...

By normal .. Girls this age growth faster than boys .. a bit ...
that why ? .. Airi (15) and Yosho (12) look like big sister and little brother ,
from the Other People point of views.

Next ! , ... Let's Go !!!

This First Date ...
supposed to be like that .. Yosho purpose its

He give a destination list to Airi ...
and She accepted it's as the "challenge" 
Running all around the GA like hell...

funaho monitor both of them ... several ten kilometers up into the Sky
(not Sky 10 km+ is a space orbit ....)
calculate movement, flow of people, destination guideline round, ect.

from this situation
funaho told Yosho it's "impossible" to go all of them in one day.

yes ... but

this Innovation here ....
and there ...
and over here ....
Next ! ...

Airi grab Yosho hand and ..... Runnn !
Yosho try to stop her ... but ... it's bias Airi .. run more faster..

Airi dono ... why you in hurry so muchhhh ..... !
Don't talk  ... it's will slow us downnnnn .....
and we can't complete your list in one dayyyy...  !

I told you, i want to look around all place in this listttt ..
not all of it in one dayyyy...  !

Airi not listen to him and ...

Now ....
Next! .... 
And next! ....

Airi continue run and run ..
have no idea .. how ? ... but

two of them had finished ... all list ... before evening.

Hahhh.....hahh ..... hahhhhhh.....
Now ... Airi out of her energy .. and sweaty
lay down to the grass at the corner of the park where both of them start in the morning

Airi dono are you still okay  ... ?

Yosho fan her by hand.

Yo .. Yosho kun.. why .. why you have no sweaty   ...

Please rest  .. stay still ....

.... Arrrr its .. hooootttt  !
and Airi crawling into the shade in the back of the side walk... under the tree.

come.. ! over here.... !

yes .. ?
... you think ... I'm too old ... did you ?

...... Huh?

yes ! .. fine ! .. i'm older than you .. just 3 years and 4 months !
... with no reason .. Airi starting to anger ... something ?

No .. i not say such a thing

You think ! ... i can feel it !

No ! i'm not !
... but how hard he try to .. jump out of this topic
he can't escape from this.

A lot of run .. of course I tired !

Ohhh. ... Why you still have a normal breath? huhhhh !!

because... i was training well ...
Airi hear that, the anger was vanished... and remain silent.

You !! idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot  !!!!
Airi hard tweak Yosho cheeky !
She can't believed .. How idiot Yosho is ?
How can he "still alive" in this world for 12 fucking years !
He is the prince of Jurai ? really ?
I want to see .. who is his mother !

Poor .. Yosho !

Airi stare at Yosho and think some thing .. before she start doing some thing
first tickle his body

Ha Ha Ha ... laugh ! laugh !

and scat his head
Now ! Cry ! Cry !

and done a "Cobra twist"
Anger ! Anger !... Gakyaaaaaaaaaa

the People in that park .. coming around ... and staring
by Airi loud noisy voice.

Airi .. Again ?

Another new one ? .... Who is that poor guy ?

You are too loud .. Airi ! .. Very Annoying !

Airi can hear that .. but she don't care !

You ! You are 12 Years old kid ... do something look more like it!

Hey ! .. I think this poor boy can fight back ... I bet with my lunch coupon ... !
.... yes the People start to have a Bet.
But Yosho not do that ... fight back ... he can .. but he didn't do that ...

It's very hurts .. Airi dono ....

Than ? Why you not said it, like you in such a painful
Airi free Yosho .. and .... points her index finger at his foot.
Yosho sitdown straight ...

I was teach to humble someone, who senior than me... Airi dono.

You .... make me look more rude... you knows ?

No .. I not think in that way ...

Really ?

Yes .. Really....
Airi have a deep breathe and done big sigh of relief
and think ... Who the Fu.. he think he is ?  Gabriel Angel ?

In total silence , than ... a warning bell rang .... it's 17:00 now ...

Hey ! ..  you have nothing to done after all .. right ?
Let's have a meal ! ...

Airi grab Yosho hand .. and Runnnn !

that restaurant ! right  ... the restaurant that you just guideeeee

There is an another good small restaurant ... there !
If you have a girl friend .. i very recommend .. this restauranttttt

Airi dono ... please don't be hurryyyyyy .....
Faster that Yosho can thinking .. both of them run like a wind zigzag between flow of the people

the small restaurant that Yosho was taken by Airi name "Nashisu"
on the second floor of the main shopping street next to the park..
the restaurant itself look totally normal ... nothing special

But, Airi brought Yosho to show off the restaurant's terrace ....
its spectacular landscape spread in front of Yosho !

Wooowww , what's here?

Huge clear cutting in cylindrical shape pitfall tens kilometers in diameter
seven hundred meters below .. full of seawater ...

Yosho try to search a location point on GPS map.
but he see a big red square written "secret area" in this all around on the map
and the comment .. this location reserved for important research of the facility,
the public is not even see it on the map or from the sky.

its amazing surprised scenery isn't it ?

Airi saw a surprise face of Yosho

But, It show "location reserved" .. is it ok ?

Yes.. Of course, this is a shopping area ... everyone can be here without limit
meaning of the map's such thing ... here in the GA .. is a secret place.

...... Secret place ?
for the people who came for the first time ... see it and frighten ...
oh .. a "location reserved" what am i gona do !

frighten the people who came for the first time ? ... only that ???

Yes, just for it. a little prank ...

how funny ... the People here .. ?

the GA is the place like that .. Yosho kun
Airi show a straight serious look face

its a story to threaten person who came to the GA for the first time
to provide the feel .. don't think about their own .. only
or i am the only one , Who done a right thing ......
... this crater .. first time it's about fifty kilometers in diameter made by "i don't care it"
experiment, Professor Washu ... who is a most intelligence in this Galactic.
after that ... this hold supposed to be repaired, but the students group think .. its cute ?
and very rare event .. she make a big mistake ... that why all of them begging for leave a scar ..
" Washu failure scars "

"No ! .. that not a big one ... just a Pores"
Quote of Washu ... (**1)

... so every student here .. called it .. "Washu Pores"
Yosho kun .... all entry this landscape spread out the window,
it's the one of philosophy faculty area...

Department of Philosophy ?

Yosho surprised it not reasonable at all. The Department of Philosophy, collected all the
knowledge of all mankind... to find out .. theory of every thing ..
all intelligence person in the universe is here .. why ?

Why it so small ? .. only this area ?

No .. this path of area is for only one person.

only one person ! what a vast ...

yes .. but .. this area is not a normal case ... it special ...
the place for Memorial that really hurt .. even when you sleep

From Achievement of Akara Naja ... Bachelor of Philosophy ... the legend was told from
" Washu chan memorial " .. the vip person that make every body called Washu as Washu "chan"
very interesting person ... and done many behind-the-scenes... thing

the Ex-Teacher of "Bachelor of Philosophy" over there ..  that old grandpa
Make me listening to this old junk stories for an hours every time in that temple ..
Airi smile in front of Yosho ...

Huhhh .. look more like a proper date ... and ...
freshly cuisine with delicious smell is placed... perfect timing.

Welcome .. Airi dono ... and .. this one ? .. is the Jurai .. that you told me a month
before... did he .. the one that don't like you .. ?

Middle-aged waitress, who brought the food laughing and said that ..  just a joke ?

No .. not that one ... auntie ... He the next guy...

Hello ! .. My name is Masaki Yosho Jurai.. nice to meet you...
Yosho do that again .. he stand up... and said a politic greeting...

Ohh... that too much .. well , Hello .. my name is Casa Igurie the landlady...
... and .. you said ... Jurai .. that meannn

He is the Prince of Jurai ... yessss

Oh, Dear ... it just only 3 days .. isn't ?
She said that and worry ...

If the food test is no good for you....  rest your hand....
most of Student that came to the GA for the first time
and CAN NOT EAT .. food around here ... 
all of them .. go back home... in 2 weeks .. by average's

International students come from many countries have a wide variety of their own test
the problem is not "likes" or "dislikes", it deep more than ... that ..

Very test good !

OK pass !..
two of them began to eat... and it test good like home cooking...

by the way .. this food far more better than, what is served at my dorm.
i pay for it but the test is very bad.

Airi dono .. you have another responsibility "person" ... than me ?

No, only you ...... now...
and little while ago before you ..  he is the Jurai like you .. and he gone.
after .. i give him some advice ....
Airi sip a tea.

Is that so ? ....

Yosho stare at Airi that giggle, not ask her what really happen to him .. is a better idea.
and the another Jurai lucky boy .. come from Amaki House.

after finished a meal while continuing a good conversation such as what you like, hobby
and the time for pay a bill.

Yosho you go out first.. i'll pays a bill.
No !.. today I ....

Hey .. you are the government support students .. right ?
don't waste your people money ... this way... i'm not happy with that.

We are the same, did we ? (the government support students)

No .. no .. i'm not....
Airi place her index finger on Yosho forehead...

You are the Prince .. when study abroad every thing you pays will write down in
revenue balance sheet.... that mean .... no "income"...
not like me .. i have a past time jobs.

... so ... Yosho go first ... and after Airi pay the bill ...
in front of the restaurant ....

Sorry for make you waiting ... Well, let's go home


Feel bad .. isn't ...

yes ...

need some advice .. ?

yes .. what ?

find a part-time job, and done it.... make your own money ...

My own ....

to be free .....

Airi says, while looking up far into the dimmed night sky.....
felt sad somewhere ...

never mind.. forget it.

you have a bad day  .. ? Airi dono ?

.. you are lucky .. you just a child, and not make everyone dissatisfaction
like the fist time Yosho saw her and the air port ..
Airi look up into the deep sky .. try to find the heavens some where.

in that park ... i think we not finished our business ..yet.

No .. don't do that to me again ! ... (a "Cobra twist")

Yosho said that make .. Airi tempted cheerful laugh
and I wonder if, I start to work some where as a part-time

Do it .. and you will become a normal human... like every body ..

Ahhhh  ... Airi dono .. (don't say that to me)

and then Airi Stop

What time is it ?
I forgot .. i have another part time jobs.. teaching primary school students... 3 of them.
I have to go ....

in hurry ... at the city train station.

Sorry ! .. today is very fun and .. see you around... Yosho khun

Do your best, Airi dono !



In the crowd ...

the elderly gentle man slowly walk to Yosho... and make a proper bow.

... Masaki Yosho Jurai sama ... ?

... Yes i am ... and you are ?

Suddenly .....

Please forgive us ... your highness ..
My name is Hirata Kaneaki responsible person of Hirata Kanemitsu .... ect .. many sorry word...
that man not come alone, he have a company over 10 person around in the back ground ..
Yosho can feel it. 

By Political way of Jurai... Yosho is .....  many thing ... or .. anything ?
nearly absolute power in Jurai. ... and What Kanemitsu done .. yesterday
the responsible person can not imagination what Yosho think .. or report to some body ?
and if that information ... go to the Emperor... it not end at only "blame"
not for sure !
I understand. thank you for your sorry .. and use full information ..

Yosho answer ... make a "hope" for them, the Prince is not upset ... yet.
but to make sure and over kill that .. a car .. large and elegant one .. arrived and park 
in front of them immediately.

now both of them .. head to the north by highways ... the Star brighten in the night Sky
Yosho and Kaneaki was sitting in the seat .. fact to face... and continue .. non stop
apologise what Kanemitsu done .. on the first day that Yosho arrived.
Err.... Excuse me, what relationship between you and Kanemitsu dono ?

Whaaaa Sorry... I'm so sorry .. He is my Son.

Please do not mind that .. but that day .. I has no idea all of them is my
senior student, if I over done something to every body.. please forgive me
and please convey to Kanemitsu dono ... i'm sorry.

yes ... he not act like 12 years old boy at all.
the Prince of Jurai .. take a bow deeply....
every one in surprises and un-expected that.
No no no.... it's our false ! ... please don't say sorry .. to us 
that days ... all of that boy is athletic type .. and older than you a lot (17 years old)

and then the car stop.
both of them come out ... and get in the Jurai Space Ship ...
Yosho and Kaneaki ... go in side the room in that ship ... and Kaneaki left the room.
another boy come ...

Hello .. Nice to meet you.. Yosho sama ...
Welcome to my Ship .. My name is "Amaki Kasen" ....

both of them make a proper bow.

(Y)... if you don't mind ... can we .. skip to the main point ?

(K)I understand ... today, that low class girl make you in trouble did she... Yosho sama.

Huhhh .. what he try to say.. Airi is a low class girl ?
Yosho try to cut him out...

(Y)Kasen dono ... do you knows, who she is.

(K)Yes .. She is the elder daughter of our enemy head of the stage.
and she make me in embarrassed and ashamed situation .. many time.

(Y)conflict between Airai religion and our religion is not the same ..
i understand that point
but we can be friend .. if start developed a good relationship 

(K)I'm not to be friend with that bearish scum !

(Y)please remember .. golden rule of the GA .. don't make a trouble with
other country .. every one come here to study... people of every country
but .. what the point of you ? what do you think this place for....
by my position .. i am not the official "Crown Prince" yet..
but i will NOT done some thing wrong to make our "national disgrace"
please don't be worry that too much

(K)So, ... what if .. she knows .. you have the first generation of the royal tree ?
or .. may be try to knows .. how to make contract agreement with .. Tsunami sama
it happen before ... and maybe it happen .. again
no one can guarantee ..
Like.... what ? " your mother "  done to the imperial house of Jurai.

Kasen hit the weak spot of Yosho .. that really hurt.
(good business talk boy.. but he use his talent in the wrong way.)

(Y)You don't understand .. i come to here by ..the Supreme Council, purpose me to studies here
not by my self to make a selfish decision. i not blame your advice .. but i not agree with you.

(K) ... you "avoid" the action that our nation should do, and you will understand it soon.
this information will be report to the student council of the Galaxy Academy.
we will take an eyes on you two .. and act something .. if we supposed to done.
the Jurai will not have the weak point.
if you not .. we done it.

that all....
Yosho get out of that ship .. Kaneaki is waiting for him.

finished .. for today ?
i will send you home... your highness.
and in the car.

please forgive us...

don't be worry .. he make me listen to the good advice .. very useful.

Before leaving ... Kaneaki try to invite yosho for the next time and a have good meal.
Yosho walk a cross the roads and back to the dorm .. and think.
The time when I was in Jurai, my mother give me a candid device and i always keep it.
maybe .. it's not a big deal. 
He so kindness (or stupid idiot)

the fireworks of welcome party that he saw from the window in the car, today party of course
still in Yosho head... when he think of it ...
He think of Airi .. his heart would be lighter like it's can fly
and He have a big smile .. for him self.. only.

in dojin Tenchi ban 6.08

only 2 page of manga near the end of chapter
kanjishima sensei show us
Washu flashback her memory... when she saw Ryoko children body.

Two Nameless Daughters of Washu...
Is supposed to be "Dead" there ... at the center of Washu Pore.
so .. its not just a Pore ...
not after all.

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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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Book 2 Aeka Ch 04 Sub 02/02

Airi ...

Yosho go back to his room.
and open the terminal computer access to funao. now funao is in the deep space satellite orbit,
beam signal and connect back to Jurai royal trees network.
Yosho realize ..., funaho is the first generation tree, when link's between the Tree, it's can connect
and read data out without permission .. and it's effect every Trees in Jurai.

....  lets me think .... Seto sama tree .. would be the best.
then ... he linked to "Mitsu kagami" Seto's second generation tree.
A ton of analysis data of every trees or some thing that linked to network in Jurai come back ..
except ... only 3 trees, the tree of Azusa, Misaka and Funaho.
and "Mitsu kagami" done that without telling Seto.
and include the galaxy academy entire terminal system.
so ..... no one can hide.

How can she do it .. ?
Yosho was surprised, It very "huge" and add more transaction every seconds.

then ... Yosho try to look closely .. only good data

"Oh my god ! ...  the most terrible SPY is here !"

yes .. Amaki house report that... in very bad way.

Kasen offical report. what he said to Yosho... Yosho and Airi relation status.
the report include all Airi information ... and big mark for ...
most dangerous "terrorism" level ... how danger she is.

that mean by international laws ...
Airi not in the freedom, privacy or protection guaranteed by the GA local laws
and can use military force to done anything with her.

but this report in "wait for approval".

However, information now go to Seto tree.. but not every part of it.
Yosho try to understand the pattern of data .. point that missing and point that
completely in the summary report... it very very very enormous "huge" raw data ..
Seto cannot read it's all... for sure (or is it ?)
from this point Yosho begin to study ... how data is obtained ... how it link together.
track downs raw data from Amaki Ship .... and have Airi name on it.

five students who attacked me .. is the son of our militants officer "fighting spirit" serve in the Amaki house.
the data of previous year show all of them has been studied in the GA, the six th person were displayed on screen
it's Kanemitsu picture. Yosho stop the eye on his details.

Kanemitsu have no connection with Amaki Ship or the Amaki house if you not count his father
and he drop out of the GA ... but ...

Why ? He hate Airi dono so much ?

the father of Kanemitsu is a subordinate of Amaki Ship ... yes .. but he done it's ... like he want to done it's.

the Relationship of militants image has changed a little. No One can get an Absolutely Militants Power in Jurai.
More than half of Jurai militants was called the free militants .. it's can change by give them ... money, status, power
or Personal royalty .. someone who serve the specific house for many generations to seek a special status.
Huhhh , Look like i help Seto sama .. done her homework ....

Yosho laughed for himself.

Now ... it's a Next day .. in the Afternoon
Yosho promised to have a lunch with Airi at cafeteria, then He was in hurry, but the one who waiting for him
on the way is.... yes.. Hirata Kanemitsu ...

Amaki ship treated You well ? ..  huh ?

What your father was says ,... Kanemitsu dono..

Don't want to hear anything from that fucking coward ..

You should stop ..  Kanemitsu dono.. before someone get hurt.

What the fuck do you saying ...
Hmph  ... In Jurai only have Masaki and Kamiki did it ?

He cannot hide his very upset .. it's write on his face.
No ! .. Amaki is a Jurai too

Whatever Masaki ..   it's fucking depend on you.

What wrong with you .. ?!
Why ? Amaki hate Masaki is deeper than imagination.
additional reason is Azusa himself that make Amaki house more anger... between this many years since
he got coronation .. to be the Emperor

What the Fuck ?

Yaa Ho, what are you doing? in a place like this .. Yosho kun.
loud voice of Airi come from the back... and place her head on Yosho shoulder

Goodbye ... idiot !
Kanemitsu was leave the place in a hurry .. 
Airi slowly walk around Yosho .. and  Staring back figure of Kanemitsu .. walk away.

You knows that jerk ?

...and You ?

let me think ... some say .. "wat dar fack ! .. that shitty girl .. i very hert .. 
got a top score in our level ... i don't believed it"
Airi make a weird laughed

... but good to be with you Yosho kun


because you knows well how to treated a girl...
not like some fool moron stupid , who.. said that ill cold blood speak ....

sorry .. i'm no excuse, it's my false we late , but ... can we go for lunch?

Hmph  .. good .. like that.
Airi start walking to the cafeteria and hold Yosho arms
aggressive attitude "payback time" mood for Airi
bright fly away day dream joy mood for Yosho.

a few days has passed ... nothing happen.

then ...

once day .... in the morning, the "Blank Sender" e-mail were sent to Yosho.
all polite word... but the details in the mail is the same
stay away from that girl ...

have no idea who ? ... Kanemitsu or Amaki .. may be both ?
but no movement from all of them.

Yosho scary like shit... and he went to see Airi in hurry.

e-mail ? .... no .. i not see it.

really ?

yapp ... not see it.. not thing to worry.

but .. it's look very dangerous..
please take this GS with you Airi dono.

GS : " Guardian System "
the robot unit that manufacturer by the GA in-house company.
and can customize depend on the one who buy it ... 
basic personal used ... up to .. military grade.
and the one Yosho give to Airi is .... the unit that ultimate fully option customize
You know what ?, Today i have a class room .. not go to the battlefield... and kill somebody ..

Err If the reaction rate is too sensitive , you can change by turn this nob there ... and
Arrr. I forget .. Airi dono please don't go to the place that full of the people ...
.. and .. Ect .. Ect ... Ect..

Airi laughing, the thing that ... Yosho done look very .. idiot..

... Ahhh moooo .. if i can get a first class militants of Jurai, it will be better ! .. but here .. now ..
I can get only  the full version of GS
Hey .. Hey .. easy ! ... easy ! .. Yosho kun .. you look too serious and over-thinking.
if we not done the thing that write down in your e-mail , what happened ?

A .. Farewell ?... No ! .. We can't do that ! ...

Airi loss her word... and Her tear jerk ...

Airi ... dono ? ... this world is not safe like you think .. please don't say that like a ... jokeeeeee

.. Airi cannot hold it anymore. enough is enough  ...
she jumped to Yosho and start using .. her fighting technique with him .. and yelling ... a lot yelling

the People starting to look around and make some noise
Airi and Yosho is the courtyard of the school ... many students passing, laughing and giggling while looking
What both of them fight ?

Hey ! Don't bullying him too much Airi !

Airi dono .. Again ?
Hey Everyone .. this way !  4:5
why all of them laughing ?
Yosho asks funaho ...

... Airi dono didn't like my GS ..... Arrr ha .. i got it.. thank funaho .... (.. huh ?)
After a few minutes, Yosho sitting straight in stoic countenance, Airi tank a deep breath
in the same way... when both of them "date" many days ago.
Are you okay ... ?

I knows, I not that fucking cute .. but I'm not stupid , I can think and done anything alone !

Is that so?

What is !? Your e-di-o-tic "Is that so" mean .. huhhhhhhh !!!! .... huhhh  !!!!
Airi yelling .. and yelling ... and yelling .. !
then .. Yosho show and give her ... "the Ring" !

...... What, is this?

It's a amulet ... please keep it..   

This ... pretty .. very clean jewel .. ... ...  but I can not keep it.

This Ring look ridiculously expensive .. how can i keep it.

No no no ... you see this jewel ... it's made from a good quality solidified sap 
This type of Ring is very common in Jurai.  (.... !!!!! no it not)

Yosho .. are you serious ?

Please keep it.. Airi dono. i begging you.

Airi receives the ring from Yosho hand... and fitted to the ring finger .. of the right hand.
and show her back of the hand.

Thank you, I am happy, and hey !...  what do you think ?
Think ?
In the situation like this, You need something to say .. like...
Oh Mi goddd ! .. it look very good on you !
.. like that .. like that !

Er.. yes ! ..  it look very good on you .. ha ha ha...
Yosho laughed and say that again

.. the depressed e-mail is not a working now .. and Yosho pass "the Ring" to her ..
Airi look ray of light ... when the Ring reflex with the Sun... and said ...

... Ahhh.. it's very pretty ... very clean ... very very clean

That make Yosho knows ... She really like this ring so much. 

the "Blank Sender" e-mail was sent several times, but both of them ignore
and this many days ... nothing happen no one in harm..

Once day, suddenly ..  the loud tapping door sound .. appear .. it's the Yosho room
in his domes at night 20:00 ... everyone in that domes come out to see , what happened ?

Yosho !! Come out of the room !!  .. Come out ! Come out ! hurry !
it's Airi panic sound ,her face turn white like paper.. and then ...  Yosho open the door.

Airi dono ?  what wrong ?

You !! you done it ! .. you done it ... didn't you !

.. done what ?

that voice ! come out ! is like a woman voice .. and something ! make that Thiev down .. 

Airi is in panic .. and hurry .. no one understand .. what her try to say ?

now every student in that dome come out of their room and see what happen
... in front of Yosho room..
Yosho see that ... and he have no idea to do .. then
He grab Airi hand .. and pull her in to his room ..... ?

in no time ... the rumor spread across the galaxy ..  (he pull airi into his room on 20:00... what he done .. ?)
... and this "rumor" is ... go to the dormitory officer.

now .. Airi is in his consultation room ..sitting on sofa.. have a Japanese green tea.

Did you calm down .. ?

Yes.... sorry ..i'm .. Err... in panic..

never mind ... but .. what happen to you ?

Airi began "Explain" about what happened to her earlier.
I'm .. just finished my class, and when I was about to go home .. in that alley of that park
, there is no one their ... that weird ... because it's very busy all the time in usual
before i thought it was strange ... that black shadow ... come !

  .. who is it !?
I said that but no body answer the question. the sparks occur in  the darkness of shadow

what is that ?

hey ... It not joking .. it real ... my GS had indicated the presence of the enemy.
at that time Airi remembered the advice of Yosho and suddenly has attempted to set
the GS ...  full function activate, ..  but she doesn't see the enemy ???

and then her enemy .. make a machine sound.

It your false ... I warn you in that email ...

A killer come out of the shadow .. breathing like a fire.. his sword laser light was emitted.

Die !

that moment I thought .... i got killed
but ! .. suddenly  .. it 've been sound in the front ... someone's voice, a guardian
a Spirit .. but i not seen it... but ... i swear the god it real !!

afert i hear that sound ... Shadow of some thing melts into the darkness, the unknown guardian
emitted the power ... look like a lightning spark several times, .. that very weird thing ..
then a said...

who is ? .. are you .. all right ... ?
suddenly ... it's full of surprises,  but there was no fear or a sense of wonder

A ha ha ha .... Ary .. ri ....  Ary .. ri  ... Airi ! (sound like a little girl giggling and said Airi name)


the dormitory officer laughter
the story of the Guardian .. after that ... he throw Airi out .. from the front doors
and .. Click ....  "close his door"

Airi stand alone ... have no idea what to done .. then .. she went home.
and called Yosho back immediately.

that vary mean .. i said the real thing , what it happen !
Airi yelling and hit her desk ..

.. Errr .you not getting hurt ?

Yes i'm not ! ..  but it not the point ! ...  answer my question !  you idiot !! What is that?

.. What i supposed to say ?

After I received that ring .. Your Ring ! , it would probably done something ?

What do you mean, .. done something ?

that strange voice !

Do you ...  frightened?"


Afraid .. that voice .. Airi dono .. do you ?

No ! .. but .. that sound ... very interesting .. you knows ?

... what it's sound like .. Airi dono

Yosho laughed in my mind .. he knows .. it funaho sound.

Errr... it not sound like a man ... not a woman ..
sound like ... like a children, .. no ! it not ..
... Ah ! ... it sound like a little puppy !
...... A puppy ?

Yes ! .. yes ! it is .. like a little puppy .. got a rubber ball .. and playing around
it lovely sound ...

I see .... but anyway, this time still early  .. to sleep.
if you want to knows .... .... ... ... ... ...

Yosho whispers pass the monitor .. like .. he now want some one to hear that... what he say

Ok .. i'm go ... count me in ..

There was no choice for Airi and it make a good smile on Yosho face.
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 2- Yosho Detail Summary
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Book 2 Aeka Ch 05

Funaho .. a little puppy

At the Space Terminal Airport ...

Yosho silence walk into the reserved lobby not turn on the light , where funaho was parking.

I'm sorry to have you kept waiting ..

Airi had appeared from the shadow ... behind the pillar
Never mind ..  Go ..

Hey ... I ran into the other student group all the way, for make sure no body knows .. like you said.

Next time be careful .. don't follows the wrong groups, maybe all of them caught by guard
or the humans hunting ..

and then...
funaho came back to the airport from the space orbit .. when it's complete landing,
Yosho and Airi running out of the gate go inside funaho and go to the main bridge.

but ... on the way ....
Airi said some thing with Yosho.

Hey ! , Yosho .. .. that voice .. what is it ? ... the computer of this ship ?

What ? .. i don't hear anything ..

No way ..  it very clear .. see !

No, i don't hear that ...

Ahhh ! .. I'm go back home !.

Yosho pull her hand to stop ... Airi really anger and walk back .. quickly

Wait ! ...

I really hear that ! .. what is it ?

.. what do you expected ? Airi dono .. my answer is .. yes it is .. just a computer voice .. and no it isn't.

What do you mean ? yes and no.

The Royal Trees of Jurai .. children of goddess Tsunami a high intelligence and power serving as
a guardian of Jurai royal house.... *1

I knows ...  that kind of thing ...

[laughing voice]

Airi looked up
Yosho .. you laugh at me .. do you ?

[laughing voice].. same voice, same way as Airi .. hear in that park

Ary ri .... Airi .. Teehee ..

Yes That Voice !... This is It !

at *1 point
Yosho and Airi was transferring between the main bridge and sub space of funaho, and take a walk

In side the Sub Space ... smell of clean mineral water, sweet of the fresh air , good warming light
and sound of the trees dancing with the wind...

Airi able to hear the mystique melody .. the beautiful and delicate melody
the Voice of the Tree ?

.. but .. it true ... those tree is singing in front of her eye.

No way... i don't believed it, Yosho kun ... this is ?

Yes, Airi dono .. I want to introduce .. "funaho" first generation of the Jurai royal tree ....

funaho done a rain like laser light pattern ...

Hal-lo Ary ri ... Hello Ary ri .. airi ...
funaho increase the light and flew to Airi .. like a wild dance ... rays of light.

Oh... !
Airi knee down ..

Who are you ! ... what is you presence ? .. answer me !
Airi was yelling .. asked the question to the light... and start crying.

Airi dono .. what wrong ? what are you try to done !?

Tsunami  sama ? ... you are the one of the three goddesses isn't you !
Airi look up to funaho .. fit both of her hands to her chest .. Ignor .. what Yosho said.
Suddenly, funoha light disappeared ... and totally in silence

funao sama .. answer me !

Airi dono ! .... Airi dono !

Yosho ... you .... I ... I
Airi was bowed ..  and lay down to the ground... and had a deep breath .. all the time
Yosho supporting and get her to have a seat on a bench nearly funaho unit.

Are you all right ?

Yeah, I'm sorry ....  I'm so sorry.

That's the Jurai royal tree "funaho" , Airi dono ... what happen ? .. what wrong with funaho ?
Airi not attempt to open her mouth to answer that question
Airi dono .. ?

I looking for,  a ...... God.

God ?
Yes, God ... the goddess ...

Did you mean ...  the three goddesses ?
Yes, Some say all of them are in high dimensional space ... so intelligence and advanced than power of science
But, it the person in religious tales ...

Yes, but ... I was found the records of the Galaxy Academy, the event that high-dimensional intelligence body 
to be represented in front of human eyes ... is very rare case.
but .. pre-historic by collecting the description can trusted by term of scientific
, which is excavated in the ruins of  "Warrior" some where in my country.
Only 28 cases encountered ... come with specific power and extraordinary further,
and It was found difference "ability" capacity apparently of the goddess.

difference apparently ?

Yeah, by the description of Pre-historic civilization ...  "classification the power in three types"
but it is a representation ambiguous loose .. and not complete.
I can not be sure .... and i don't understand.

.... ?

Airi stare and waiting for the words .. of Yosho.
... light hawk wings ...

Yes, the Power that can not detected, but It is present as "light" in reality.
the Statue and the Power that can only generate by the royal trees of Jurai  ...  third generation or more..
not by blood line ... but the Tree ..
that give the Power of God to the Owner .. that Owner them self originally is not the God.
Can you imagination the picture of the Airai's Sheik in this time ?

....... No.

Long time ago. We are No 1 in term of Power ... My grandfather is essential the popular head of state
, Every Sheik in Airai and predecessors all of them .... is popular too.
every Sheik have a cross blood line relationship with each other.

Once day in the Sheik meeting .. my great-grandfather was trying to create a new God
to replace the old one and protect all of us from our enemy... the Tsunami of Jurai.

It is a confession that exactly shock ...

the thing is ... Jurai have an actual God .... the real one.
in the meeting between Sheik and Jurai missionary
it sounds "natural" ..... Airai reject its and about to say " We not thrush in you ... Jurai "

Do you, really thought in that way ...... Airi dono?
at first, I thought so ... in Airai .. every one thought ... Jurai try to play a monopoly game with us.
the Jurai God .. Tusnami ... is the same  ... with our god.

Airi said with "painful"

After i came to the Galaxy Academy, I met a variety people from other countries that had been
contempt despised. I hated ... when all of them said .. "your god is really a junk".
what a shame.... we lie ... to our people.... In order to protect the organization
, but there is no God for us ... is the true story ...
So .. what do you wanted to do ... if you found her ... Tsunami ?

If one of the goddess can done that ... the other must be the same ... not only Tsunami
One of them ... makes the seed of power and give it to us ... like Tusnami done...
Ugh .....

Airi can not said more than that ... and covered her face with both hands,
Yosho pad her head gently... Voice of Yosho and funaho .. merge ... in Airi head at the same time.

Airi / Ary ri ... please don't cry.

Airi face up slowly, I saw funao.

Airi dono .... in my country ... Tsunami is "not" the God,
the first Emperor of Jurai pass down his word to the Royal Family .. for many generation.
He and Tsunami ... "became friends".

friends ? ... with Tsunami ?

Ary ri ... still crying ?

funaho too ..
Yosho make a signal by hand.

Airi dono .... funaho and Me too.. We became friends .. and we not leave you be hide.

Ary ri ... still crying ?
funaho said like a puppy ... and make a laser rain like pattern ... send her feeling to Airi ..
feeling of a puppy yearn to make her owner ..  happy.

Ary ri .... Ary ri ....

I not crying anymore, funaho ...
Airi wipe her tears.

Really ? .... Ary ri ... not crying ?

Yes, I'm all right.
Airi example cheek and then smile.

Ary ri ... smile ... smile
funaho make another laser like pattern ... send a joy full feeling.
and then.. all beautiful dance ray of light come back again.

Ha haha ... Enough , funaho

Ary ri ... laughs ... Ary ri ... laughs

... now Airi knows ... funaho is not the God..
but, at that time ... the ray of light and slowly melody song of funaho
was surrounding all of them .. that was so close.. 


Yosho ... wake up !

...... Airi dono .... ?

I need to go ...

the morning light bridging in the sky ....
yes .. it's the next days.

after Yosho understand the situation finally is in a hurry.

Thank you Yosho .. you made my day .. everything is so clear for me.

Haha but i don't expect we stay here over night..

That all right, before i go out .. i set a dummy.. at my room.
but ... did funaho have a shower room .. ?

yes.. it have ... every thing .. cleaning, shower and a good meal.

... after that .. Yosho and Airi ... have been transferred to residential areas in the subspace
that look like Jurai .. a ton of space and the huge tree, vast field, forest, river, a little hill,
lake and the crop .. that was stunned to Airi... when her see it for the first time.

where are we ?
a residential area, a permanent fixed space in the ship.
Airi pinch Yosho cheek ... for make sure it not a dream.

It not a dream .. it a huge space, how funaho can do that ?

the sub space fix onboard, now is about one hundred kilometers
but second generation tree can maximum produce a planet space .. and first generation
is over than that... nobody knows ? .. how much.
but it not make any sense to increase.

I'm waiting for you .. Airi sama.
the door open .. and force field syntactic body "lady-in-waiting" come out.
and after going to Yosho rooms

wow ..
all entry room building in the majestic design of Jurai and made from wood
.. all of it ..every thing

Not be surprised that much ? Airi dono .. in your country you have "lady-in-waiting" are you ?
What ! .... Your private room is 100 kilometers square ! and I not have that .... a subspace.

Angry ?

No ! .. I love's building of Jurai ..  very natural and like we are in the old ruins churches ..
I like it very much, ...... I just need to calm down.

This way ...

Lady-in-waiting was guided Airi to the bathroom.. Walk a few steps, Airi turn around .... and !!!

Take your time !

Airi disappeared drawing-room with a mumble sound, Yosho overlooking the vast countryside landscape
... and then headed to the bathroom in his room and comeback ,
waiting on the terrace out of the bathroom

Hey ! , Yosho ! .. Yosho !
Airi came out from the drawing room dressed in Jurai outfit and with her hair down look complete like
someone else

What ?

It look good on you.

Thank .. 
and Airi squeeze the Jurai outfit.

I've never seen this ... kind of silk ..? before ..
this is a common Jurai silk ?
it feels so good ......

Yes .. Airi dono .. this is our common silk. produced in exactly the same way as the Other done.
but silkworm eat leaves that get from the Tree of Jurai ... simple as that

I try a high quality raw silk all over Airai .. but this silk absolute good... can not compare.

Oh, Really?  ... i have no idea ...
Because we use only silk and every one in Jurai use it a lot too... then we have a overkill quantity
stock of raw silk... if you like this silk that much, I will divide my own stock for you.

Really ? .. but how much is it ... the market price ... in Jurai.

How much ? .... [this is an update price].

Have no idea why ? two of them talk in whispers ...

You are lie ! ....Really ?!! ... I buy it ! .. I buy it all ! ...
Airi jump into the sky after she knows the price... it's not cheap .. but
the quality is ultimate and you can not buy it .. direct from Jurai for sure.

... but this price Yosho didn't charge .. labor cost... or profit.
Ah ! ... I forgot ....It's a Top Secret .. isn't ? .. inside the ship of the Jurai  ?

Yosho have a bitter smile

Well ... , because this is my .. private residential areas ... no one can access this areas
with out my permission .. may by the Emperor can ... but he never ever come ...
.. i think .... if you and me not say anything ... no body knows
and please don't tell anybody funao is very like a puppy.

Airi laugh out loud, Yosho also smile as tempted.

Then ....

only 3 month .. Amaki Ship went back to Jurai .. and not continue studying abroad.
Airi and Yosho be able to focus on student life and  Began to talk with other normal student with no panic.
but Kanemitsu still around here ... make some annoying and report to Seto

Yosho knows that because he done Seto homework every night.
but both of them not care and have fun with proper student life.

Six months is over since Yosho met Airi

Good morning, Airi senpai

Good morning, Yosho kun

the greeting in the morning do not change from the usual, but it is very different from the half a year ago

because of the free to done anything atmosphere of the Galaxy Academy

One day after Airi wake Yosho up and eat breakfast as usual
What's wrong ?
Airi ask ... Yosho closed his mouth heavy ... but
last night Seto contact him direct from Jurai.


Nice to meet you ... Yosho dono ..

Nice to meet you too .... Seto sama ..

Thank you... and how are you ? ... in Jurai this time
have quite a lot rumor .. about you .... Yosho dono.

in normal case ... Seto stare at Yosho with elegance, thrush and love
.....  but this time ... a bit difference ... and ....
She move first ... like every time... Yosho can't hold it anymore.

Seto sama ... I don't think anything about Airi dono .. that all of the story.

He try to hide it.. but may be spent 6 months in the Galaxy Academy
is too relaxed for him .... he can't hide it from his face.

the pressure emitted from Seto eyes .. She knows every thing Yosho say .. was lie...
and Yosho knows Seto knew it.... but he have no choice.

Oh .. I forgot one thing ..  as goodwill transfer student .. you done it very well and
very success far more than we expected too much. the Emperor and every one here
was very happy ... every country hear that and want to knows, how you can do that.
it not in plan, I knows .. but we need you here ... now.

Look at the Seto , She smiled and grinning .. it was a bad habit of Seto.
when she win some body and drink his/her fresh blood after that.


that "Annoying" ..... "Annoying"  "Annoying"  "Annoying"  "Annoying" 

Seto sama, really need your help ?

Today, the email require "help support" was send to me.
it direct from my father !

your father ?

She can actually control my father ...

Don't tell me .. you will go back to Jurai .. now ? and never come back again ?

No ! .. It half a year ... to perform an official " public service " as crown prince
and I a lot of instructions from my father ... I'll come back after that.

Half a year !?

Yes, and I will come back ...

...... So

Airi was with a sigh of relief... when she find out what actual date is ?, he need to go back ...
that day is so close.... this is hopeless ...

before go back home a day, Yosho looking for Airi but she disappear, her friends not see
her too.. , Yosho try every where around the place ... but still can not find her.
in that early night , Yosho was walking down from corridor to the hallway ...
another idiot arrived and waiting for him the corner of the hallway.

Hi ... Masaki

Kanemitsu dono ...

Thank for, what this idiot done ? .. at the first day Yosho arrived here in the Galaxy Academy
dormitory officer fit more security ... an intercom at the front gate ... "ask for permission"
every time before .. then you can actually open that door.

What happen huh ? .. I was wondering .. why you return home tomorrow ?

.. But I was more wondering .. You greetings me like that .. but .. i don't mind.

I can actually "done nothing and totally in silence" .. but .. I want to send you off.
I will return again in 6 months, no matter what ? .. you love or hate me ... wait ! ... send me of ?

Yes .. Every thing about you is not my point anymore, It would be nice if, I send you off as friend ..

What !? ... What is your dream for .... ?
Yosho try to leave ... he have no time for this idiot

Why you try to take me out from Airi dono ?

Yes .... I try ... but, Could you .. don't mind .. that ... please ?
Kanemitsu said and lowering his head deeply.

!?#@$#@$ ... but ! .. You alway said that "Stay away from that shitty girl"  !??!
Kanemitsu face now turn to white ... yes .. of couse .. tomorrow, after Yosho go back to
Jurai .. he is a proper crown prince of Jurai ... no doubt about it.

... i not done it only by my self .. i done it as " fighting spirit " too ..  and ...
I also assign to go back to Jurai in a few days ... it no point to hate all of you anymore.
Kanemitsu face now turn to black ... like a dead man walk the earth.

What !?? ... You are still in your studying abroad period isn't you ?
Kanemitsu dono  .. it just a second year ?

The offical document is out ... the return to mother land command ...
and re-start my study in the Jurai Imperial Academy, I will be dead for sure ...

What do you mean ?

many thing .. i done ... i'm in doom ... 

You just starting to fear ? ... what you done ?

Fear ? .. No .. I'm not...
I grow up in Amaki house and train my sword with all of them every days ..
because I don't care Jurai royalty ... it make me sick .. so every one call me a scum
Well ... Airi Magma is the head of the state daughter .. that is a big deal ..
for me  ... but ... just like i said .... " I don't care "

Kanemitsu dono ... Kanemitsu dono ?!
Yosho try to said something but figure of Kanemitsu blurred unexpectedly

Ahhhh !
Yosho was hit by some thing from Kanemitsu uniform sleeve, and then a light sword !
the movement of Kanemitsu is completely different from the first time .. now he move
like an adult militants.

but Yosho can dodge and make the safe distance... what a ashamed, Kanemitsu not play by rule.

Every thing you done, make it worse ! .. You hit me for what ? .. I'm not away from Airi dono anyway.
You are fucking idiot ! .... no easy way for you !
Kanemitsu is complete ridicule, he was laughing and hit Yosho more !

Hit me is not the ANSWER ... you fool !

Wrong answer ! .. I hit you with royalties .. and claim it, in the name of Amaki House

What the fuck are you talking about ?
Hey .. She is not a spy ! .. why you concerns her so much ?

No ! .. the order is the order .. and it had been paid properly ! ... if i not done it ...
my father is broken and our people are in doom ! ... dieeeeee !

I can ask for "Government Budget" directly to Seto sama ! .. you idiot ! .. how much do you want ?

Kanemitsu suddnely stop ! .... his light sword was touch Yosho forehead ....
... yes .. completely idiot fool ... he and his father worry about that all the time ... and
over a 10,000 years .. to feed a hungry people .. it a nasty" troublesome "
why both of them not thinking in this way before ?

But ......

Nothing to worry ..

At the first time, i think .. you get that girl and piss Amaki house off .... that why ?

Kanemitsu said that, it seemed to be some mistake in Amaki house to understand .. some thing.

I understand that Kanemitsu dono .... and ....

I done it by my self ... it's not my father command...
Kanemitsu block the words of Yosho...

We try everything .. to save our clan ass... if you not fool me, this is a very good deal
to change the contract and have a new boss... i will update this propose to my father immediately.

You can keep my word...

I hope this is a very good deal.

Yes ... but... Excuse me, why Amaki house was trying to suppurate me and Airi senpai ?

I don't knows ... but .. it is a very easy job .. no one lay his hand to that .. shitty girl.
so .. not thing to worry about too much .... except you.
... Errr ... and can i ask you for another one thing ... as friends ?
Yes ......

Long time ago ... at that time .. we are the one of the new 4 army of 12 ..  to serve Kamiki house.
fight with the pirate ... originally is a Kamiki Utsutsumi's army ...

He is the father of Mi ... Mi ... Misaki sama ... Obviously .. and his wife who was called something
... Err... demon princess of Jurai ...?  like that .. i not so sure.

Kanamitsu cheek become red and can not said it properly when he name "Misaki" ......

between the fight against of piracy union war era,
Seto sama began to give that "hair" after you win a battle.

the fight against of piracy union wars, ?? ..... that wars of "swords" ?
in that wars ... Seto get her nicknamed "the demon princess of Jurai"
Yes .. the lucky and strong person only will get that "hair" as a lucky charm, very rare you knows ?

... Not like Seto I knows ?
and come to think of it, Why you need Misaki dono "hair" ? so much ? ...  Is there something good in it ?
It happen after Misaki sama completely win and particularly popular as "idol" in the street fighter
"the seven major tournament Fighter of Jurai !" .. every one want to have one !

Kanemitsu look at the clock... It showed .. nearly "closing the door" time of the dormitory
You still have a time ... before you go back home ..

I'm sorry, I don't know you are living in Jurai very near me.. so long and take care .. until we meet again.
Yosho has been held out Kanemitsu hand, reflection the good friendship .. Kanemitsu give a Guardian
System Security Unit onboard circuit  .... " special command list".. written into Yosho hand.
to complete ignore .. the one who said that command when he or she pass it.

it's a gift. ... you can go .. every where you want.. when you want.
and Yosho was off by Kanemitsu.... as friend ?

Ahhhh!! Airi dono .. i forget her !

he not returning to the dorm, Yosho reminded that only one location he not looking for Airi
the he headed to the airport, boarded, dash run pass the transfer equipment on funaho.
and ... Airi was there,
under the tree and a lot of puppy .. tremendous number was running around.

What the ... ?

Oh .. finally ! .... you can guest where am i.
Airi said with vary cold tone of voice... like a wife waiting for her husband that busy at work  ...
not a joke...

I'm sorry. These puppies is funaho ?

Yeah ... and watch this ...
Airi teach funaho like a puppy between a day ... and after said a command
all puppy running around covered two of them.

stop ! funaho !

ha ha ha-ha!

big wave of puppy .. done the same thing and .. feeling like tickle by funaho.

Just Half a year ... please don't forget us .. we will come back.

Yosho ! ... Yosho ... !

Airi dono ?
.... arrr morning again ?

yes .. two of them play with funaho puppy and fell asleep until next morning again.

Airi change outfit and borrow a shower room .. 

Let's eat in my room !

yeah !

Let's go ...  to our residential areas

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Guess who ? ... yes , it's me ..Misaki !

Sound of moving leaf come from outside the wall of Tenju as usual
it's Misaki ... Yosho have a nostalgic feeling  .. and not sleep well
between this many days in Jurai.

Yosho come back a week ago ... his body still not change it's life cycle .. 
and a little bit panic when he meet Misaki and Aeka, on that day he arrived
it's a long time .. not see him, both of them over joy.

by Seto command .. Yosho will stay here .. in Jurai for 6 months
before he can go back to the Galaxy Academy .. it' like Wonderland
and when he stay in the Galaxy Academy .. thank for Airi that wake him up every morning
only 3 month ... he start to forgot Misaki ...

but .. yes .. this day every memory .. come back.. completely ... !

Good morning !! , Yosho !
Misaki broke into Yosho's room with loud voice.

Misaki sama !?

You have an appointment today ! ... why you still sleeping ? , wakey ! wakey !
Yosho still in his bed with his pajama and holding the futon

an appointment  ?? what ?

I don't knows ? .. some thing .. with public service of Kamiki house ...
.. but My mother send me to called you by herself .. Yosho dono !

Seto sama ?

Yeah !, go a head .. quick ! .. quick ! 
Ahh .. that topic for sure .. (government budget for Hirata clan)

Yosho getting ready and move him self out with Misaki headed to the Jurai Imperial Academy,
long time ago ... it's reserved for Jurai Emperor, now a day in command of Seto.
and today is a special day ... the soldiers department send-off the students out into the interstellar space 
by operation "Red Sea" practice ... originally the Kamiki house training program
It seems to be to attend every year.... with a big official " send-off party "
"Snowflake flower" was full bloom in this season .. like a cherry blossom on the Earth but pure white
like it name .. a snow flake ..

It's a pleasure to watch this scenery .... every year ...
Seto said that while walking in a very large garden on the way to the school building.
Utsutsumi, who is walking next to Seto try to ignore her and stay silent than normal for some reason
Seto is in the middle between Utsutsumi and Yosho.

Seto sama, why ? .. you take me out .. with you today ?

Seto ignoring Yosho and stare at her husband
Anata, You and Misaki chan go first .. I have something to say .. with Yosho dono....

but I want to take Yosho with me ..and introduce him to JIA teachers,
every one want to see him ...
Sounds interesting, Utsutsumi answered with a tone ... of dignity ?
Seto smiling to her husband .... he such a small child .... and  ... idiot.

How about .... after send-off party ... you can done an introduce ... as long as you want.

Ahh ! Shit ... Errr No ! ... My sweetheart ... Our Yosho is the son of Azusa .. the Emperor of Jurai ...
every one want to see him .. as quickly as possible ...

Yosho have a bad feeling about this, he walk and "join" with his grand father ...
Errrr .. .Shall we go .. Utsutsumi sama .... ?

thank goodness ... Utsutsumi think and have a proper smile
now both of them walk away ...

Ohhh ...  I'll guide you through this place .. look ! .... those way are very interesting !

Thank you very much ! , Utsutsumi sama !
but .. Yosho think ... Oh mi god ! .. that fucking brave ! .. to play this idiot joke and walk away.

but if Yosho dono didn't knows what I try to say, It is useless anata ...
It must be before the send-off party

No... let us go ahead in first .. your story later

But .. My story is also related and important to Yosho dono ....
It's Seto "normal attack" .. it's look like .. she push her finger ? ... to those who have become almost
fell off the cliff ...

We don't care..... !!!! Hey ! what ? are you try to done !
Misaki stop him by grabbed and lock Utsutsumi shoulder from the back ...
in blink of an eyes .... she knows , what ? her mother try to done....
You knows what ? .., Yosho dono ... my anata is a monster .. he prank me here, long time ago ... buu buu
Seto complaint .. and make her eye full of water ... ?
but it's look very real .. not a lie ?

Stop !!! ... Don't tell him ! ..DO NOT tell himmm !
Utsutsumi face turn bright red .. but ... to be wonder .. Misaki is stronger than him.
and for add MORE injury without humiliating ?, Seto dyed cheek ... and ... continue confesses ?

yes ... I still remember, It like yesterday to me .. that day I have a little nap under the tree
after watch the Snowflake flower falling ...  but that boy come ! .. and him lay down over my body ...

Hey !! .. Why you tell that kind of story to a kid ... oh mi goddd !
I am a little weak woman .. how can i resistance?
Seto wipe her tears with her kimono sleeve

WTF !!! .. I am the weaker !  .. you f.... b ... !!!!
and ! ... and ! ... he touch my chest ..........

Nooooo It not true !!! ... I just stumble over your body ... what on earth ? ....
how can i knows ? ... you was sleeping there !
Utsutsumi yelling so loud ...

but ... you touch my chest .. that is the point ...

It's an accident ! ... accident ! .. you know ? ... because of you ! ..
you are the main committee to open that party .. the send-off party ...
but not arrived on time ! ... that why my teacher assign me .. to looking every area .. 
where the fuck are you ! .. who knows ? you are napping under that fucking tree !
for god sake ! .. at that time i just only 9 years old !

Look like Utsutsumi is telling the rest of the story .... ?

Wait a minute ! ... at that time ... mother ?... you were .. 4500 years old ? isn't you ?

Hummm ... and all of this is a true story ...i not lie ..

Why he do that... very painful ... i think, i hear that story very long time ago .. but today !
I was surprised, He actually touch you chest , mother !?

Misaki help her mother .. well ... very well..
Yosho stand in the middle ... with a lot of scary.. he scary like shit ! .. this is the front seat to knows ?
Why .. Seto get her nickname ...  Demon princess of Jurai .. she is absolute devil !
and ! .. and ! ..... after that he leave me and let me alone ... whaaaa buuu buu hooo
Seto ... crying ?
What you fucking "leave" mean !? .. and Who is the fucking said .. "I cannot marry ..
take a responsibility .. please" ... to me ? ..

That was a little joke ... you knows ?

Because your fucking joke ! ... after that I scary like shit and can not eat anything .. for a month !

Father ...  after that you fell down and admit to the hospital ? .. isn't you ... I remember that part .. LOL

Yes ! ... and I was train very hard ... a 130 years .. before, I dare to talk with you again
face to face to take the responsibility ! .. and what you just said to me that day ...
you remember that ... !!?!?!

What you said to him that day ... Seto sama ?
I just laughed at him .. and .. you see .. he stay silence for 130 year and suddenly he proposed me !

If a knows that before .. I will leave you more that that or forever !!!! .. give me my 130 year time back !!!!

... yes .. that all of the story.
Seto turn around to Yosho .. and Smile ..

I not said anything ... you done it by your self... thank you very much.

Huh ...... ?
Yosho look at Utsutsumi .. he still don't understand .. what he just .. done.

Because I have nothing to say with Yosho dono anymore ... Anata ..
you can go .. with out worries any thing ...

between walking away from that point... Yosho see Utsutsumi knee down and stay silence...
this is an absolute fear ! .. for Yosho, now he complete understand .. why she got that nickname
in many way ... and from the bottom of his heart ... 
"stay the fucking away from her as far as you can go" 
is a first priority .. to done.

Yosho dono, Seto sama and Misaki dono, pleased to meet you and welcome.
the old man, who said that is in the principal's Jurai imperial academy office
yes he is the current principal of organization and headmaster ...
unlike the other person, atmosphere is difference ..  and Seto respect him ... that weird.

On the way ... when all of you walk together ......

Errr.... you was watching us .. all the way we walk to ... here ... right ?
Seto ask and ... make a not good ... smile ....

Yes ... I was watching all of you .... all the way from the window of this room.
I was a little worry about Utsutsumi sama  ..... Misaki sama !

... Sir .. Yes Sir !!
Misaki answer him with a lot of nervous... and She done it in front of Seto
that very .. weird. Seto told Yosho, the current principal is the former teacher of our Misaki
when she was a girl .. and study .. here.

Please ... take care Utsutsumi .. and get him .. here

Right away ... Sir !!!
and then She run and disappeared

Err ... teacher ?

Yes ... ?

Er... No , ... No .. Nothing
with a faint voice of Seto .. Yosho can imagination .. the day that ... Misaki is here... it good for sure.
and another reason .. in front of Yosho .. if she get the punishment .. it look very bad... for her.

Seto sama, can i ask you .. what are you done to him .. over there.

... O hohoho
She not answer that

knock knock

... on the right time. please enter !

yes, i'm sorry ....

the boy that open the door, is ... Hirata Kanetimsu kun .. in Jurai Imperial Academy uniform.
soon after he came in ... he was freezing .. with a lot of nervous...

easy .. sorry to suddenly called you.
the principal put his hand on Kanemitsu shoulder
but .. how can he ? .. easy .. every one in this room is ridiculous. the principal , Seto the most popular
person of "fighting sprit" and she is "head of the stage" ... wife... and before that she got the name
"Calamity Jane" from her friend and the foe, before she go to that wars and got the new name
"Demon Princess of Jurai" and become a legend.
... and what he done to Yosho ... today Yosho come back to his original status and here in Jurai.
.. event you not count Yosho in... every one who stand in front of Seto is completely sweaty ..
endless sweat was flowing from forehead to his toe.

Ahhh .. Kawaii !

Misaki is come back ... and by her weird habit ... if she said some thing .. like ... "kawaii"
this is a worst case scenario .. beacuse after that she will dash run and hug that .. person.
if she hug Kanemitsu like that , he will be shock and ... may be dead .. who knows ?

so ..
Seto move a head to block her way .. first .. and every one help .. to move her out.

Why ? we stand and talking ? ... please have a seat.
the principal also seemed to know the habit of Misaki well ... she not stop doing that.

Sorry, but you can go first.
Seto walk back a step to open the way for Kanemitsu, every one help till he sit down on that
sofa .. safely
Today, your trouble will gone .. I knows all of the story from Yosho dono already .. and
thankyou for your take care .. every thing that happen in the Galaxy Academy
by the way ... serving the Kamiki house or Amaki hosus is your choice now... Seto said while smiling.

Oh it's one more thing ! ... Kanemitsu dono .. you want to continue study abroad at  the Galaxy Academy
or not ?

Huh ..  the Galaxy Academy .. what dose she mean ?
Kanemitsu think and raised his head... remain in surprise... but..

Yes .. I am.
Kamenitsu answer and look at Yosho ..
but the answer from Yosho is shake his head from side to side.

You test score is very high ... if you not continue .. it is a very pity. Kanemitsu dono, 
did you want to go back and study abroad in the name of "Seto Jurai" ?

this is too good for him. he didn't expect that to happen. a direct royal command
from Seto her self ..he not answer that immediately ... and stay silence.
But I able to study abroad, It because Amaki house give " me " a money... Seto sama
My family have no money .. that is only in my dream .. to go there and study.

I understand ......

Seto replied .. so sad .. he cannot come ... he just only a second year student.. 
yes .. she give him a government scholarship but it not enough and he cannot squeeze more money
from his family to go and live there ... for a long many years before the graduate.

hurrmmmm ....

Kanemitsu dono ... ! ... why you don't done a bet with me.

What kind of bet ?

I will multiple your pocket money more that you received from the "Jurai government expense"
the rule is simple ...

Every year .. it have a test .. two time... a year right ?
If you get a top score and in the 1st place the expense money is double.
2rd place is default and 3th place the expense money will cut in half

And it accumulate .. if you do it well .. double your money rewards every time you pass that test.
but if you done it wrong .. your money will cut in half every time too.

it's my personal money .. "my scholarship" not a government

so .. after you graduate from your study, you return "my scholarship" by working ... for me.
I'll be very happy.... if you accept that.
What do you feel ... Kanemitsu dono ?  accept "my scholarship" ?

Are you sure ..? the conditions like that ?

Yes .. It look easy .. but I think, it very difficult to done the 1st place every time
If you have no confidence, may be we stopped

No .. I understand ! ... I accept it ! ... I accept it !

Ok .. done ... and i will send you the contract later ..

both of them shake hand
Kanemitsu had been notice he shake hand with Seto ... then his face complete bright red

Very Good ! .. principal dono what do you think ?

Good Seto sama .. Kanemitsu dono.. are you sure to done that ?
the principal said that .. he not so sure.. but he skip to the next topic
about send-off party must have "item".. after our student training at school
and start a last training ... during the voyage the operation "red sea" and come back ... safely
the amulet item .. for a good fortune

Kanemitsu hear that .. he very excite .. and the student too, all of them get excited just because
they share this item .. a hundreds people only, very good ratio if you think about all entry people in
the nation ... a several billion.

But, before I give you that thing ...  I think Yosho dono, you should give "this" to Kanemitsu dono first.
this for Kanemitsu dono .. only...

Yeah .. This is my pray for safety... my own hair... as a Lucky charm amulet


Everyone .... was wide-eyed
Because, Misaki done herself haircut ... her pony tail .... about one third long  .. and she give him
all of that ... with her smiled.

Kanemitsu was crying ... that very extreme for him .. 

Seto sama, thank you ... thank you ... thank you ... thank you
Kanemitsu went out of the principal's office like he can fly... he said that "thank you" a million time
with a deep bow.... very deep bow.
You have naturally talented .. you are our "Treasure" .. the Jurai "Treasure"
Seto said that with first-class smile ....


Err.... Seto sama.... ?

after Kanemitsu went out ... completely

What ?

.... Errr. By Kanemitsu kun ... test score result ... he actually get a "free" scholarship from
the Galaxy Academy already ... why you ?

Huh .. ?
Yosho was surprised and he stare at Seto ?

Yes .. he did ...he get a scholarship that free, no need to return the money.
but .. it very boring .. and the end of that .. he will out of gas again.
done it my way ...  he try to done it by him self ... as hard as he can done.
... not good ?

All of you is absolute fucking devil not the god ... Jurai !!!
Suddenly, Yosho .. remembered that words ... it from leader of a pirate guild ..
after he was protection by the Galaxy Police.

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