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Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: OVA 5 Info Thread
« Last post by antvasima on Yesterday at 05:27:54 PM »
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: OVA 5 Info Thread
« Last post by GP cadet 87 on Yesterday at 02:58:13 PM »
So re-watched OVA 4. My opinion hasn't improved one iota. There are some nice moments. Ryo-Ohki waking up the whole household. Ryoko and Ayeka refreshingly NOT being jealous of Minaho spending so much time with Tenchi. Tenchi's dad and grandfather's discussion of Kiyone. Minaho and Tenchi's conversation is also very interesting.

But it's all exposition and set up. None of the original OVAs humor, character interactions or action is in here to spice up the world building. It makes even less sense to me now on why these episodes were made, knowing it was intended for the Japanese fans. Besides seeing Nobuyuki and Rea's wedding, there's really nothing here worthy of being animated IMO. Yes, I know this is a bridge between 3 & 5, but it doesn't change the fact that it's all conversations, telling the Japanese audience who have all the novels and doujins handy, what they probably already know.

It's like if they made a miniseries of LotR and only filmed Gandalf's talk with Frodo about the One Ring and the Council of Elrond.

I just want to see Tenchi's family, his "inner" family, not Misaki village, be the focus. Show Kenshi, the kids, the girls, and Tenchi's day to day life. Don't have the entire OVA be a training montage. We have War on Geminar available to us, we *already* know where all the training is going to lead.

Have some action, some comedy. I'm tired of seeing most of the main cast out of focus and/or little to no cool action or space opera stuff.
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: OVA 5 Info Thread
« Last post by takahata on Yesterday at 10:13:42 AM »
I want to see the main villain of OVA 5 to be a member of the Jurain Royal House of Amaki.  If the villain is from the House of Amaki, his goal can focus on attempt to discredit the present Head of the House. The present Head of the Amaki is likely focusing on the stage of ending the centuries long bitter rivalry between the House of Masaki and the House of Amaki. The Head plans to let his house to continue to be the main rival of the House of Masaki. Like I stated before, the Head of the Amaki House travels to Earth to discuss  the matter of arranging a political marriage between two of the children from the two Houses. Since most of Tenchi's daughters are destined to married most of Siena's sons,  Tenchi and Ayeka will have to focus on a betrothal with their oldest son and one of the daughters of the Head of the House of Amaki.

Arranging the betrothal between Tenchi's and Ayeka's oldest son and one of his oldest daughters is the true objective of the Head. The Head of Amaki, Tenchi, and Ayeka will allow their two children the option of ending their engagement when they become adults.  For some members of the House of Amaki, they are opposed to the betrothal plan. Most of those who are opposed to the betrothal plan, they are merely stating their opinions. For the villain, he is opposed to the betrothal because he felt that the present Head of his house is betraying it. The villain can form an alliance with one of the illegitimate Space Pirate Guilds.

Aware of the villain's plans, the Head of the Amaki House tricks the villain into believing that he had made a betrothal agreement with Nobuyuki and Rea. Tenchi and Ayeka are aware of the Head's plan as well as Nobuyuki and Rea.

For some humor,  Airi and Katsuhito's third wife come to Earth to ask their husband to have another child with them.  If Tenchi becomes a father, he finds himself in funny situations like changing diapers and dealing with Ryoko's  and Ayeka's problems with becoming mothers. Of course, Ryoko and Ayeka have two women to ask for advice on motherhood.

For Mihoshi, I want her to become less like  Universe's Mihoshi and more like her own parents and brother.

 :why: :how: :omgwtf: :shyboy:

Member Introductions / Re: Kinda new but hi anyways! ^-~
« Last post by antvasima on Yesterday at 08:48:04 AM »
Thank you for helping out.
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: OVA 5 Info Thread
« Last post by antvasima on Yesterday at 08:46:31 AM »
I rather liked the Z parts of OVA 3, but do not like that the focus has shifted away from the main cast.
Member Introductions / Re: Kinda new but hi anyways! ^-~
« Last post by Harls on Yesterday at 05:43:44 AM »
I've started on Arnold Palmers.
8 gxp 3 with near perfect grammer and flow is now done it was an easy one :/ i'm not looking forward to gxp 6 and on i know i really rushed those but thats why im fixing it
Member Introductions / Re: Kinda new but hi anyways! ^-~
« Last post by Dr.Soviet on Yesterday at 01:07:26 AM »
I only like Coffee :eng101:
Vidya Geams ^_____^ / Re: What's your general play time limit?
« Last post by totalmisakifan on July 17, 2019, 06:06:05 PM »
5 hours. An thatís being serious because if I donít stop at 5 hours I could go all day.
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