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Hidden/Spoiler Tags

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Hidden/Spoiler Tags
« on: February 22, 2014, 02:25:04 AM »

Surgeon Of Death

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Just a friendly suggestion but I think this forum could really benefit having [hidden] or [spoiler] tags if possible. My computer at home can handle huge images just fine but I don't want to scroll down through 5 huge images in 1 page of a topic especially when I'm not at home or on my phone as my wi-fi at school can be extremely laggy. The tags can hide the image(s)/videos/spoilers and when the button is clicked to show the image/video/spoiler can be viewed properly. The tags can also help avoid unnecessary spoilers from the Tenchi series and other anime/games. I dunno if this is a vBulletin forum but some of the most popular ones like apforums has both hidden and spoiler tags. It'd be great if this forum could implement it too somehow.

Re: Hidden/Spoiler Tags
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Learn more about this.

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Spoiler: show
 I forgot all about this, but hey it's added!