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Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: OVA 5 Info Thread
« Last post by Ricin on Today at 01:24:39 AM »
I have a theory. After every couple of sets completed Seina gets a trouble maker to balance the karma equation. Airi played that role in the original Arc. Jovia is it in Renza Arc. Paradise War is not a Seina focused arc do not troublemaker. So after every so many he gets a trouble maker. Got one on the first group, then another on his 5th, next one would be on his 9th? if we ever get that far in the story.

I have also had a similar theory about the emblem of the Yamada house scene on the guys (Except the Balta Son) in the -If- doujins. The symbol is a circle Bisected into quarters with 3 short protrusions on 1 side and a single protrusion on the opposite side. In Seina's groups there is always a commonality amongst the girls with a single outlier.

1st set of wives Kiriko, Amane, Ryoko and Neeje (3 Space, 1 Earthling; 3 Women, 1 Child-bodied; 3 Non-pirate, 1 Pirate)
2nd set of wives (3 Princesses, 1 Queen)
3rd set Miki, Fuku/Widow, Kirche, D. (3 AI/Astral in Bioroid, 1 Biological Female; 3 Good, 1 Evil)
4 set of Wives Tskiko, Mikami, Quis/Mirror Seto, Mahiki ( 3 World Leaders, 1 Housewife)
5th Set of "wives" from Renza Arc, (3 Biological Females, 1 Biological Male)

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Kuis, Kuisu, or Quis?
« Last post by Nonsuch Ned on Yesterday at 08:38:47 PM »
As I've mentioned earlier. I'm going on a tear writing stuff on the Tenchi wiki lately and I'm stuck a little. What do we call her? Kuis, Kuisu, Quis? I was accidentally writing Kuisa lately.
I was going more with eff's "Kuisu" but with Crunchryroll using "Kuis" I guess that should be the one used?
And wasn't Seina supposed to give her a new name?! So we wouldn't even have to care?

...Not that going by CR's subs should always be the rule. I mean, I know WHY they call it "Tabletop Island" but I agree with AstroNerdBoy, it's a proper name, you don't translate proper names... even if you DO end up thinking about bluegrass when it comes up. You can even say it's a ship name and maybe should be called "Banjojima" instead. You wouldn't translate Kirito as "Sealing Fog" or Mikagami as "Reflecting Water."
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: OVA 5 Info Thread
« Last post by Nonsuch Ned on Yesterday at 08:20:47 PM »

Apart from them, the rest of the ladies implicated to sooner or later also get a piece of Seina are the Renza girls Sojyu, Kaguya, Airen, (Souren??? Daga otoko da.), Jovia, Maya (just wants the DNA), Makihi (Maya's mom so maybe after DNA ONLY as well), Acha (still a kid in the novels but she's a living sacrifice to Seina and JINV so she can't go home to her planet and stays with Seina), and really, just hints and bits and pieces blended in through the novels' dialogue so it's hard to really count the rest. JINV's humanoid terminal and the Philosopher's Stone's humanoid form might also be included there for all I know but that's going to at least be hinted by the last volume still not out. It has been confirmed by Yosho though that Airi does want a piece of Seina which is why she keeps on bothering him, and Yosho has stated that she will probably mellow out if Seina gives her what she wants. He apparently doesn't mind taking care of the resulting offspring back on Earth (that's some complicated husband wife understanding there).

Responding to an old comment via a search, because it seems to be the only one that mentions "Airen" in this thread.

I was checking something different in ep.2 and noticed something I missed.

When the girls are talking about who will be living at the house Kiriko says "Acha-chan and AIREN-san will need to disguise themselves as humans" - which not only confirms the barely there so far Airen as a wife, but could be oddly counting out Kaguya,Sojyu, and any other exotic species... at least from living with them. I guess they could be included but stuck keeping the fort in Renza?

And, BTW, Jovia is a "wife"? To tell the truth I just think of her as a prankster that came along for the ride. But in the same scene Kiriko is including her as someone as part of the house.
Vidya Geams ^_____^ / Re: What video games are you currently playing?
« Last post by WarOmnimon on Yesterday at 02:09:34 PM »
I've been on a bit of an old school kick as of late for some reason, going back and playing some retro games and so forth. To be precise, one of my favorite pasttimes in recent weeks has been playing Doom 2 with the MetaDoom mod and randomly generated levels (Via OBLIGE + ObAddon), which is a fun combo. More recent games I've been playing as of late include WWE 2k Battlegrounds (Which especially for a $40 game isn't that bad at all) and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (I need to get good with Lauren, she just came out and I haven't had much training mode time yet).

Come to think of it, I didn't get to report on my Digital Monster X3s yet. Across both versions (Blue and Yellow) and considering the Digimon who are Ultra levels in terms of gameplay balance (All of whom are Royal Knights on the X3s aside from Diaboromon X), I've raised Alphamon Ouryuken, UlforceVeedramon X, Magnamon X, Jesmon X, and Gankoomon X so far... and yes, I made sure to DNA Digivolve Jesmon X and Gankoomon X into Jesmon GX once I got them.

Related to that comment... there is a rumor going around that the original Digital Monster Xs (Black and White) may be coming out in the US and Europe this coming February. As someone who has 5 of the 6 versions (Specifically Black, Red, Purple, Blue, and Yellow; the only one I'm missing is White), I'd have to say that the Digital Monster X Series are the best v-pets the franchise has gotten in a while. If that rumor is true, I'm so glad that more fans are gonna get to check these out (And I'll also be able to get the White version to complete my set). :)
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: Original reason for stopping production?
« Last post by Nonsuch Ned on Yesterday at 01:20:53 PM »
I just posted a"Kids these days" response to someone on crunchyroll who posted "Who thought it was a good idea to release these months apart!?"

In MY DAY we paid $30 dollars for a single episode a year on VHS without a guarantee there's be more. And we liked it!
(also, in my day... we knew this was an impression of Dana Carvey's SNL character "Grumpy Old Man")

...not that I ever did that. I only bought US DVD singles as they came out for two shows. Both at the very end of that bubble. One was OVA 3. The other was actually School Rumble- the show that got me back into anime after a dry period.
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: Original reason for stopping production?
« Last post by Sushi on Yesterday at 12:55:50 AM »
Woo! Thank you for both the response and the point! I guess Iím wondering more specifically why they didnít go straight into OVA 3 after the second was done. The question haunts me. :staredog: I think they lost some magic in the interim.

This being said, I didnít realize Here Comes Jurai came out in Ď95! Iíve never stopped to think about how OVAs are very slow to release even back then. Thanks for collecting that info!
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: OVA 5 Info Thread
« Last post by WarOmnimon on September 22, 2020, 08:49:39 PM »
On a more serious note (Hence the double post), I took a moment to pass this Twitter post through Google Translate just now.

Tenchi Muyo! The 4th volume of Ryo-Ohki is also produced. Work is in progress quietly. A little while ago, the work around the sound of Volume 4 was completed. Due to corona measures, we couldn't record all together...
^ Google Translate stuffs, LOL

TLDR Production timing for episode 4 wasn't affected by the pandemic (In fact, the post outright states that sound production for the episode is done); the voice actors had to record their lines from home, that's all (The post outright states that the voice actors couldn't voice their lines together).

I guess we can consider this as confirmation that there won't be a delay. :)
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: Original reason for stopping production?
« Last post by WarOmnimon on September 22, 2020, 06:40:42 AM »
Why did they originally stop producing Tenchi Muyo after the second OVA series? If anyone can enlighten me that'd be great.
Hey, someone's asking the serious intellectual questions around here. +1 to your Useless Points. :)

I can't actually answer your question (If someone knows the answer, please enlighten us!), but I can contribute to this discussion with statistics. Production actually originally stopped after Tenchi in Tokyo (Or Daughter of Darkness, depending in if you count the final episode of Tenchi in Tokyo as being the last thing produced or not), and then stopped again after Tenchi Forever. Even after OVA 2 ended, there was a consistent stream of Tenchi content being produced for a few more years. You can determine this by looking at the release dates for the spinoffs that came up during OVA 2's run and before Tenchi Muyo! GXP. Good news is that I got those release dates from ANN for reference purposes.

Everything in the list below is the Japanese release / air date of the first episode of the season (Or movie) in question save for Here Comes Jurai (Which is the final episode of OVA 2 and is included in the list for consistency reasons) and Payback (Which is the final episode of Tenchi in Tokyo, again included in the list for consistency reasons).

Tenchi Universe: April 2, 1995
Here Comes Jurai: August 25, 1995
Pretty Sammy: August 25, 1995
Tenchi Muyo in Love: April 20, 1996
Magical Project S: October 4, 1996
Tenchi in Tokyo (First episode): April 1, 1997
Daughter of Darkness: August 2, 1997
Payback: September 23, 1997 (The first break came after this)
Tenchi Forever!: April 24, 1999 (The second break came after this; bigger than the first one, and we didn't get anything else until GXP)
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: OVA 5 Info Thread
« Last post by WarOmnimon on September 22, 2020, 06:18:49 AM »
Wedding has been teased hard, weddings in 4 implys kids in 5.

Nah, I can see another season or two leading up to this wedding   :shepicide:

Atleast 6 more seasons of meeting tenchi's half cousins aunt's uncle's great great grandmother's college roommate while drinking tea
Don't forget Tenchi's third cousin twice removed that he nor the girls even remotely knew about showing up somewhere in there, LOL. :emot-smugdog:

(Not saying that this will happen obviously; I'm playing along with the joke.)
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Original reason for stopping production?
« Last post by Sushi on September 22, 2020, 12:19:52 AM »
Why did they originally stop producing Tenchi Muyo after the second OVA series? If anyone can enlighten me that'd be great.
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