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Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)

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In Shin Tenchi Muyo vol.3 washu
No interesting information so I will skip this.

Tenchi Muyo GXP Vol.1-2
In GXP Novel Vol.1 story following the animation and finished when Seina arrived to Galaxy Police.
In GXP Novel Vol.2 story still following animation but When Seina stay at Galaxy Police with his ability
it bring a lot of bad guy and spy to Galaxy Police and One of them is AA33485 Code name "Wedo ウィドゥー".She was some kind of terrorist
No body know her real body, she changed face , changed name and changed a lot of body.In past at Airi (Airi's planet) Wedo made
people more than ten thoundsand do suicide event but no one can arrest her. and now she appear at Galaxy Police becuase she want to
known Who Yamada Seina is.

Airi and Mikami know about this from Seito then they plan to arrest Wedo.

When Seina come to space with his ability make Seito arrest a lot of pirate that make Seina and Seito got a lot of Money reward from this.
In Seito Troops, One of her Troops in Accounting department which Ringo as a head. 

she want to thanks to Seina about this and with Seito sheer up
this make Ringo come to one of Seina Harem (HaHaHa in Novel Ringo is the one who want to get marriage)

Seito let Kiriko handle with Seina money. this pic show reaction of Kiriko after saw digit.

According to Animation line after Seina and His Friends (Rajal, Kenes) ascape from Domitory.

In the city Seina lost his way and run across to
Wedo but he don't know about Wedo story (but he think this woman have some feeling like Seito and Airi). Wedo don't do anything to Seina , She
just sit and talking with Seina but with Seina's ability (bad luck) bring some incident occurred that make Wedo almost die. After everything clear
Seina apologise and run away to his friends. Mikami appear and try to arrest Wedo but she surrender to Mikami and tell her that This is the first
time that She think she almost die (Just stay nearby seina) and she interesting in Seina with her surrender, Wedo do some request that she want
to stay nearby Seina so she give herself astral body to Seina (when washu create Fuku she use Wedo's astral body as a core of Fuku ).
Mikami talking to Wedo a little bit but something make her feeling like turn into young once again (I think this situation make Mikami start to
look at Seina as a man not just a student)
After Seina back to his friends story go back to animation line and finished at Human experiment Group (meet Eruma) 

I will try to insert some information which animation don't have it only.Sorry for rough summary.

Mod Note: Changed Title to reflect actual contents.
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Re: Tenchi Muyo GXP Novel Summary
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Yeah, the GXP novels, this is what I was waiting for XD
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Re: Tenchi Muyo GXP Novel Summary
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So Wedo is some sort of Heavens Gate cult leader....And thank you for the summary, I've wondered what was going on in the novels!

Re: Tenchi Muyo GXP Novel Summary
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Tenchi Ryu

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Re: Tenchi Muyo GXP Novel Summary
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Dude! Washu was the novel I was the most interested in hearing about! Please, please tell us about it!

Also, is Seina a cooler person in the novels? He was unimpressive in the show, I was wondering if he was cooler in the novels. Do all these women have good reasons to fall in love with him?

Thank you again for these summaries! A rough summary is better than no summary!
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Re: Tenchi Muyo GXP Novel Summary
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Dude! Washu was the novel I was the most interested in hearing about! Please, please tell us about it!

Also, is Seina a cooler person in the novels? He was unimpressive in the show, I was wondering if he was cooler in the novels. Do all these women have good reasons to fall in love with him?

Thank you again for these summaries! A rough summary is better than no summary!

I think what he is saying is the summary that we already have covers everything.

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shades of blue

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So Wedo is some sort of Heavens Gate cult leader....

This is what I'm curious about too. I'd really like to know if she's more of a doomsday cult follower, like "Heaven's Gate" or aligned with a terrorist sect like the "Red Army", which used serin gas in Tokyo's subway tunnels back in the 1980s.

Also thanks for sharing Alen.

Re: Tenchi Muyo GXP Novel Summary
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Shin tenchi Muyo - Washu

Washu was living in planet which have Jurai Army , they stand by to protect people from the pirate.
Washu stay at orphan house and become big sister for everyone. She also know as an esper which can changing her body in to adult.
She will use this ability when go to the market and bring a lot of food back for her brother and sister.

Mean while she also study by herself and no one teach her but she can create  small galaxy in fish tank.
and Washu want to know what is three gem that her  have ( Washu use this as a theme to study in Galaxy Academy )

Washu received Jurai's scholarship and come to Galaxy Academic to study. Naja come and be guide for her.

In Novel  Who always pretend Kei  not Washu but Naja.

One day Washu want to read a book in his secret base and don't want anyone to interrupt , She create barrier around her place.
But Mikamo come from nowhere and enter to Washu secret base ( Well that why Mihoshi and Mitoto also have some strange ability too)

After this story go with lover story about Washu and Mikamo and they have a child name Mikumo.

One thing I notice from this Novel is  Naja must love washu for sure when she know about Washu and Mikamo , Naja quiet shock but still help Washu and Mikamo all the time.

In this Novel, Washu just a normal girl everything very very normal, I don't know why she become mad scientist.
May be the reason that she become mad scientist must be after she lost her child to Kuramitsu but no story about this.

About Wedo ,  she work alone. In Airi   people believe in god so she use this point and make a lot of people believe then do suicide.

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Re: Tenchi Muyo GXP Novel Summary
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I .. think about this book for many time.. when i able to read it .. and i read it again and again..
it's not supposed to be translated  .. the story is magnificent .. it's so wonderful  wonderful  wonderful  ...
never mind ... forgot what i said ..
and start our last book ... shall we...?

Book 3 Washu Ch 01  Sub 01/02 (x3 longer than normal)

Memory of a Snow 

In the dining room of Masaki house, ... there was a "door" .. the strange one .. under the stairs up to the second floor
It's a normal door .. just a wooden door ... like everywhere else.

However, the structure of this door is a really strange ...

When you open that door .. There are the stairs leading to the underground level .. but
You can see .. the staircase that leads down to the basement ... just approximately only 1 meter from the floor
Yes ... It's just a door ... Indeed
But .. very strange one.

Umm .... This .. and That ... is for Grandpa ...

At the front gate of Masaki House .. 2 Personal Guardians of Aeka .. now a day is a gatekeeper .. and .. a Mail Box
but .. the one who sorting the Mail is Sasami 
.. why ?

Well ... by normal .. it's have a lot of junk mail ... advertisements for a local shopping around there ..
only that ...

and When She sorting and remove .. all stuff she want .. the real letter ... always .. addressed to Tenchi or Katsuhito
there is no such a letter should come to Sasami .. or the other ... all of them not an earthling ...

In this moment of time ..
this is the first time Sasami just broke up with her "parents" for real .. feel a bit loneliness
If she continue grow up inside .. nearly shut down from outside world area .. like Masaki House ..
like that .. this is no good for her and maybe "Sacred her heart" .. with loneliness

that why she need to go some where around the house
(or go to high school before all of them go back to Jurai and live there for a period of time)

and then ....

She has to stopped unexpectedly .. and stare ... at the letter
..... This ? ... This is ... Washu onee-chan .... letter ?

then .. She read the address again ... ?? ... and again ??

The town name .. was wrong .. but ...  the received name was right ...  for Washu onee-chan ?
Umm..... ? ....  the sender is the earthling ? .. and addressed to Washu onee-chan ?

Myaa !

Sasami look at this letter .. before flip to the back and tries to look, Who is the sender, Ryo Oh-ki in
the humanoid form sitting next to her by unawares ...

Mya Mya Mya~aaaa Mya

This is for today .. Ryo chan !

... this is her job .. Ryo Oh-ki .. carrying the letter to Katsuhito on that shrine in the mountain,
As alway .. Sasami will put the letter in the small carrot bag for her .. and she run ... LOL all the way ... to the shrine.

Sasami not assign Ryo Oh-ki to done .. any work .. but .. Ryo Oh-ki want to help .. everything she can ..
and She very happy .. if got a new one. .... that why She carry that letter like a treasure

Be careful ....

Sasami send her off at the stairs that go to the shrine ..  and She went home ...

What can I do with Washu onee-chan letter ?
Tee he .. I forget it ..

After give the letter to Katsuhito by Ryo Oh-ki ..
by her everyday habit .. another letter will be send to Tenchi .. on his desk... in his room.
Sasami was stopped, thinking ... and laughed for herself ..

It's just only one envelope (letter) ... She can simply walk and .. send herself

On the third floor ...

Ryoko was laying around the floor .. in front of Tenchi room .. the living area that full of carrot cushion,
in her hand is a Manga book of Nobuyuki .. and .. her eyes full of water ?

and the Manga, she read is ... "Send it to you .." issue 17 .. complete set is 20
this book episodes .. Michiko, the main character ... have a misfortune .. when she say goodbye to her lover
Tomohiro ... so ... She draw his image by herself and send "the image frame" to him instead ...
that was the best part ... exactly ?

Sasami, Who came up the stairs, calling her .. Ryoko.

Ah ! .. Ryoko onee-chan

Ha .. Yo !

her eyes still .. read the manga book .. and she answer by rise one of her hand ...
for Sasami .. she knows this book .. that ryoko reading is very good,
It can make her tears came out of the eye corner  .. but the thing Sasami didn't knows is
Ryoko done a "fusion" with Zero ... (on OVA2 , the end of chapter .. 12 .. I think ) .. after that ..
she supposed to have or "develop" .. a sensitive feelings or emotion .. when she read a story like that ..

.. With no reason ... ?

[Hurmmm ,,, If .. I hit Ryoko onee-chan with that carrot cushion ... Is it all right ? ]
but Sasami didn't do that ... She open the door and walk inside tenchi's room ...

... !

A mystery carrots cushion... fly pass over the head of Sasami .. into tenchi's room .. pass another door
...and landing to the balcony.

[Chi !]
Ryoko was silence floating in the air .. at the back of Sasami ...
She .. throw another one .. the carrot cushion, when Sasami put the letter on the desk of Tenchi ..
but the carrot cushion just "sharpening" passing Sasami face ...

Sasami knows ... Ryoko will done that as usual.
then She turn back look at Ryoko .... and said thank you

Thank you, Ryoko onee-chan ...

.... but another carrot cushion was hit her ... on top of her head

Baaa Hahaha

Ryoko oneeeee-chan !
Sasami throw the carrot cushion, Ryoko just disappearing into the floor while continue reading the Manga books.

Moooo !
Sasami muttered ... and she bring another carrot cushion that had a dust to the balcony .. for
Dry it .. with Sun light ... after that the cushion will soft and fluffy.

Ryo Oh-ki really love that soft and fluffy carrot cushion... that why ? Sasami doing that almost every day
and imagined .. when Ryo Oh-ki running around with joy .. she smile and forget about ..what ?
Ryoko just done to her.

When Sasami came down to the dining room, Ryo Oh-ki .. just come back from her delivery

Thank you for your hard working .. Ryo chan !

about 10 minutes .. start from Sasami was send her ... finishing work and came down to the dining room
Ryo Oh-ki speed when she use her humanoid body is very close to the cat-rabbit body .. in just a few months.

Wanna bring a letter to Washu onee-chan together .. Ryo chan ?
Meow .. !

Just only one envelope ... Sasami and Ryo Oh-ki hold hands together happily  .. and headed to the door ....

Washu onee-chan
Sasami knock the door under the stairs lightly .. and opened it.

from her point of view ... it is a strange landscape
like no other .. the door of store room everywhere else, a staircase that leads down to the basement
show up .. approximately one meter from the floor .. and the end of the staircase .. it's have .. another door
... this is point less to have a door again...

However, the other side of that door opened to .. some where .. what ever ...
this two "point less" doors was builds and design the structure inside by Washu .. the most genius scientist in the galaxy

... and now ... Sasami access to a large laboratory pass that door.

There was a figure of Washu in the same cloth with her operating terminal ... she watching the monitor that reflects
simulation or analysis scientific data of her experiment result as usual

It's still early for a lunch .... or do you have something else ... ?
Washu tapping keyboard of that terminal when she was called .. without leave her eye from the monitor.

Err ... I came for delivered a letter to you ... Washu onee-chan..
My .. ? letter ... ?

Washu stop tapping .. and turn back .. look at Sasami.

I don't not know anybody that earthlings, Why ? Someone send a letter to me ...

She have no idea .. look closely to that envelope, the name was right .. "Washu chan" .. ??
and that person use a simply dry pen write it .. but wrong town name ... yes .. maybe, it's actually send to a wrong town
if you not count her name ... for this situation ... the possible that letter was wrong sending is very near zero percent
So .. the question is ... Who send it ? .. with "old-fashioned" style of the earth... and that one knows ....
where ? Washu was live on the earth .. the idea is countless.

When Washu look at the sender name .... on the envelope

Masaki Kasumi ...... ? .. Who is she ?

... that name is Jurai family name ... no doubt about it ... but .. Washu have no idea .. who she is ?
the person that suppose to have an information .. Washu is here .. is .. both Empress and the Emperor
that came to the Earth .... look at that word .. "Masaki" ? .. she is Tenchi relative for sure.

That the name of Taro's mother ... !
Sasami raised her voice
(Masaki Kasumi .. Who is she ? .. She is the mother of Masaki Taro .. yes ?
and ... she show her real face only 1 picture
in back cover of .. errr .. i forgot the issue ...
she have a blonde hair, kuramitsu ear type ? and orange Choco eyes color)

.... !

Washu have a real surprise ... and ... not many time .. she was surprise ..

but ... I can't remember the family name of Masaki obaa-chan
(She mean ... Tenchi's aunt .. the one you seen on OVA2 )

Taro chan ... mother ?

Kasumi ... Taro mother .. When She was hospitalized with a sudden illness ? a few months ago ..... **
and make Masaki House in chaos .... when handle the baby... because that 3 girls not familiar with baby well.
thank for Washu .. every thing come back to normal... and Taro make her remind to the past ..
 ** in OVA 2 that chapter ..

on the start  .. it have a telephone called to Masaki House ...
and Aeka .. received that called.. go to Taro's House .. and come back with Sasami in the evening

that days ... Sasami have a menstrual period for the first time at Taro's House
that why ? she is not on the screen for a many time in that chapter

Maybe this is a thank-you letter ...

Myau ...... Myau .. !!!
Ryo Oh-ki .... suddenly in the bad mood .. when she hear the name "Taro".
her "fear" memory still inside her head ... for many thing .. when Taro play ? with her .. many month ago.
She return to her cat-rabbit body form .. and hidden in the shadows ....

Sasami gently pad her head while picked Ryo Oh-ki up  .. but she jump from Sasami hand to the floor and
clinging to Sasami shoulder

That all right, Ryo chan ! ...

Myaa ...

Ryo Oh-ki  ... popping back to humanoid body form.
every one smile .. with a relax feeling ...

Thank you, for a letter .... Sasami chan .. and I will read it .. later.

Err... Yeah ....

At that time .. somewhere in Japan have an "earthquake" ....  Sasami so worried about that.
but .. that letter was addressed to Washu .. She can not read it ... 

... and I will call you again .. when lunch time.

Sasami hold Ryo Oh-ki hand .. and tries to leave the room.
But, Ryo Oh-ki does not move

Ryo chan ?

Washu is the only one, Who can understand her well... why she do that .. and gently said while patting her head.

Thank you, for a letter .... Ryo Oh-ki chan


After Washu confirmed ... Ryo Oh-ki and Sasami .. walk out of the room .. completely
She grab that envelope with both hands
Washu just continued watching the envelope ..."not" trying to open the seal
.... it's a long silence ... there.
Eventually ...

Washu ... close her eyes .. and then .. the other door appear ... automatically opened without a sound
the wind blown .. Washu hair slightly fly.

the other side of that door, it was a landscape .. look like a park with a lot of tree .. that come from "In the past"
era ... variety of types, large and small .. all over the place.

but .. it isn't a park .. it's a huge garden.

Washu walk pass through the door .. on another side of the door is a few centimeters from the ground
but .. she touch the ground softly.

Washu can fly ... without any mechanical .. ?

Speaking of the natural of each person, She is Ryoko mother .. Ryoko usually use her ability .. but Washu is not ..
Don't ask the reason .. Why ? ...  feel good, or good for your health ?
In fact .... In front of Tenchi ... Washu "never use" her special ability ..

Tenchi dono .. will done a jaw drop .. If he knows .. I can fly ...
Washu think ... and she imagine Tenchi dono amazing face, when she flying through the trees and laughing all
the way. A place where she wanted to go this time is .. far... and not like Masaki House that she can just open ..
that warp door and go ..

A few kilometers away .. in front of Washu is a small glass building .. look like a big green glass shred in the garden.
.. when she arrived to that building .. the door of the building open automatically.
after fly inside that door .. the "Scenery" was transformed instant .. to absolute .. Darkness.
not have a wall, not have a reflected of a glass windows .. not even have a floor
everything .... turn to be a Darkness ... ?  .. and then .. ?


 A Milky Way Galaxy ...

If you went into that room for the first time, You will make a screaming ... if you have an idea .. now
you were thrown out into a space ... suddenly

5 Planets .. was arranged in front of Washu ... so ... we are not inside the building but .. actually that the gateway of
a large space station floating in space .. and all of it .... is the "research" office .. for only one woman ..
Washu .. of cause.

more .. weird thing ..

we not in the sola system ...  the "planet" five different types .. orbit around this large space station
or .. we can called it .. as the Institute of Washu .... moving around the interstellar system ..
somewhere in the galaxy... not a fixed point ....

.... How much ? ,.. the energy that require to linkup the door .. between the Institute of Washu and Masaki House ?
Nobody knows ?

One of that five planets ...

Not so big in term of astronomical units .. and not have an important observatory equipment
this one .. for living ... Washu "replica" .. her old house .. and lived .. there.

An hour later ...
Washu was home .. in her room .. with an old miscellaneous observatory equipment that out of used from
the laboratory... sitting on the old rocking chair .. and swing it.

When she want to thinking something  ... "alone" , she always come here.
between this 20,000 years ... a lot of thing .. happen ... in her past ..
but .. everything .. is here ... the enormous "dresser" and "photo frame" .. collection
.. that take from a several placed... with every one .. she never throws the thing away
... she keep it .. keep it all.

One photo frame , ...

a baby, big green eyes same as her was reflected both of them image .. and , it seems to be looking at her.

that was a ....., I ....

Remembering the time .. and what a shame .... she done is
this is a scene .. that absolute can not  be shown to anyone else...

.. Ah ! this is not the time to think about that ..

It's still early to .. she don't knows ? .. answers about Tenchi and her relation .. what is it ..?
and she think .. maybe ? .. Ryoko, Aeka, Sasami .. Mihoshi .. also think in the same thing.
Or ... Ryo Oh-ki too ? .. tee he ..
Washu use her old stationery open the envelope .. and read it.
it's begin with ..

"Dear Sir" ...

a good background story write down in the mail ... and following with the gratitude words for "thank you"
.. quite old traditional and carefully polite

but, .. this letter written at least the "minimum" details, .. only the point that supposed to be there.
the real important in this letter that make " Washu aware the real important meaning " of this letter.
the Format .. was very familiar look .. like " a letter from the mother " .. an old thick .. that was one of
the report format ... used only in the Galaxy Academy.

The kind of thing Washu see ..
We have a " Carelessly Clan ** " .. live inside Tenchi 's palace ... and everything is "dose not" really matter ..

Of course not ! ...
if you think about it .. !
... and the end of this letter... at the postscript "PS"

PS. Please keep my identity as classified

Ms. Kasumi.

(" Carelessly Clan " ... A.K.A ... don't care about politic .. family ..
for the example ...

Tenchi have a big sister ! .. and Seto force him to done a politic marry ..   !
Yes .. and then ? .. what ? .. Tenchi don't care .. he go to the carrot fields with Ryo Oh-ki instead...

Kuramitsu declare wars with Jurai .... and Misao try to kill every one - destroy the Earth ... now !!
Yes .. and then ? .. what ? .. Nobody care ..  and have a big party ..  ?

Sena got the (lost) first generation tree seed (before Jurai era) and he going to be the next emperor of Jurai ... !
Yes .. and then ? .. what ? .. Yosho and Tenchi don't care .. if Sena want .. go ahead and get it.

by technically .. Masaki House on the earth .. is a very very very secure place .. to live... if you can live there... actually)

hump ...
Washu muttered with deep emotion .. and it make pictures in her head .. a happy family .. her family and Taro family
is that a real thing .. ? a happiness ?

Hope you happy go lucky ... boy ..
She put away the letter, .. with voice of Sasami from some where .. pass intercom.

Washu onee-chan .. lunch already ..
yes .. I'll coming !

Institute of Washu .. as you can see .. it's very huge size .. by normal case Washu study by simulation in her living
room in the space station , but now .. She change the location to the other planet..  she can go back to Masaki House ..
by the same warp door for Washu this is not a problem for her .. but anyone else who try to called her from
the other side of the door.

that why ? she push the intercom inside the door that install in the Masaki House
when someone knock the door .. the intercom will locate .. where Washu is .. in that time..
and that make the door change the location point to Washu .. because some people that have no idea and enter
that door without knocking it ..maybe .. have a very serious trouble .. like .. Mihoshi .. for the good example.

(no problem for Ryo Oh-ki .. because she scratch the door before enter.. every time .. good girl ..)

When Washu came in the living room of Masaki House, everyone at the seat ... except .. yes ... Mihoshi
.. she is not there...

Washu onee-chan .. you late again ..

Hahaha .. Sorry .. Sorry ...
Washu say sorry to Sasami .. and Mihoshi come back to Masaki House at the same time by that warp door ..
but where did she go ? .. inside that door ?

Oh dear ! .. I have no idea where Washu is ??
Sasami was watching her with a million question want to ask face .. but Mihoshi .. walk to her seat .. and unaware ..
Washu was there already.

... in the first time Mihoshi was begging to called Washu .. in her laboratory, but ... She go inside that door for
a very ... very long time .. then Sasami called Washu by herself.

However, Mihoshi .. come with the "Lucky Star" ... or Lucky bastard .. Who always make a lucky good result
every time with her enemy, but .. at home .. her luck make a lot of problem, destruction ...and everything confusion ..

Washu was wonder .. ? why ?
and a lot of Mihoshi ... Good Job ! ..  (fury to make an accident) .. is

fall a carrots and Aeka into the pond ... with no reason ?
fall something .. to Ryoko head ... with no reason .. (again) ?
fall her space shuttle .. to Tenchi's carrots fields, in the harvest time, destroy ..about 1 Kilometer in diameter.
step her foot .. on Ryo Oh-ki tail ..
breaking the tableware
breaking the water tap pipe
and fail landing in to the lake .. in front of Masaki House .. as usual ..

.. that not funny ! .. really ..
and this time ... SHE GO INSIDE WASHU LABORATORY ....
What a scary .. ? that can compare with .. somebody put the fire into the gunpowder barrel ..

Everyone .. knows that .. but .. why ? Sasami still begging her to done that job ...
So.. the reason is .. When Sasami ask for help .. She is the first one who voluntary ! .. that her type of person ..

... Mihoshi onee-chan , Where did you find Washu onee-chan ?
Because this is late .. for an hour .. she said.

Ummm ... First ...

Only short briefly ..
Washu said... she knows .. if you ask something like that to Mihoshi .. the answer is ..."a trouble"

.. I go to a bright room and then a dark room ..that cold and thick  ...... and... Umm,
Oh ! ..thank you, Sasami-chan 

So .. Sasami give her a bowl of rice... and her explanation from her memory .. where she is .. Stop.

thank ! ..
Washu think is her heart ..
(Sasami able to .. dual with Mihoshi .. quite well .. and Ryoko .. and Aeka too.)

Mihoshi answer is always the same .. waste of time to hear all of that
and .. Washu just installed the new security system .. for support Mihoshi only case ..
this is a good test.. it will work or not.

the new security system ...
Mihoshi done anything .. the system will record that .. after that .. just 1 click .. everything restored to old setting.
Good ! ... 
Perfect ! ...
Yes .. yes .. yes .. hump ....

(Mihoshi memory logic is like a video playback ... maybe because she use that device ..
her ribbon from Kuramitsu clan to control her brain .. after Seto done her hobby ..
make a new couple... and it go wrong .. long time ago.)
But ... because ... that weird mistake of Mihoshi ..
she always rushing to the Area that have a big problem .. first
quite useful .. if you are the "Galaxy Police"

After lunch .. it is a free time ... ... ... (free time ?) .. before ....

Tenchi .. go back to his work ..
Washu .. go back to her laboratory ..
Sasami .. cleaning up the kitchen ...

like a clock work.

Ah ! .. Sasami chan ! .. the letter that came a little while ago ...

Washu was noticed .. Sasami had to worry about the letter .. maybe it's reflected with their parents
not good .. if She not fixed it ... quick .. this way feel a lot better.

Taro's Mother .. feel better already... and She likely to return home .. immediately

Really !? ... It was good
Sasami was smile ....

I want to go out now ..... but, .. maybe the Rain is falling ....
Sasami look at the other side of the window, the rain clouds .. all over the sky.

It's all right .. all day, .. It's supposed to be a Shining Days ... today.
Washu walk to the front glass door of living room ..  when go out of the kitchen... 

Collected the sample .. ?

... Oh, just a little .. thing .. to done.

Tenchi speak with her when he go down from the second floor ...
.. Washu almost out of the front door ... answer Tenchi question .. and she stop ..  thinking about that ..
farewell photos, a letters .. many ... many thing , ...

What ? Wrong ...

No, Not thing ....
She open the door .. glass door .. at the front ... cold wind blow .. but this time is in the spring.

It seems like we back in the winter .. Washu ... san , ..

Tenchi called her "chan"  .. but . sometime .. just .. sometime .. he change to  "san"  instead,
it is start from that time .. after he saw that .. when Taro went home .. many month ago.
He recognize Washu as  adult ...

Washu not said anything about it .. anymore .. everything stop at that point.
For Washu .. she live together with Tenchi .. now .. and go steady to the future with him ... life is wonderful ...

Is it all right .. ? in the dressed like that ?

I'm all right, ... and I will come back .. quickly as possible ... Tenchi dono.

If you look at the content of conversation only .. both of them dialog is very "simple",
Tenchi said that with feeling - brother worry about his sister.
Washu said that with feeling - mother .. go some where .. and went back in no time... with her kid ..


Well ... Tenchi dono .. I'm going ..

Washu .. walk towards the mountain
Tenchi .. stare at the back figure of Washu, and look up in to the sky .. with shake body because cold air ...
a small cold ice .. fell down .. and became a drop of water .. by the heat of Tenchi's cheek
It's a snow ......

Tenchi was looking at the snow ... it's increase fell very fast .. he stare back at the direction ...
that Washu just walked away..

Washu san .. a snow ...

no appearance of Washu ... there.
like she just .... disappear in the air .. when it's snow ....


continue next week
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)
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Book 3 Washu Ch 01  Sub 02/02 (x3 longer than normal)

Memory of a Snow 

It's become a heavy snow fell ... (Ae)

Yes .. it's very rare .. in this area. (Ten)

Aeka and Tenchi .. talk ..  while staring at a snow that continue fell .. non stop.
Yes .. In the south of Okayama prefecture .. that Masaki House is locate ... it's very rare .. to got a heavy snow ..
by normal , it's must be only a cold rain .. or light snow .. that melt away in the next day.

Do Washu onee-chan .... all right ? (Sa)

Sasami said that .. while she watching .. outside the glass door .. from tatami mat .. in dinning area.
and then ... the wind was angry brow like a storm .. this is not good ...

Ne Ne .. Washu is a cold-blooded woman .. you knows ? .. she will be all right .. in the snow .. Haha. (Ryo) **

Well .. , What ? the snow lady ? (Ten)

but .. Tenchi, you are warm like the Autumn ... (Ryo)

Yes .. yes .. because Washu san is your truly mother .. that why ? (Ae)

..... !

.. (every time) .. two of them stare and have a thunder between the line of sight ..

when Ryoko said that long dialog .. it's have
Yuki - Onna word in that dialog .. that why tenchi hear that .. as the snow lady. (Yukionna)

Well .. Tenchi and Sasami move them self with a tea set and Japanese free time snake to sofa area ..
in no time ... Tenchi still have a sembe (rice cracker) in his mouth .. but never mind ..
let's Aeka and Ryoko done .. what they want to done .. a cat and dog fight .. perhaps
at sofa .. Tenchi was found ... Mihoshi ? .. she was there all the time and, sleeping .. ?


Please , eat that first .. Tenchi onii-chan .... (Sa)

(wakeup)... a fairy tale book .. ? .. what kind of that story .. Tenchi san ? (Mi)

Oh .. Err .. the Lady ... who live in the snowy mountains, .. appear in the winter .. can control a cold air
and snow fell...

Tenchi continue speak .. a short version of the Snow Lady ... everyone on the earth knows that
but .. Sasami and Mihoshi .. is not .. that why both of them ... continue listen that story until the end.

Oh Dear ! .. this is very interesting .. ! .. my stars actually have that fairy tale same as the earth .. ! (Mi)

Really .. , Mihoshi onee-chan ... (Sa)

You ! .. made that up .. did you .. ! (Ryo)
Ryoko floating on top of the group ... and She leave Aeka be hide .... with unawares,
Aeka was left alone and seen that ... She give-up .. and enter to that circle of story immediately.

We not say .. you are lie ... please take a responsible , what you say .. Mihoshi san (Ae)

But .. My grand-mama said it all the time .. when ... I ... I ... was .... young ...
Mihoshi said .. and shift her body .. to the back ... Ryoko stare at her .. closely ..

IS IT TRUE ? (Ryo)

Yeah , .... Maybe .... (Mi)

Ryo Oh-ki and Sasami .. popup both of them head between Ryoko and Mihoshi ...

Hey ,.. Ryo-chan .. , Want to hear Mihoshi onee-chan .. Snow Lady story .. ? (Sa)

Me too, I want to hear that story .. Mihoshi san (Ten)
Tenchi said that himself ... , for Today .. He can not go outside or done a field work anyway.
.. and the weather now .. is "perfect" for a scary story... so.
Ala .. Ala.. Errr (Mi)

Hey ! ... wait a sec ! (Ryo)
Ryoko stop Mihoshi that try to speak ... for a second...

Oh, Ryoko san are you scared ....? , you scared .... did you ? (Mi)

.... but when every one look at that point ... Aeka was build the stage and hit it with her hammer
Ryoko put the candle placing on top of her liquor bottle ..  for make a dim scary light
.. on another side of stage

Ok .. Done ! ... Good to go .. Now ! , Mihoshi. (Ryo)

... Err, Ryoko san .. this is a "ghost story" ..., but ... (Mi)
the Stage .. reminded her when all of them in the hot spring of that "big house",
relatives of Tenchi is the owner... Ryoko show her scary ghost like face .. with cold tone of voice..
Mihoshi seen that, .. and she got fainted ...

S t a r t .. y o u r .. s t o r y ... N O W ! (Ryo)

Yes ! .. Yes ! .. (Mi)

Mihoshi done a little cough ... and she start speaking quietly.

the Star that I was born ... name "Seniwa" .. that planet was covered by snow almost half of the year
even in the equator line ...

With low tone of voice and well regulation ...
this is .. not an usual Mihoshi ... good stylized and good atmosphere for the ghost story.
very scary ...
My .. grate grate grand-mama "re-marriage" with grate grate grand-papa .. just half a year in that time.
both of them have a child, so .. grate grand-mama was married with her brother-in-law that have
a differences "blood line" with us ... and then she give birth .. my grand-mama ... then .. Err ... well ...

Hey ! .. Stop explanation about your fucking stupid idiot family "blood line" .. nobody care about it !
jump to the part of Snow Lady story .. quickly ! ... you idiot ! (Ryo)
... yes , she already drunk ...

Wa wa wa ,,, doctor ~ I'm sorry - I'm sorry

Suddenly, ... She come back to normal ... normal Mihoshi ...
Tenchi take a deep "Sign" .. this is hopeless ... after that everyone is in silence .. and .. continue ..

Umm ...
At that time, My grate grand-papa was only 5 years old and my grate grand-mama was only 4 ..


There was a room, old, pretty big ... just like a room in an old luxury mansion for "vacation only"
by old tradition rich family .. the interior .. look normal .. nothing special but if you knows ..
how it made .. what is the material that being used .. you can actually called it .. the ultra luxury.
"atmosphere" of the room and the furniture are lovely ... but .. if you look at the clothes, shoes and
toys, the owner of the room .. not an adult.

A Girl sleeping in a large bed at the center of this room .. a blonde hair, blue eyes and brown skin .. very cute girl.
.. and she had a painfully cough for sometime .. that mean , .. she got a cold.
the woman, Who have a seat in a chair .. nursed her from the bed side .. is her mothers.

knock knock ..

Mother .. noticed the sound of knocking .. she face up and move her eye towards at the door.

go a head ....

the wooden door opens slowly ...

there was a boy .. green eyes and a white skin's ... a differences "blood line" ...

Oh, .. What's wrong ?

Mother ...... Miyuki .. is she all right ?

this boy ... was called her .. mother .. but .. she is not a real mother, just parent and child
... only one thing ... both of them have the same is ... a beautiful blonde hair ..

the fever was down .. I think , She will be ok .. in 2 or 3 days later.
mother stare gentle at a boy ....

Mikumo ... onii-chama

(and mother name .. Koyori ...)

a boy noticed a girl was awake and she looking at him .. he try to get closer .. but a mother raising her hand.

... no, no .. if you moved there .. maybe .. you are no longer play outside for a while.

... yeah.
mother saw a boy, step back ... she was smile.

... and it's late for this night.

... yes, ... good night mother .. good night Miyuki.
but ..when he try to close that door ... and look outside of the window, something was there...

.... !!!

and it's disappear in a blink on an eye.

what's the matter ... ?

someone watching us from that window ......
as soon as a boy say that, mother .. headed to the window that boy was pointing at ..  in quickly motion.
and in "a speed" that not give a fear to the children ... she look out of the window .. look like
.. she was training very well by military ... after clearly confirmed all of the security system.

So ...
this mansion .. is not a normal mansion .. the owner of this mansion have an absolute power in term of politic.
and .. of course .. in this country .., security system is very high, sensitive and multi - layered mixed together.

and all of that alarm is normal and all clear ... this is not supposed to have a person outside that window.
mother confirmed that again ... and .. nothing .. she look back at a boy ..

fine ... it's just a snow ..

listen to that warm voice ... uneasy feeling was dispelled

yeah, that's right ... good night Miyuki ... good night mother

A boy go out of the room .. mother was waist near a girl again

you can play with him again ... when you all right.

.. that word make her eyes water... and she was crying.

Umm .. you like your brother that much ?
mother said that .. not a tone of mother ... but a tone like, she was saying that with her friend

You know, ... I want to be come a onii-chama bride .. and marry with him when I was grow up ...
Miyuki, speak while hiding half of her face in futon .. what a shame ...

hump ... I'll say so ... well , .. go to sleep ..
mother said that ... and she was a bit so sad .... she looking out of the windows
a snow ... so pure .. and white ... covered all over the place and hidden everything under it .. all of the scenery.

the next day ...

a snow was stop felling ... that rare event in this season. the sun light reflection with a white snow .. very beauty.
on a bed in that room, a girl  ... looking at the beautiful scenery ...

yesterday, she had been slept early .. and she getup in a much earlier time .. but her body still not in cheerful condition.
that mean .. only one thing ... a very boring lay down on her bed and look at the view outside windows.

suddenly, there was a figure that running through a pure white snow ... and playing with a ball on frozen ice.

that doesn't fair .... Mikumo onii-chama...
she getting off from her bed, trying to walk at (the glass wall) windows of her room ...
but ... her mother face with a troubled looking ... popup in her head ... that why ? .. she take an eyes on a boy in silence.

for this many month, after both of them was found each other ..  boy and girl ... run and always play together .. 
since that day .. this is the first time .. a girl would had been worrying .. endlessly

a boy ... running after the ball ... and kick it.
he ran faster .. and faster.


look at the boy .. ran far more ... and more ... and more distant, something unspeakable spreads in a girl heart.

what if, he go some where and never came back
what if, he get lost in a snow

a boy kicked that ball .... up in to the blue sky ... and he keep looking up at it ...

oh ........... !

an ice crystal crawling all over by a strong wind blown in a snow, look like a white big snake move on the ground.
and it comes around the body of that boy ... he close his eyes for a second.

when a boy .. open his eyes, a ball fell to the ground ... and lying nearby.
he was going to pick that up .. and noticed ... there .. have a woman .. standing beside a ball.

... !!! ... no ... don't run away ..

in this time, it's only a boy and that woman in snowy field .... by basis instinct, a boy thought .. she was the enemy.
the area of his house is very big in this region ... far more that the eye can see .. so ... it's should be .. no strangers
without guard .. or someone he knows was guide this person.

he was born in the house that have a big politic power, that why ? he was pass the in-house training for guard himself.
still young ... but , he knows very well .. what he supposed to done in this cases.

Launch the Guardian System .. And ...., ..... ... and.
a boy .. not moving ..

However, When he stare at the eyes of that woman... who have a bright red hair, dressing in complete black clothes
it is an impression of the "evil" .. that write down .. in the Bible. (Seniwa regional book.)
but .. he not think some thing like that .. to this woman .. only a good looks with the green eyes  .. same color as him.
and he did not feel ... fear to this women, he felt a shining bosom .. in his heart.
Why ? I felt .. know her ... I know .. this person... but ..

that woman was picking a ball at her feet, and she approaching .. to a boy.

this is ,... your ?

that voice ... make him feel something warm inside .. and his eyes now is full of water, his body start to shakes.
he stand there not moving away .. until that woman slowly walk ... come closer and closer and stand in front of him
while relax smiling, that woman gave him .. a ball .. a boy staring at the eyes of that women when receive a ball from her.

... thank you .. err ... e

every "nervous", every "tied" .. every ... feeling .. was disappeared... his brain ..was shutdown ...
when he receive that ball .. and both of them hand .. touch... it just like .. a dream.

there was a girl .. stare from the shadow of the glass faraway, a girl who has been out of her bed.
when she saw both of them .. , she could not call out for some reason.
and her point of view is the feeling of younger girlfriend ... but .. very weird .. it is not look like .. a real .. thing ...
that happen..  in front of her eye...
that person ..... a snow lady ?
look at that woman ... her atmosphere is a lot like a spirit, a girl remembered that story from her mother .. it's the tale ..
before she sleep... the story of a snow lady .. a beautiful woman,  who had disappeared into the snowy mountains with
the children .. and after that all of the children .. dead

a snow lady .. image presence the loneness of soul .. her body was gone .. but she continue searching for her child,
if the children play with her .. after that would be take away ... she is a very sad spirits .. 

from this far .. a girl can not hear anything, but .. as she can .. only see .. both of them are talking happily
very same story as a snow lady on the start.

... ?

Suddenly, the air flow ... of that place has change .. she knows it.
sound of the wind .. that come from a trees .. stop .. and become .. "silence"
a woman reaching out her hand ... a boy .. he not resistance...
a girl was feeling so strong ..
a snow lady ... she got my onii-chama...

a girl try to yelling and called a boy .. but she loss her voice... if she not stop that ..
he would have been taken away ... !

 ... both of them holding hand very nature  .. her tears came out .. all over her cheek ...
this is all wrong .. and her brother would have been gone .. forever ...

with the "sadness of the heart" .. this moment .. that frozen in time is began to move

onii-chama !!!

.... ??

a boy .. look back and he see a girl was cry ... that face make his desire to take a hand of that women disappear,
and he turn around ..

Miyuki !

a boy was surprised .. and run toward to a girl.

onii-cha .. cloak ..cloak ..

why you not sleeping .. like mother said ?

at that time... a girl notice ... that woman... she keep looking at both of them..
her eyes look so sad .. very sad .. a girl anger completely ... disappear... when a girl look deep in to a woman eyes.

Miyuki sama ! Miyuki sama !

the Guardsman was coming and looking for Miyuki .. probably, all of them rushed to the area with a gun .. a lot of gun
and it was point to all of them , but .. a woman is still looking at a boy and a girl .. in silence.
a girl can not look away from a woman while clung to a boy.

I'm sorry ......
a girl murmured in a tearful voice .. and tears.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry ....
she try to hide from a woman eyes sight ... be hide her .. onii-chama ..
that why a boy said ...

I'm not angry with you ..
and he gently pat a girl head
a girl can not look at the eyes of a women .. she was very scary to watch ..
she think .. if she look at her eyes .. she can not stop a boy .. and he will go together with a woman.
at that moment ...

suddenly, ...
the ground was shake .. a woman suppurated both of them from the guard ... by rise her hand....
everything turning to white ... in that trouble wind notice all around ...
a girl heard that word, a female voices ... very clearly

... goodbye, ... boy.

.... ?
a girl look up with startled ... she saw a woman face .. and it's was a smile .. smile to her
with gentle ... green eyes look the same as her brother... a red hair dancing in the wind.
before a woman was disappeared ... and she was disappear in the air .. like a snow ....

a girl went home with her brother .. by guardsman ... and this time she can not go anywhere and collapsed in the bed
with her brother for another one week ...  because both of them caught a cold .. again ..
and her mother have a very troubled face all the time.

but this time .. a girl not lonely anymore .. she grabs a boy hand ... and only said.

onii-chama ... onii-chama ...

all the time .. look very funny .. but it true.
every time .. both of them hold a hand .. the temperature of her brother make she reminds to that woman in the forest.
and this fairy tales ... change from a bad evil woman .. to a good spirit woman ..... since ... that time
a snow lady, she look so sad ... but complete polite gentle.
she return my brother ... back to me,
that beautiful spirit ... snow lady with a red hair ...


Hey, Mihoshi onee-chan ... where is a snow lady .. now ? .. another people found her more ? (Sa)
Sasami asked while staring at Mihoshi face with innocent expression

[A la...] ... nobody found her since then... (Mi)

Absolutely, Yeah (Ae)

Hehhh, I don't think so ... and maybe ... she was close to you .... more that you expectedly (Ryo)
Ryoko, ... scary Mihoshi with her low voice....

What ... ? heh, please don't scary me .... (Mi)

No, I'm not ... and SHE IS BEHIDE YOU ... NOW MI HO SHI !!! (Ryo)

As soon as .. Ryoko said that, glass window was opens .. and snowstorm blown in to the house.
a red long hair fluttering in the wind .. beside Mihoshi head ...

Ya~a Aaaaaaa !
Sa sa sa aaaa spirit ... !

Everyone was screamed ...

Don't left me behind ... !!  waiting for me !! .. ~ doctor (Mi)
Mihoshi brain was unplug ... and she yelling with tears.

Mihoshi !

A figure .. covered by snow .. move it's hand on Mihoshi shoulder.

#@$#$#@$ ... Help me ! (Mi)

Mihoshi !

that person .. in a snow .. said it very loud ... in front of Mihoshi ear.
A snow lady ... said my name ! ... oh my godd ... i don't want naaaa die ! (Mi)

that .... is Washu chan .... voice ... maybe ....

Tenchi noticed that first ... and everyone else .. except Mihoshi ...
her voice ... Washu voice is very unique ....
and look like she not .. hear that ... what Tenchi said.

$%$#%$# V%# ... forgive me ! ... I'm sorry .. I tell you story ... (Mi)

That noisy ! ... hey ! ... hey !!! (Wa)
Washu walk and stand .. in front of Mihoshi ...

No .. snow lady ! .. please .... don't kill me .. ... me ... ? (Mi)
and Mihoshi stare .. at the person that stand in front of her ...

Washu san ... why you are .. here ? (Mi)

finally she understand ... !

What are you thinking .. ? a spirit, a snow lady ? no i am not ! (Wa)

Thank goodness .. you are not a snow lady ... (Mi)

Mihoshi dono .... (Wa)

Washu yank Mihoshi shirt ... and pull her body nearby ...
with absolute scary face ... more scary than a snow lady .... no ! ... more scary than a oni !! (japan giant demon)

Err... why you make a scary face .. like ... that ..... ? (Mi)

Because ... I think this snowstorm ,... is not supposed to be fell ... and it not FUNNY... did you think ? (Wa)

Oh Well ? ... Oh dear ! .. yes ... ? ... ??? (Mi)

Washu start a "good cop - bad cop routine" ... with her ... Mihoshi .. starting from Katsudon (Pock-Rice)
and then a light ... so ... speak it ! ..

... When you come in to my room ... What are you done ? .. all of it ! ... now !

As you can see in the first part .. this is real pain in the ass question ..  when Mihoshi switch to her
Memory mode ... and ... when she start to talk ... her remember power is outstanding ...
or ... just a crab with very fine details.

... Sasami chan has been preparing a food for lunch in the morning at that time i was boiled potatoes and the other vegetable
Ryoko san bump me from be hide when i starve a potato that still boiled for absorb the juice and I not add the simmered radish
and fish yet when a lunch was ready to eat ... oh, ... ah I go to that door and knock it .. yes of course, I think ..
after that a called your name 3 time and attempt to open that door I go inside and there is an Institute of Washu .. ?
,.. and I called your name about 3 time .. but nobody answer that why I decided to go inside .. and It ended up in the dark place suddenly, when i turn back the door is gone .. I don't knows the direction and where am I .. so .. I start to crying and anxious
when I walk for search the exit it is still dark .. but i hear some thing that remain me when I was a GP, a criminal seen
oh ... and it has become hot .. very hot place and no air flow that make me sweaty so i takeoff my clothes but it was
a fall pants caught on my foot and I called your name about 3 time before i continue to walk but i fall and something hit my head
and i see a many stars .. i was fell 3 time because that pants is still on my knee but you still did not reply me after all
when i can walk properly... Umm... because something i left on the floor that so slippery my head hit with something again
that was very hurts this time after that i was crying just a little and when i stood up the floor was shake that is a criminal
seen for sure , oh? .. that great ? even there i called your name about 3 time .. but you still don't answer me after all.
Instead that voice was from the person but it sound "Kacha~Kacha" like a sound of large animal, i start to ran for my life
because i was scared .. and this time is a laser gun .. "Bang ! bang!" i was crying a little bit but i didn't forget to called your name ..
after that i thank god for 3 time ..
This is called the Memory mode of Mihoshi .. this is not usual ..
plus , she have no ability to summary the story she have ... inside her brain
that why ? .. every time she "create" a report .. it's a "book" ... as a result..
not only GP officer that had a mess confusing information .. the Spy of Jurai too ..
both of them got a lot trouble headache.

that why  ? ... before lunch time .. Washu said ... only briefly
but this time ... is for investigation ... so ...

.... I wave my hand over there .. two time
and I was tired .. I run too much ... so I'm rested at "a little seat"

.. What !? ... Did you just sit down .. or done anything else ? .. what is the seat no ?
... let's me think ..... No .. 08384788298 .. and ...

A few hours later ....
with a wandering endlessly details .. that came out from Mihoshi ... Washu listen to that .. all ...
and finally, Washu can found the reason ... Why ? .. we have this weird snowstorm ....
Washu open the glass window .. and she throw Mihoshi away in to a deep snow outside  ...
the destination about 8 meters far .. quite powerful ... in that children body...

Why ? ... What ? ... I'm done it wrong ? ... I have no idea ? ..  (Mi)

Huh !  (Wa)

and worse than that ....
Washu close the doors ... and the windows ... she lock Mihoshi away outside ... in the snow ..
and she start rapid tapping on her operating terminal ... to stop this snowstorm by re-config her weathering controller

you idiot ! why you setting this snowstorm .. and moreover than that ! it's effect only this mountain and our house ! .. Geez !!!  (Wa)

Mmm ~ Washu san ... forgive me ... please let's me in ....

Washu "ignoring" her ... Mihoshi was appeal outside while tapping the window.
Tenchi knows ... both of then have a logic fighting (always win or always lose) .. and not done it for real ...
He is the one who supposed to open that door, but he can not help .. because Washu done a very scary face than he think.

Washu began adjustment the weathering controller ... and everything outside slowly came back to normal ... one by one.
between that Tenchi can't do anything .. only .. "Sign".

Oh ! ... Errm ... Why all of you called me .. a snow lady ? .... What happen here ... (Wa)

Sasami is the one who tell the short story of a snow lady .. what ? .. Mihoshi just tell everybody ...  minute ago.
Mmm ...  (Wa)
that the answer of Washu after she listen all of it ... and she continue adjustment the weathering controller in silence.

Ano .. Washu sama , .... (Ae)
Aeka speak to Washu with fear ...after a while .. and point to Mihoshi that is half crying in the other side of that window.


Only one thing that Aeka can saw is the unfriendly face of Washu and ... she continue ignore, .. so .. every one
not try to say anything more than that .. include Sasami and Tenchi too ...

Good ! ... We back to original setting ...  (Wa)
Washu turn off her terminal that mean .... she finished her job and finally she look at the windows .. where Mihoshi is.

~ doctor [seeeed] .. I'm .. I'm Sorry [seeeed] ...

at that window ... Mihoshi is in half crying - half sorry .. her nose is bright red like she have a cold .. windows glass turn white.

~ doctor [seeeed] .. I'm Sorry [seeeed] ...

Washu was staring at that weird funny appearance of Mihoshi for a while,

I'm ... [seeeed] .. I have a cold ... [seeeed] .. I'm so [seeeed] ..sorry  [hoo hooo] ..

... and her body start to shake .... Sasami and Tenchi saw it... and ...
while watching a pitiful face of Mihoshi, Washu began to laugh from slowly.

Fufufu ... Hahaha ! ... Ahh ...  Hahahahahahaha!

Washu began to laugh out loud and open that windows ... and hug\jump to her.
Mihoshi lose her body balance and both of them rolling in a snow ....

Oh ? ... Ee~e~e?
CUTE !! CUTE !! you are fucking cute ! .. let's me kiss you ! .. Mmmmmm ... Mmm! [Heart icon]

What the hell ..? .. Your brain freezing over ?

Suddenly... a white snow ball hit Ryoko face ...
yes .. Washu threw it !

How dare you !! .. yo mother-fucker ! (Don't said something like that ... Ryoko)

Ryoko and Washu start a snow ball fighting ..

Wow .. me too ! .... me too !

Myan !
Sasami and Ryo Oh-ki join that fight ... but..

Sasami chan ... beca [bam !]

Ryoko hit Aeka with a snow ball ... in her face ..

RA RA .. RYO KO SAN .... !!!

(every time ...)
Aeka anger like hell, her shoulder shake .. and both of them fight in front of a green glass garden of Masaki house.

One of the snow ball .. was hit Tenchi face .....
No idea who done it .... ? but .. never mind ... every one join a fight , .. soon .. it's become a snow wars !
While fighting ... Washu stare at Mihoshi and think ....

[hoo hooo] .. I'm Sorry .. ?? ... you said ? Hehehe ... you look so very like that " little girl " [bam] ! [bam] !

Ryoko hit her with a snow ball ... she fell into a snow and laughing... laughing out loud.

..... Hahaha .. Oh my ! .. .. .. ..
[Huhh] ... it's 20,000 year ... in the past .. already, isn't ... LOL


by the way ....

Why ? the weathering controller was going madness ...

that is the result of 3 action mixed together ... first-second reason is an "accident" by Mihoshi and Washu herself...
a fatal bug of some programs .. and Mihoshi break the circuit in the middle on the way .. when she go to controller

and third reason is " a manga book " ?? ... did you remember ? .. the Manga book that Ryoko reading in the morning
the last book ... "Send it to you .." no 20 .. is in Washu hand ... and Washu change the book cover
(a comic book in japan ... by default, it have a sheet of paper .. a soft cover ... yes .. she change that ..)
So.. Ryoko got a wrong book ... when Ryoko open the last ... wrong book, she knows .. Who ? actually did that !

Dame ! ... Washu ! .. You did it again !

While both of them fight for the last book .. one of the laser beam .. break another circuit by accident..
When Washu seen Ryoko yearn to have the last book ... She was very enjoy ...
That is another good "joyful of a mother job" .. ? .. yes it is ... (every time ... again)

Washu not give Ryoko that book until she said that ... , and what a shame ... Ryoko said it out loud ....

Yes MAMA ! , That manga make me feel so good ... !!

Continue in next 2 week not over
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)
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Book 3 Washu Ch 02 Sub 01/02 (the another x3 longer ...)

Washu ...

More than 100,000 years ago ..  compare with the earth time...
the current galactic forces power balance... point of view is not the same as now a day, at the time not have a thing like ..
Galaxy Union Federation .. a huge union between countries connecting each other... only a small scale several solar system
and a commercial between the planet that the only " a few people " can actually done it.

the expanse area or population to outer space is slow under development .. yes .. of course .. because the technology that
can transport somebody to the interstellar space is just a starting .. the pioneer in technology era .. but .. you cannot assumed
"We have no wars" ... We .. actually have it ... the interstellar space wars ... in that era ...

Between Strong and Weak country in term of power, everyone want to expand his space territory range and area
so .. everyone looking towards in development technology and the un-explored new world ..

this is an era of "Zero sum game" .. the winner get all .. the loser loss everything .. like voyage in the red sea
destruction, repetition .. every where .. born and died of countless civilization. the one who actually strong continued spread
to ensure the "certainty" in the galaxy.

Even the shut down beauty civilization of the "Sword" .. this planet can not escape from it's own fortune .. and had been
taken away by superpower nation name "Jurai" .. Is it a bad fortune .. ? .. we don't knows ... because
if this planet not taken away by "Jurai" .. the another one who will done that is "Kuramitsu"

the two huge major superpower nation, have it's own technical and "technology" to navigation into interstellar space
and become the center, this 2 nation supposed to jump start ... the Galaxy Federation and connecting to many countries
as possible, but .. a long period of .. "the Cold War" .. between this 2 major nation .. we can only say ...
I'm sorry .. that not gonna be happen ... what a shame ...

In addition, by technical capabilities of overall .. small group or nation that have a chance to make the Galactic Federation by itself
is near zero, even summary all of them was under powered compared with one of that 2 superpower ..
but .. they can make a choice .. if that group or nation is really strong in that area and not agree with 2 superpower
only one thing they can be .. is a Space Pirates ... simple as that.

Thank you, oji-chan (old man .. the shop owner)

A girl .. with a large paper bag came out of the grocery store, her upper body might be unseen .. but
there was a girl, Who ? had a red hair ... like a flame ... she place that paper bag into her luggage at the back
of her air scooter .. and her luggage is too big .. full of stuff .. she shopping like .. there is no more tomorrow...
jump in .. but her clothes is baggy .. it's jam with the tailgate ... before she turn the starter switch....
and she jump out to fixed it.

.... ?

Suddenly, All around that area became dimming light as the sun was hidden in the clouds .. and
in the next seconds .. all of the light was gone .. like a dark night, but when she look at the sky the intense light
of the sun is coming back and toward into her eyes ...

Tch ! ...

She strokes her tongue with a bit bad mood... and use her hand block the direct sun light ...
when look into the sky again .. in this time .. she do it slowly.

There was a space ship .. came with complete silence and flying in very low altitude ... the exterior made from "woods"
all of it ... and have a "tree" in the central of unit .. she not seen it.. but everyone knows .. that unit have a "tree" inside.
this space ship driving power is come from a tree .. and it's complete build by woods .. only one planet can actually done that ..

She mutter with the Shop owner that stand near the Cashiers with a lot of paper bag with deep irrigation emotion ...

Space ship of the emperor house ... ?

the Space ship of cheeks .. Errr .. No ! , ... the imperial house ? ..  I guess .. Ah! ... what ever ...
the cheeks, the imperial , the pirates .. and this time .. that "Guy" ... they always force us to paid TAX anyway ..

the Shop owner move himself .. stood behind a girl .... looking up into the sky ... and done a "hopeless but true" speaking.
(yep ! .. you are right .. and welcome to planet "Kana Mitsu", Some where in civilization of the "Sword" ... my friend)

Planet "Kana Mitsu"

A major food production planet .. specific for fishing and agriculture.

the location is on a very far distance from Jurai and yes ... this is a brand new frontier of Jurai.
with redundancy of food resources and planet geographical location .. is very good reason, Why ? It's under attack
all the time ... from everyone  .. the small group of space pirates, small countries, big countries and ect. in recent years,
and this time ..Jurai

.. every time the territory due to changes - the military force is change .. and it's easy to change .. because the location
is very far from every countries mother land .. that why ? this time Jurai used the third generation of the imperial house
battle ship and a lot of army for make sure this "front line" and "supply" is safe for them and never change again ..

by the way ...
this Ship just arrived to this star .. and don't ask the silly question ? .. how to fight back with Jurai and win this powerful ship
because .. you will never ever win ... ... ... (hurmm ...)

and for some reason ... resident of this space ship .. " the imperial house space ship " .. is not a civilized people .. not yet
some time not listen the direct command by organization chart and some time fight individuals .. like a pirates.
only one thing that make this ship not a pirate is a name ... they just change to the organization structure at that time ...

Ship of the imperial house ... interesting ...

Hey .. Girl .. You are eye catching .. beware for that guy ...

[Sigh] ....
You knows what .. no matter how strong that ship is ...It's can't defense all over the planet
.. that why we not have a peacefully vast territory region, not efficiency for used "on the ground" fighting ..

No .. Jurai general of the " fighting spirit " also within that boasts, the strength one ..
Some said ... he have a terrible power most of the space pirates confirm that.

While staring at that space ship of the imperial house ... everyone look like a small grain of rice .. but ..

hump ... just one grain of rice ..
A girl mutters... that strange .. a girl called that space ship with a sound .. that is just a little .. some thing not too big
not have a power ...  the shop owner, Who is now stand next to her said ...

Don't try to done anything funny with them ... but .. if something happen .. i can help ..

...... My Husband waiting for me ... Actually, Too bad I can not hold more candy than that ... for my childrens ....
A Girl .. received the last big paper bag from shop owner ..... and this bag is full of candy.

hurmmm ....... ...... .......  Sorry .. to wasting your time ..

Have a nice day ... ero-oji-chan ...

A girl start her air scooter and go ...

this type of scooter is pretty small but hard to handle, it's require the license to drive it .. by traffic law of this star
and look at a girl face, she is not .. that old .. this is illegal ..

at that time ... one vehicle .. a "Security of Jurai" car .. that "look and feel" like it's made from wood ...
approached and stop side by side with her air scooter.

Washu chan ... if you under 16 ... you cannot drive that scooter... you know ?
A Security Soldiers of Jurai .. drop the windows of a car and smile ... while he said that ...

A girl ... who names ... Washu was transformed her body to 18 year old in the brink of an eyes ...
that why she was wearing a baggy clothes,  ... and it's turn to open shoulder dress in this time.

fufufu .. what about this .... ?

A Security .. only smile .. that make Washu "chan" more look and feel like, she is a real mahou shoujo
(a little girl with magic that can transform her body age ..)
in this era, the ESP power has been presence as a "common sense" ability ... some body still ... hide his/her ability.
but not for Washu chan ... her ability, her eye catching personality and her type of person .. everyone in town wanna be
her boyfriend.

I not see your face before ... Rookie staff ? (another security staff who sitting in a car)
Washu ride her air scooter .. and light knocking a security vehicle windows on another side.
A ...... Oh ..., I ... I just came from Jurai .... Arrr. ..
that make Rookie staff disconnect from reality to daydream ...  a staff, Who ? is his senior and sit next to him .. wake him up.

Hey ! ... Hey ! ... Don't said that ... don't even think ...

... please .. date with me ...

You see that paper bag in your back mirror .. all of this for my child.....

What ! .. You have a kid ... and marriage ?
Come on ! .. don't be kidding ! ... let's go for a ride..  and have some fun.

[Tch] .. !
Washu ... just wildly kick the door of that car .. and that security vehicle was running away with light speed in no time ...

Rookie still looking back ... at Washu face ... until out of eye sight..., he still yearns to date with her ...

..... Senior, ... That is ... How can i put it ...
What's a beautiful girl ? .. she is so good ... very good !
Girl like that even in Jurai is very rare .. you knows ?

and ... at the local security station, when both of them out of duty ... and get out of they car ..
Rookie still in bad mood .. he was very disappointed, what ? his senior ..  done.

Senior ! ... She is not marry ... yet  , am I right !?

Please ... I knows ... I knows ... She look stunning impressive, is she ?

Well ? ... sorry ? ... why ? .. I'm just fell in love with her .. yes ! .. she is a very nice person .. what's wrong ?

No, nothing wrong ... and She not have any boyfriend yet ...  for now .. and she is not a "College Student" yet .. too
but .. she will go to the Imperial Academy and start her student life there in a few days ....

College Student ? .. that mean ...  she can entrance to the Imperial Academy ? ... this is a good deal ..

Senior, give him a "fuckyou middle finger" inside his head .... and continue said...

It's ONLY for .... a person from a wealthy family that able to study abroad, plus ... she can entrance to that Academy
.. the Emperor Academy ... you think ... you can target that kind of person ? ..

A beautiful woman, and She was excellent ... That's great !

Yeah ... She is terrible excellent  ...... Yeah

So ? ......

...... "So" What ? .... She was study in department of philosophy.
de ... department of philosophy .... ?
after that word came out ... just surprise and silence heartbreaking

Department of Philosophy
you can called it ... the best of the best .. of the best ! .. of Jurai scientific program, or ! ... the "symbol" of the excellence beauty
group of scientist, who is behind the scene .. the true power of "the Emperor house of Jurai".

the technology and knowledge, in the past just something ..
At the Academy ... enormous wide range of science was collected or produced .. there.
but the power of technology cannot fix one problem ... the "enemies".
that Why ? every country try to explosive leap forward a produce of science and technology before ... the "enemies"

this is a "common sense" of new science, the Department of Philosophy .. is specific in this field ...
to produce something .. for control, conqueror or fighting with the "enemies", there is a very important role and became
the original meaning of the Department .. and the " finished product " of this department .. the ultimate "things" come with
the enormous terrible experience .. for the "enemies"

Only the person who qualified ... in "Co-Professor or above" .. not only Jurai people but the other countries, state, clan ... what ever
Will received the "VIP" status .. same as the "head of the state" of Jurai and ... this is a "species class" for this group of people,
after admission was decided.

Department of Philosophy ......

Rookie ... mutter that .. again and again ..
He already fallen in love with her .. Washu ... but he knew, How much he try .. he never ever reach to her level... forever.

Mean while ....

Washu stop her air scooter to the orphan facility with a small hill landscape in the front .. this is background and in the foreground
there was a rice fields .. and the color of grain that wait for the harvest is golden color look like a carpet made from gold ...
spread as long as the eye can see

Ah ! .. Washu onee chan ! ... bye-bye

It's tomorrow ... hey Washu chan ... please take care ...

A little girl .., which is taken by her mother call out Washu name out loud, a girl's mother also cheek smile with the light nod
Washu answer by small waving her hand ... she go to the town and then the other side of the farm.
from this point she can see .. an space elevator that move people to the spaceport on the satellite orbit in the sky.
... soon ... she will go to there and in the final ... that star ... where the Imperial Academy is.

It's doesn't mean ... I can not see this "Scenery" anymore ... isn't ?
She press the starter switch of the air scooter again, with a wry smile


In the orphanage

About 10 children was waiting for her to return ....

Yay ... Washu onee chan .. she's come back !

Hey, Washu onee chan where is a souvenirs ?

Washu onee chan, My candy ! My candy ! .. that you promised .. did you bought that ?

Every children come and called Washu's name, ... that is only a "decoy" .. a sweets souvenir that buy from that shop.
She have her gear in other luggage .. packing completely and ready to go ... travel to the other star ... tomorrow.
and here come the voice of someone .. She is the director of this orphanage, which is also ... yes .... Washu's mother.

Oh ! .. I always think, I done this orphanage like a fish farming ... and when my fish is already with exact "qualified"
, I return it back to the village ... but you ... like no other ... Washu chan ! .. //

No ! .. Not Again ! ...
a woman, who is work in a cooking field .. she was away with a little "Sign" ...
but .. our director continue the story with shining face

... because all of you not seen that kind of scene ... like I do ...

15 years ago , when my Washu chan appears in front of the orphanage, that days after the rain .. a light pass through the clouds
it's fantastic ... and she look like a little angle  ... she not come with her parent but she doesn't cry .. what a lovely girl .. 
enfold in memories of the director when she first saw .. Washu chan.

At that time, Washu chan is so young ... and she floating in the air, before she was picked up by the orphanage, we use
the "ESP checks" device .. it's had no reaction ? .. even though She is in the rain Washu chan not wet at all ...

Director staring at Washu ... continue said ... (no ! ... it's a recite)

.. but where are your parents ? .. we have no idea.. and we immediately check from our " information register collect "
through the network of the town, but ! no one register as "flying" ESP ability person and no one saw how can you came to this place.
that was the mysterious .. since then ..
Only one thing ...  You have ... an identity object that come with you in the first place .. the " 3 red crystal jewel "
that judged by looking ... It's look normal and " not a rare thing " .. but, once it has been reported to
the Central Research Institute of Jurai pass through the network .. the situation had been changed ... that amazing 
Washu .... recite along with director inside her head .... everyone in this orphanage memorize that .... very well ,
and a few years later ... after Washu was fostered by an orphanage ... all of her friends knew ....
she can changing her figure-age to similar with her friends ...
So ... Washu had the another ability ... " ability to change her age and it's immediately".

After everyone knows that .. "Kana Mitsu" local government decide to check her ESP power again
but  ... her power test result is always "C" class .. with no reason at all ? ..
Not a big deal ... nobody care ... because everyone was focused on her intelligence excellence test result and offer
the Academy Professor level " Ph.D. " .. when she was only 15, and it's also very clear about her intelligence in this passed 4 years.
when she was 14, she complete master in all basic education, otherwise the local academy is her cage .. she can fly higher than that
... and Washu is the non Jurai citizen, Who can get the special golden scholarship .. direct from the Imperial Academy.
that mean ... Not require a test anymore .. that why She had also decided ... admission to Department of Philosophy ...
the highest level of the Imperial Academy.

However, the admission to the Imperial Academy .. have a .. problem ? .. about register account document that minimum
require 18 years old or older .. so .. this 4 years in the local academy, Washu is a private teacher and a professor .. Who made
the published paper and exchange that with the Department of Philosophy .... for many time.

... One week after her beautiful birthday of 18 ... everything is ready


On top of the orphanage ... the astronomical unit install on tip of the roof, there is a tiny space with a partition ...
this is not a Washu's room ... it's a observatory .. but .. she like this room the most... that why it's have an ordered experiment
for instrument, a weird sample .. a lot of it.. in this room ... and a lot of old books .. she read it all not for prop or show off
when someone go in this area ... it will feel like an old mansion ... small gap to walk around ..
with a lot of old stuff that never clean up.

Life of Washu after she became a special scholarship of the Imperial Academy person ...
She not need to use "any number of points" anymore, because .. She have a "duty to used" .. everything ...
include a "luxury" item or goods from the Academy .. If She want .. She get it .. for free.

[bam !] ...
Washu fell into her bed  .. with a bright night sky on the other side of the window.

Fufu~fu ... and the best thing is ... I does not have to graduate any major .. any more .. that mean .... 
not require any test and try to make a perfect number on it.
Washu open her hand ... and look at it ...  the " 3 red crystal jewel " .. in her hand.

From now, I'm going to study ... this ... because I have nothing else .. to study anymore.

that her only one ultimate goal, try to understand ...  the " 3 red crystal jewel " .. that come with her own.
Why ? .. the crystal ball just got a "C" class in term of esper , and the answer is not easy to find.
.. and from this point ... when you look at the one corner of this room ... That's a glass fish tank and ..  Its darkness,
when looks inside ... there is a number of small light spot in that darkness .. and it will be appreciated that one spot of light
... is "the entry galaxy" , if you close look at it .. very well... not a holographic .. that is a real thing ..

That is what ? she can created and this based on the knowledge of the foundation.
She is .. very young at that time and She not understand .. how serious and what it meaning .. "the thing" she done ..
just only want to education herself .. , her own power of course

However, even the knowledge of her now, she still did not know the identity of her jewel.
Yeah ... I don't knows .. but ....
Washu is very confident in her way .. if she release the potential ability of her own .. after that .. she supposed to know
the core identity of this gem as soon as possible... but every time ...  she "refused" ..when she do that.
because ... that .. " voice " .. coming from inside of her head ... pushing her or warning her .. some time.

So ... let's resembles that thing .. like a chestnut

What about ... the Provision returns phrase ?

... ? ... What the hell happen inside my head ?

In the minute that she knows the meaning of her own power, she began to seek more further of knowledge....
and tried to know herself by that knowledge... Why she knows that ? , what is she purposes ? ... that voice ... come ...

[ringgg  ---- ]

She hear incoming "ring" sound .. It's an e-mail from the terminal on the desk.
Washu .. that was staring at the jewel ..  looking at that desk .. the latest information in mail box displayed at
the corner of screen with a very cute icon.

.. it's come from Chief of Professor level Ph.D "Iwai Ikuma", Department of Philosophy .. the Imperial Academy of Jurai.
Some say .... this cute icon .. is actually start using by his daughter .. and he continue used it .. as his own personal logo ..
His e-mail, always ... send ... only a short messages and a compression files as attaché... and when Washu extracted
that file .. the terrible amount of question with a raw data files is come out ...

Washu stare at monitor screen, when she open that raw data file .. one by one ...  the fragmentary information was flow.
She stimulate that information inside her head ...

A piece of information, got only one color ...
But, when it's fit together .. it's mixed, spread and form a shape ...
She can see it ... and then
the ... ray of light ...
Suddenly, She knows .... the answer .....

.... ! .... this 

Washu chan ... please come down !

Director rise her voice from downstairs

You checked the travel schedule and time that Mr. Iwai send it to you .. already ?

Yes ....

Washu leave her eyes from the monitor, go down the stairs ....

Hey ! ... I'm busy ... tomor .....
Hurmm .....

She stop ... Director stop ... and both of them .. done a large sigh ... together.
It was good, if busy for the preparation to go there ... , but the meaning of the words that director said is only one thing ..

...... Mom, I ...
Washu stop again ... and not said anything else, director answer that with her relaxing smile

I want to done .. a proper farewell for you ... my young lady

Director said that with a face of Buddha, she so seriously about this farewell.

You always make me proud ... Washu chan.

and Smile ... Director not force Washu to done this farewell party .. but how can she refute it.

Yes ...

Washu headed to the cafeteria .. where ? every cute fish in this farming ... waiting for both of them ....

Continue not over
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)
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Thanks for all your hard work, Ibawow! I'm always excited to read these!

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)
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Thank you .. hope all of you enjoy my biggg summary ..  :chord:

Book 3 Washu Ch 02 Sub 02/02 (the another x3 longer ...)

Washu ...
One week later....

After receiving dignitaries and a grand send-off farewell party from the orphanage .. is the day .. Washu heading toward to
the Imperial Academy of Jurai ... the main crew and captain introduce his/her self after the shuttle turn off its engine...
and below of the shuttle ... another security staff ... yes .. that "ass hole" security officer, .. he go back to Jurai ?

Washu see him .. and he stand in the middle of the escort, done a fake smile, lift his hands lightly ... seems to be  ... very "nervous".

Private first class "area" had been available only for her ..
Washu was guided by stewardess to her private room .. not for upper-class person ... but for some of the "head of the stage"
person... not every "Nation" can have that room .. and inside that room, in the closet .. it have everything .. everything !

Ohhh .. It's can opened another miscellaneous goods shop with all of this souvenirs ...

While amazed at the large number of souvenirs items .. She close the door of that closet ..
Have a seat ... on one of the five luxury sofa and put her hands gently on luggage with local souvenirs that she brought ...
and eat it ... and it's feel so good in her mouth.

Mom ...... Every one ...

When she stare at paper folding ... a flower of fireflies made from paper quite big .. approx. 30 cm.
... a custom flower like shape ...a  little star in the bottle .. children give it to her .. on that last farewell party
and .. a special one .. it's not finished yet .. but made from "special paper" .. a fluorescent light-emitting paper

this is life ... large and small, neatly broken .. and poor ... 

her eyes full of water .. when she stare at that .. thing .. it's reflex with light and emitting a rainbow color ..
and then she cry ...

I want to sleep ... but ... I can't

Entry week ... is the farewell party ... , but only the last day .. that proper farewell of the orphanage.
after all of the children cry and sleep, the story of the director.. that began with ... such a sight
... not so long .. when she look at other guy all of them sleep too .. but she continue hear that story .. every story ...endlessly
 .. again and again until morning .. no need to sleep at all ... like she became a human-machine

but this time is a meal time ... as normal ? .. for more than first class .. meal and service is wonderful ...
every dish delicious .. even countryside girl like Washu .. still .. very delicious .. very good test.
yes.. but she can't eat it .. more than that, grand chef .. done a bitter fake smile on his face .. he think Washu will order it more ..
but she doesn't .. maybe .. something wrong .. with his meal ? he didn't knows... and loss his self confident.

... after meal .. is boring .. very boring like Washu think .. this will be happened .. , we not pass to interstellar space yet.
and no more contact from space ship to her area, ... when that day has passed .. this is not funny .. not anymore.

Washu start thinking .. she don't want to take a nap or sleep all the time .. why not done .. something .. that keep her awake.
for example ... continue collection or analyst data as usual until arrive time ... this is ... a great idea .. and she done it.

Mean while ....

Washu have a computers with connection to network from inside of this ship, little help ... by a technical staff
he came from the Department of Philosophy ...  this computer is a state-property and access to the network require..
a login and password... aka. Jurai public or Jurai domestic citizen card only ..
that why she connect to network as this guy ..

the permission is not allowed .. a depth level of security .. and he confirm this information to Washu
... because Washu is not registered herself to Jurai government ..yet. this connection is formally "illegal" to done ..

Who care ? "illegal" or not ?
the number of days to arrive there .. the Imperial Academy .. is too dam long, not a few hours


While staring at the 3D visual program that display in the air ... three dimensions of object that is a program generate from
the computer is "marvelous" beauty ... each program overlap in complex shape like a diamond ... read it,
make you stunning or dazzling.

(in real life .. every program is a .. text and the cabon atom structure of diamond shape is not complex ... it's very simple ..)

Well ... It's around here... Professor Iwai .. revise it .. and still in-progress......
She find the small cute icon in the program... he always mark it like a child.

Washu had permit .. access to the main computer of this ship , the reason "Why ?" .. her work is a huge program, the computer
that technical staff give her is not enough power to run it ... and finally.

It was there ....
Only a piece of Washu's huge program that displayed in 3D visual program ...  is "work"
... not a big deal ? ... and she is not registered herself .. yet ? .. but, everyone still .. give her a permit and resource.
that how ? all of them teased our Washu ... after Washu revise the problem in program and send the information back to
Professor Iwai via communication channel in the name of a technical staff  .. this is a "honest" for him to give her resource.

.. at that time ..
Washu was realized .. something strange ... for the first time, when she look at the way "this login user" done in the past
, .. the reason ... why ? he going to the Department of Philosophy .. Why ? .. he going to be the actual stuff of this ship.

...... ?

then ... Washu keep silence and access to the auto pilot navigate program of this ship and checked the actual "route" .. ,
she ... notice something .. that "route" is a slight difference compare with old black-box (history of position) data of this ship.

.... !!!

Suddenly , ... When one of the staff touch the flower paper folding that Washu got from the children, All light in that room
was gone .. only a faint light from her monitor ... a minute later fresh blood smell all over the place
Washu move herself by body reflection re-act, she have her own protection device but no time to think about anything
at that moment ...

No ! ..
this time ... the monitor was shut off .. only a few second before all of the light in that room went back to normal
but for her seemed to be a several hours

I'm carelessly ... stupid ...stupid ...!
She said that and vomiting .. when done that data analysis .. it will appear on the monitor and every one can see it ..
what she actually done... now the nanomachines virus spread in the air ... entry this spacecraft .. and the one .. who ?
done that .. is the one who change the auto pilot navigate "route"

the flower paper folding was sparkling, it's reaction with electricity and done a electric static spark ... every paper folding
slightly bumped each other because of nanomachines.

.. Why ? and What ? .. I'm going to do ...  now... 
multi - layered security system can not help anything ... this nanomachines like a toxic gas .. it's in the air,
design for destroy and nobody can stop it .. even worst than that ... about 94 percent of the multi - layered security
system and basic system of this ship was shut-down or infected with virus... nobody can escape .. and everyone dead for sure..

Come to think of it ...  if you think by common sense of the "enemy" in this "situation"
if you want to target ... 1 person in this universe and have no idea where he/she is , by normal .. it's impossible to aim the target
.. right ? ... but if you have an idea .. this ship will contain that person .. who will go to the Imperial Academy .. now .. it's easy.
and the reason ...

It's like a water ... if something was wrong about ... a water .. it's not from the physical of water itself ..
every water look the same .... but the favor ..

How hard ? Washu try ... she can not find the one who done this ... forever.
but ... if this killed was success ... someone in this universe will said ..

Oh My God ! ... My plan was success ... , maybe this time ... it is my turn that go to the Imperial Academy !

Soon, Washu increase her typing speed

I need a blood proportional ....
... She have no more time to lose ..., her focus is too sharp ... contrast with her sweat .. but ..
only one thing that reflected in the monitor of that terminal computer , .... just an error messages.

No ......

At that time .. She think ... it's the end and about to give up, .. but the weird funny mark floats around the error message
the mask made by text on screen moving together ... and it's come in the right place on the right time ...

It is a mark of Iwai  ...

Professor ? .. Is that you ? Am I Right !
When she look at that 3D visual program .. She remember the words of Iwai while looking at the beautiful three-dimensional object,
It such like a jewel sparkling there.
Iwai use a program " generate text character float in the air that look like a motion picture " ...
but ... why not .. just use a real picture or real time video .. who know ? ... but it's look funny ..

..... (that mark .. point to the screen .. i think)

Washu look back and stare ... at the 3D visual program ... her body feeling heavy like a stone .. her physical start to disorder

Over there ?

Washu done a properly search in that area to find out ... what is the source of the problem,
and she discover the hidden area ... nothing confirm, this hidden area is real .. but she go to that area and checking ...
all of this action is in a few seconds from the start ...

the virus that look powerful .. but by technical, it's a program and seems to be only paralysis the system.
that why ? everyone who boarded this ship is not dead immediately.

if .. I can create the anti virus program ... everything will turn back to normal....
Washu said that and she want to creation the anti virus program immediately... from the original data ...
that should .. create and finished in no time ... if she can use another computer that proper functional.

Pi ..Pi ..Pi ..Pi ..Pi ..

Warning sound ... from the window on another monitor

Now what ?

In area that was hidden, .. the external terminal computer was operate .. another variety of data
and because this computer not give her priority to run first ... the anti virus program that she create, that why Washu
had been " pushing " it .. directly not from remote pass network that doesn't work.

What ? .. a passage schedule program ...... today !? .. now ?

this space ship .. the auto pilot navigator program " displayed " is back to normal .. it's show .. the space warp process
history track data that exist in this several tens of minutes ... this chaos .. is normal ? ..and now .. this ship moving to some where ..
and prepare to done another space warp.
Oh my god ...... and this time ... It's pretending to be an accident !

yes ... but .. she is not alone ! ...  between this situation, the personnel "medical" space ship docking to her space ship
, one person come out and run into this ship... now ! .. he inside this space ship ... and two object that move inside
this ship is Washu and this person ... Washu see that ...
the monitor show .. this person progress .. and then "this person" was approaching to that secret area room, where Washu is ...
a minute later .. he open the doors and enter this rooms in the dark .. like this rooms is his room .. he done every thing
in the dark .. very confidence .. he knows .. where "thing" is ? .. and walk slowly to the bed... where Washu is ...
but .. she is under the futon cover and does not move.

"this person" .. a black shadow .. yank futon cover ...
However, ... Washu .. that sleeping in the bed was a dummy... and he was trap by the "force field"

Whoa .. !

Black shadow that ... "off-guard" was unsatisfying trapped in the force field.
Washu .. camouflaged herself , jump out from behind the sofa ...

You !?

Like a surprise party .. the figure that Washu can see when the light turn on is ....
" a senior security soldiers of Jurai " (the one that drive a security car on the first part .. )

Hahaha ....  That why ? you able to entrance  .. the Department of Philosophy .. Washu chan ... you are so

this is not a time to answer that "humanities" question .. but It's "consume a time" of Washu ...
the time that .. she should resume and focus on creating antibody program immediately.

Why ? .. Why you do .. that to me ?
Why ? I done .. this .. it is not because .. I'm a spy of the shank guild .. no .. no .. I'm not ..
I done all of this because ... I have no idea ? .. why ? ... why you entrance to ... the Department of Philosophy
why you are so cold to me .. why ? why ?

the answer of that man ... honest .. very honest
every time he said that answer ... it's have a sound ... loud gradually alarm bells inside Washu minds ....

Brainwashing ? ... What ? is he doing to me ?

first time we met ... is soooo sweet .. did you remember that time ... Washu chan ?
[Ahhhhh] I'm right ... to spy on you since that time ... everyone in that facilities think your ESP is ... "no value"
but for me ...  you are so perfect .... perfect .... yes .. perfect... and that why ? you can go to that Academy ...

... clearly .. he is one of the human resources staff ... at that local government facilities of Jurai... and he knows her ESP test result.

You try to say ... you are the one ..who scout on me ?

I ..also liked the people in that town same as you did ... I want to done it .. gentle and proper ... you and me, .. We make a long relationship..
He look at Washu ... with blank emotion eyes sign ...

... like you said .. our .. country is ruthless, hopeless, disappoint ... why that people not listen ... what ? you say.
Now he said that with weird smiley face

Washu look on his face and tries to read it... but she can't ..
that is the reason ? only that ? .. she feel disgusting and done sufficient facts

Hey ... did you hear me ? ... you have wife and kid already .. did you remember that ?

You don't need to die here .. Washu chan ... if you come with me ...

Everything you done is pointless .. stop .. did you hear me .. hey !

He ... did not notice ... what Washu said to him .. include the word about his wife and kid ...
both of them stuck with a lot weird question and pointless answer ..
but .... summary point .. the answer ? of this man ... is not that heartless ? .. he kill everybody in this space ship .. yes he is ?
look in another way .. the real purpose and his big reward is only capture Washu ... it's depend on her re-action and answer ...

the key to stop this operation is in Washu hand ... maybe ?

What did you done .... in that town ?

Ugh ...?

Suddenly, He change the subject ...and his eyes change from cool blank emotion to anger ... with no reason.
He look at Washu like he really try to kill her .. this time... nobody knows .. witch answer .. is wrong !
but Washu emotion, voice and her face in this time ... is no fear ! .. that make everything ..... worse than it should be.

.. What !? .. What did you done ... ?

Suddenly, He .. notice something ... why ? Washu ... not fear him anymore.
his nanomachines ... it's doesn't work ...  !

Look like ... somebody knows your nanomachines ... pattern

Damn you ! ... Damn you Washu ! ...

He done it again .... this time... He use a "new" type of nanomachines virus with her ... but .. it not take effect anymore ...
and It seemed to be .. eliminate it's self ...

... go ahead do it ! .. , do as you want .. It's doesn't work anymore .. thank for anti virus system program that I get it from over there .. or
.. I can say .. Thank you very much .. Professor Iwai.

Professor Iwai .. work in the background and send her .. an anti virus program via the external terminal computer ..
and in a minute after that .. this terminal explosion by force field ... senior security staff done it.

Doesn't Work !? .. say it again !

the explosion is small but, Washu fall behind because a shock wave blast to her ... in a blink of an eyes our senior security staff
escaped from the trapped force field that Washu create.

My trapped force field ?

Don't believe that .. did you ? .. Hahaha .. Do not ! under estimate our technology !

Now ... He fight back ...
Washu have a Guardian System unit .. a "special" made and she turning it herself, It generate another force field to protect her.
but ... senior security staff .. power is amazing in just a few seconds, He can heck and crushed Washu's Guardian System protect force field down
... and use his Guardian System done a big shot of force bullet.

No !! ...

Suddenly !  ...

Washu .. open her eyes .. one by one .. there is a man dress in full combat suit ... Jurai technology .. standing and protect her.
... ? Why ... ? .. but this is a big deal .... He is ... the " fighting spirit " of Jurai
Washu try to speak with him pass connected of Guardian System .. Who is he ? .. Why he done that ... ? What is his purpose...

Run .... !

Tch !

Jurai fighting spirit move his body closer and closer to Washu by force bullet pressure

Before it's too late ! // .. Run !

When ... Washu was escape from that room ..
senior security staff block her way out by jump and confronting in front of her...

... !?

Run for your life ... ? come on Washu chan you can do it ... use your guardian ..with pride

He approaches, laugh and smiling .... to Washu... in her face.

Argh !

Washu saw his psychosis expression ..this is madness... she fall back and give up.

He laughing more .. when he saw and think .. Washu is in his hand.
before he can thinking more thing ... at that moment the surface of spaceship starting to unstable , the door was burst by explosive
everything burn ... and all of them was trapped inside .. no way out .. but never mind .. this time the objective ... is kill, everyone will die anyway.
so .. he smile ... smile like a baby.

I'm sorry .... .... .... .... [Sign]
[Boooommmmmmmm !!!!!]


The wall was blow up ... Washu can see the other side of that wall, It is an empty living room and nobody there.
she have no time to think anything , Washu jump to that living room from a gap of the door.
... and then the sound of snap metal ... the structure of this spaceship start to meltdown... and it's completely shut that door.
... as a result.

Run away !

She was survival basic instinct .. and she run away fast as she can .. now
A terrible sound of snap metal is every where ... along with a explosion sound and a shock wave in the air.

Suddenly !  the last guardian system unit of Washu ... done a weird 'beep' sound .. a signal of dead .. 

Dieeee !

From behind senior security staff destroyed the last guardian system unit ...

'beep' 'beep' 'beep' ... beeuuuu ~tsu ~tsu ~tsu ..... [silence]

.... ?

He hit Washu from behind after that ,... but ... figure of Washu was gone ... it's disappear ..

Fuck ! ...  a teleportation ??
Yes ... Look like ... his knowledge about Washu's ESP ability and power is .. just a yesterday story.
that Why ? ... He missing ... and Washu's another ESP ability and power that he didn't knows suddenly appears ..  in this battle,

but .. not too far ... her teleportation .. just a few meters ... in this time is very useful and really save her life.
now, she run with no pattern of movement but she can done it only a few tens of seconds.


the other side of exist door just a few meters away, that's Washu destination .. now she running in the hall
and return back from teleportation running .. she open that door .... but !

There is a man .. stand behind that door ... he grabbing Washu's arm ...

.... !!!

but this time .. not that man .. he is ... that rookie security staff ... the one that try to date with her...
at that time, Washu's movement monitor device captured something and .. show ... another man running ... closer and closer.
and then ....

.... Oh ? .. Who is this ? ... Ahh Mr.Nishia (His real name is Tatsuki Nishia) ... surprise .. surprise

by normal .. every one who ? is infection with that nanomachine virus can not even move his/her arm
that why ? senior security staff was really ... surprised

You have the power of Jurai elite militants ... the "fighting spirit"  ..... don't tell me .. You are the royal family ..of Jurai ?.. Mr.Nishia ?

Washu proper open her mouth for the first time ... this man is a real surprise.

You came from the royal family !?

... yes .. but he said that like he have a troubled.
I'm just a lowest rank ... but .. to be honor .. I trust in my real power as a fighters of Jurai. 

Oh shit .. this is dam good .. royal family in the escort ..  you son of a bitch .. both of you ... royal family and department of philosophy !

at the same time .. when he said that word completely .. the spaceship is back to normal speed with a light vibration
and now in front of the spaceship is a flagship of the shank guild

To be honor ... I was proudly present our shank guild planet scale class flagship Shin-Ei .. stage of the art technology !
and Hey ! .. look at that dock .. it's even have a "mother ship" carrier on top of it ...!
He said that like a little child ... on x-mas day.

But .. the large-scale battleship that size .. with a lot of mother ship on it .. is a over kill spec .. even big countries not have it .. actually ?

Entry that planet is an enemy base ?... Your spaceship ?? ..   What the fuck are all of you done !? // What is your thinking ! //

Nishia suddenly yelling out loud like a roar of the beast that come from deep darkness forest.
not only senior security officer .. Washu also felt scary in that voice.

Err... I'm recommend .. both of you .. surrender us immediately .. and everybody .. happy .. please ?

Surrender ! .. What is your dream ! .. Surrender My Ass !
Nishia ... He still yelling ... with more angry .. ?

Yes ! Yes ! .... Who ?  Surrender .. Not Us ! .. No Way ! .. Your Majesty .. You have Personal Jurai Imperial Space Ship did you ?
Whare is it .. now ?

Washu said that .. Nishia brightly smiles ..

When My ship arrived .. I will kick your ass ... You fucking idiot !

.... and in no time ... his space ship actually arrived....  it warp, shifted the time and space like teleportation ..
in blink of an eyes .. it's here !

Hey ! Senior, that is my ship ... it over there !

...... ah !

the beautiful light spread in the space .. when looking from the window, It was exactly at that time.

... light hawk wing !

At that moment, he muttered with panic, nervous and rolling on the floor.

He done an unaware suicide ? .. bone head ..fucking idiot... how idiot he is ? .. I wonder ?
Washu and Nishia .. think in the same thing.
However ....

That is ...a light hawk wing of my ship ... ??? ... ??? ...  yes it is ? .. but ? ... that weird ?
Nishia .. think .. this light hawk wing that product by his ship .. but.. why this time .. it is too many ?
Properly, 3 sheet of light hawk wings was produced  .....  his Imperial Ship is just .. the "third generation" ... ?

At that time, Washu did not even noticed .. What ? Nishia is thinking .. but ... she knows only ... her jewel ..all 3 ... emit a bright light
like a frame in her pocket.

Early morning ...

3 Days ..  after that incident.
Two Spaceships had arrived on the "health" satellite station of the Academy ..
Both of them have "the core" that mean, Both ship carry the Jurai Royal Tree with it..  this time Jurai use
"Jurai battle ship class" for make sure ...  Washu will arrived to Imperial Academy .. safety... 

there is no reason to fight with state-of-the-art aircraft carrier of the shank guild .. that weird "planet scale class" spaceship

However, it takes time to "destruction" ... a spaceship that scale and our enemy did not accept .. "a surrender" .. at first.
when provoking ... many time, every one .. still in silence for a few minutes ... before somebody in that ship ? starting to knows ?
what happen with all of them.

finally, somebody that in fear can be escaped as recommendation .. using the "a bunk escape vehicle" ..

Both of them Nishia and Washu not try to destroy that "planet scale class" spaceship and let's all of the people escape. if he/she want,
except a military vehicle that not permit.
I ... ran away into the shield of our spaceship, at that time ... and it's under protect by Royal Jurai tree
and outside is a state-of-the-art armed unit, when "the core" of the spaceship was melt function .. it's very hard to escape .. and
I knows .. the pain if that happen ...
(he had enter to sub space of the royal tree)

as you can see .. first direct attack at the core. if success, it will blow up with tremendous distortion.
and most of the people will die ... please keep this information confidential.

I ... understand.

Now .. the enemy spaceship is under control by Juria Royal house .. everything must be ok ..
but .. if the shank guild want a battle .. my spaceship can actually destroy it ...

Oh ............
Suddenly .. Washu have a voice inside her head .. again..  but.

What ? .. what's that mean ?
Nishia suddenly spoke at the same time. 

... ? ... You speak to me ?

No .. Err.r... excuse me ... sorry to say this but .. I have an urgent business to done .. now .. please take care, Washu dono.

Thank you .. please take care, Mr. Nishia.

After exchanged a greetings, both of them shake hand .. and Washu rush to the spaceport of the shuttle.

this contents .. is "internal use" as the incident, Washu knows that in a few years later.

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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)
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Book 3 Washu Ch 03  Sub 01/04 (x4 longer than normal ..)

Akara Naja 
.... Wa wa wa  what ?, what the hell is that !

Washu just arrived at the Imperial Academy of Jurai ... and She was behind behind the main pillars of this airport.
by the way ... the one, Who come to pick her up .. name Akara Naja .. a woman ? .. 3 years older ? .. but she was not alone !
She come with ... an army of staff... A Thousands !

some .. climb the airport structure and deploy a welcome sign and flag .. "Welcome Washu !" on top of it.
some .. students dressed up in full formal uniform
some .. is a brass band
and a security guard ..
and a small children hold flag in his/her hand ...
and ... (how many thing did you want ?)

entry airport now is full of this people .. humble sound is loud and it's every where ..
her first time grand welcome ... is the same level as a "special" head of the stage welcome level ...
this is so different with her grand send-off party, that happen just a few days ago.
and .. When .. Washu has been surrounded by this many people, It's make her feel sick... and fear.

Are you Joking ! , .. How can I ? .... get the hell out of this place ? ... look at it !?
Washu that peeks from behind the pillar, Said that ... and ..

[Hurmmm] .. I wonder ? ..  If I go back inside .. buy a ticket and return back to "Kana Mitsu" now ?? .. Can I ? .. Is it all right ?



What is this ? ... Hey ! .. Miss Naja .... this is your welcome for a freshman ?

Multiplied voice from group of some people approaching ... a woman, Who ? name Akara Naja was looking around and organization
every group of student .. around the airport with a serious eyes... answer that question ...

Yeah, ... but .. She coming late ! ... Now ! ... She supposed to be here ! .. Ahh ! .. Our freshman this time is a Genius,
I might say ... She is the Most Genius ever .. since the beginning of the Academy ! ...

... Errr, Naja ... can i say something ? .. about .. your wel ....

Hey ! .. Over there !!!
Naja, She suddenly found Washu .. that tried to escape by hiding behind a pillar and move slowly, but this time... she run for her life !

STOP !!!! ... HEY !!! .. DON'T RUNNING AWAY !!!!
Naja run ! .. and yelling all the way with very loud voice ...

Ahhhhh  .. just like i thought ....

HEY ! .. what da fuck are all of you waiting for ! .. go ! .. chase her ! .. now !
Another many group of people running, passing this group of people and somebody said that out loud !

So .. Everyone chasing Washu around the airport ... yes ... everyone.
Washu physical fitness is so strong .. she can run must faster and must longer than the people of Academy.
that why ? Naja .. one of the student in the philosophy department .. used her raw power .. the something call ...a good plan.
Not require an ESP or special power .. only a well organized group of people ... she can make a tactics .. move people around
in the same pattern to make a "human wave" .. and that is... job done... very simple.

After that chaseing ....

When Washu walk together with Naja ...

Naja is like .. a local celebrity in the Academy, Everyone knows her very well and many times the people whispering talking
and pointed towards at her ?.. is very common thing to done.

and now ... both of them take a bus .. the destination is the Department of Philosophy.
on the bus ... somebody give Washu an extra issue of the student newspaper .. that have "Washu chasing news update reports"
as a very big headline at the front page ..?

Thank for Naja celebrity position ? ... now .. Washu is become a new celebrity of the Academy, on the first day she just arrived.

... ? .. That is .. you and me ? in the newspaper ?

Yeah .. Ha haha ... Hey ! It's said .. Naja able to captor Washu .. The Most Genius ever... since the beginning of the Academy !
Naja tapping both of her hand on Washu's shoulder when she laughing out loud.

Thank to you .. Errr Miss Naja ? ...

No no no .. that not a big deal .. I'm very Interested to see somebody .. genius .. like you are !
She is not said an irony .. but .. come to think of it .. she is the one .... that is genius ? .. yes .. indeed.

You are ... , truly genius my calculate .. to catch you .. is only a 33 second exactly .. but you waste my time
far more than I think a lot .. a beautifully 33 minutes 3 or 5 seconds .. whatever .
Naja .. said that by herself and She nod many times ... and impressed ?

Washu stare at Naja face ... with surprise ? , .. (What is she try to done ?)
and the next word that came out .. is more surprise

By the way ! .. Miss Genius !

Hey ! .. hold on a second ... Genius .. Genius  .. Genius  .. What is the point ? .. please stop that ..

So .... If I called you Washu-chan ... is that good ?

What ?
Yes ...  She suddenly change ...

Ne ! Ne ! ... Washu-chan .. did you have a boyfriend ? 
She said that silly question and ignore Washu ... again..

Huh ? .. No .. I ....

No ? ... You don't have a boyfriend .. did you ? Washu-chan .. Ne ?
Washu .. not say anything and use her both hand done a sign ...  "NO"

I see ... You don't have a boyfriend .... ..
and ... So Do I.

Feel Lonely ?

No .. I'm not .. .. by technically, every planet not have the same among of boy and girl .. right ? .. Washu-chan.

.. That is a Nobody knows ... question ? .. no one can answer that ..

Well .... Washu-chan [Heart icon] ... the Academy is my backyard, If you want to knows ? anything just ask me .. ok ?

..... How long did you live here .... ?

All Entry my life, I was born here ...

Yes .. Akara Naja ... She was born here, at the Academy.

the Jurai Imperial/Royal Stand Academy (or the Academy for short .. from this point)
Is .. a planet .. All of the school is in only one planet .. in that time is not so much facility .. like today.
so .. everyone live in this planet. students, teacher, professor and other staff .. his/her family.

In addition ...

Some thing ... called "class" ... can description in various forms .. a student, a teacher or an employed staff of the academy.
Most of them hire an apartment or dormitory close to his/her school or department.
some .. built they own house on the island far away from the crowd and connect to department by super fast communication network.
some .. love a freedom .. he/she done a lectures pass wireless network while traveling across the planet, what ever he/she can get ..
a car, a boat or a camper van.

Not everyone that come with a lucky star .... a wealthy family that support his/her finance all of his/her student life..
Some people living in his/her sleeping bag .. some where in the facilities area or building and done a part-time job for cloth, food and study fee.
for a better life in the future.

and ... what about "a war" ?

... yep ! you are right .. we have a war .. between the continent .. or you can say .. between the department by dropout student
with a bad relationship between the department for a very long time ... many generation.

for this "problem" , the student council ... try to resolve with a representatives smart solution ...
from each department .. in the final result .. maybe .. the " Federation " ... AKA. the United Department of Academy ? ... who knows ?
but NOT for this time .. and NOT in the future ... even when the Academy .. upgrade to GA and have many planet on it.
because .. no one agree with that smart solution. (unite the area and then have no war ? , yes .. very smart ?  .. yes)

We arrival ! .. 

Naja and Washu .. walk from the bus stop and stand in front of a very big house, about 5 minutes on foot ....
... a house ? in fact, It is a building .. a mansion and pretty big, Like every high-end service mansion in the center of metropolis ..
but this one is far more luxury than a service mansion ..

Woooo .. that ... was ... amazing ! .... Is that ? your house .... ... Naja ?

........... ... ... ...

When Washu look at her ... Naja .. her face and her eyes is like, she disconnect from her brain.

Is That ? ... , Hey ! .. Naja ! .. did you hear me !?

Yeah, yeah ... I think every body ... "blur" when see that ... #@! .. in the first time ..
Naja, Said that when tapping both of her hand on Washu's shoulder when she done a weird smile .. ?

.. and nobody invited her new friend that suddenly meet each other in the college on the first day to her ... home suddenly ... right ?

... you mean ... that is ... a ... college ... building ?

Oh .. mi gooooddd ... this is sooooo much fun ! .. $#%%#$%$#%
She can't calm down anymore .. Naja yelled and tear jerk with a happiness !

then ... the big gate of that big house is open.
inside ... the garden which is beautifully ... every single details of that garden illuminated
an army of maid and butler lined up all the way ...
an elderly man .. look like a leading butler to that house .. done a bowing his head properly

Welcome .. Hakubi Washu Dono .. We are waiting for you.

This is ... my house ?

Washu look at Naja ... when she said that ... and pointing her finger at .. her house.

....... Well ,
for today this time is too late for a ... register document .... the office is closing now... I think ..

Huh ?? ......

I will pick you up tomorrow morning 0800, bye !! See you tomorrow !!

Wait ! ...

.. Naja Ignore Washu .. by shake her hand and runaway ! , yes ... she went home ! .. in the time like this ?

Really ?

(Yes ! She did it ....)

Next Update ...
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)
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Book 3 Washu Ch 03  Sub 02/04 (x4 longer than normal ..)

Akara Naja 

... Only one person Madam ?
Another butler, Who is the only one that walk out of the line calling Washu ..
and look like Naja .. She is really .. gone .. like a wind.

.... .... yesss ...

Welcome .. and My name is "Hirata" ..
He is the master butler of this house ? .. that Washu can actually use him to done anything.
Hirata "push" Washu into the mansion .. to introduce her, a personal maid ... more than 150 name and all of them stand in the line ..

If my "Staff" done something wrong .. please tell me .. and I will change a new staff for you immediately.

Elderly man .. done a proper carefully greeting with Washu.

This .. mansion is very big .. where is everyone ? .. went home on Summer ?

There is a house reserved for only a special person .. Mr.Iwai Ikuma .. order this house and service for you, .. only.

Professor ?

Yes, This way please ... I'll guide you in.
She walk .. all around the mansion with another butler, He came from the powerful family of her hometown "Kana Mitsu"
He told Washu, If this mansion is not good enough .. He have another 5 gorgeous mansion to present .. if she really want to change.

.. Household is very good .. not only a furniture. All of the rooms is the bast goods and items, the Academy can get.

This is a master bedroom ... and it have enough equipment .. you can actually study.. here..
Washu show her amazed face .. when she overlooking at this bedroom. it's a open-plan bedroom, same size as her orphanage building
include a garden... but this is just a bedroom for this big house.

Department of Philosophy .. give an "Individual's Institute Area" to every students in the Department, Washu sama ...
This is your private .. If you need more, no matter how big it is .. we trying to provide it out best .. we can done.

The individual ... You mean ... Personal Research Facility Area ?

Yes... But ... Depending on the research theme .. of course and this is not your asset ... in case, somebody propose
a "not good enough" research theme .. the area must be return to Department.
for the Example ... hey ! .... .... .... the satellite start its rocket engine and fly into the sky,

That is a personal research facility of some "Professor" in the Department of Philosophy.
He point to the satellite that flying in the sky.

Incredible ...
Washu looked up into the sky from the terrace, of her bedroom ...

What is your measurement ? , your .. "good enough" ?

... Sorry Madam, We have no idea because nobody .. I mean "a lady" like you enter to this level before.
this is a degree of very extreme, no matter how and what ? ... please squeezing everything you have .. that is my recommended.

If I can't do that ? ... department expect level ...

I think ... they will kick you out ...

... !
A little bit .. not good expression for Washu .. but, She come this far and the Academy provide her everything
this is very common to expect something "out" from her .. something very good.

Everything you need we help ... Food, everything you ask for .. we will prepare and feed you soon as possible.
Sleep .. anywhere - anytime you want .. we prepare,  just eat, sleep and done a good "thing".   

You mean ... like a kid ?

.... Yes.

Ah ! Gezzz , ... ... So ...
Washu try to .. force this butler, to called her "chan" .. but he confused ..
Not like Naja ... in the afternoon...
She think ... if everybody called her "chan" same as Naja, it will .. reduce a nervous and politic feeling.

After this butler ... get out of her room.
Like she did in her room at the orphanage, Washu threw herself heavily on the bed.

the Imperial Academy is great ! .. and full of surprise .. endlessly.
But.. This is so "challenged" ...

She think .. while holding a paper folding that she get it out of her bag... and when she look at the fluorescent
light-emitting paper, It's seems like her future ... it's full of color .. like a rainbow.

I'm go to be happy and lucky .. I will.


Washu hold a big kitchen knife and fork in her hand .., and ... made a food ... many of it, ...very fast

butlers and maids stare at Washu .. with a question mark ? floating on his/her head ...

Washu .. done a large wrinkles between her eyebrows ... when one of the butler .. ask her .. a question.

Err.... I'm Sorry .. Washu sama .. Why you do that ... ? .. we done something that make you dissatisfaction?

Ahhhh ! mooooo ... No, It doesn't ...
Washu yelling ..

Huh ... ???

Hey ! you .. you .. you and you .. help me .. this way !
butlers and maids that stand in front of Washu help her, put a food into a dish, put a tea into a cup and served it on the table
.. very long table, table that seems to be .. have a seat for over 100 people.

but .. in the finally ... Washu sit in that table alone .. with over 10 maids standing behind her... with very nervous.

... Everybody help me ... prepare this meal , so .. we eat it together.

But .. Washu sama ... All of us is your Maid .. we can't do that ..

I'm not the one who employ all of you ... so .. it's OK .. I think...
or ... you think my food is not good enough for you .. the people of Jurai ?

butlers and maids still .. confused, Washu want to break that "shield"...  and become .. friend... then.

However, ... If all of you think .. your life is only that "a low value" ...
What ? .. the other people think about you, "high value" - "low value" ...come on ! this is what ? I decide ..

this lifestyle is far too much "luxury" for me .... in this time, it change too fast ...
I have no idea how to "done it" properly and it takes a time to learning everything that supposed to be "done".
If all of you don't mind ... "teach me" how to done it properly ..
to be the best "Master" of them all .. in this Academy.

Washu sama ... Are you sure ? ... Our elevation score is .. an ultimate high level.

I'm sorry ? ... and .. you know what ? .. I think, it is so much fun .. to eat while we talking together.
That is a kick start ... and it going well.. very well... because after this point ....

Maids ... Who is about the same "age" as Washu .. starting to talk with her ... about
a secret love ?, false love, dark love or weird relation of "somebody" .. "there" .. this is a very good start ?
and many interesting information .. for the example ... a ridiculous serious of Hirata ? and .. many thing about butler
.. a damn good guy or an evil one.

Washu sama ! ... Please don't do that .. and wait until serving is proper finished.

By Unawares, .. Washu done something same as She done in that orphanage, One of the Butler noticed Washu
use her finger push her plate at the edge, make it .. up and down .., yes .. she play with it like a child.

Arrr Hahaha! ... Sorry.. Sorry, .. this is one of my bad habit.
Thank for Naja ... her method is very effective... and Washu's life is back to normal .... ?


Ah ... OK ... [Washu carry her dish, kitchenware and walk into the kitchen, After her finished her meal]

Washu sama ! .. What are you try to done ? .. leave it on the table... please ..

Another butler try to stop her ... but .. She began to clean up .. a lot of dishes and kitchen wares ..

Hey .. You done it "wrong" you knows ? .. separate oils dish and clean it together .. like this [ect ... ]

this time she won .. because She in charge - take care a lot of child before. that why she can finish cleaning up after a big meal
in no time, even the butler who done a kitchen work was stunning with her speed.

Look at this .. it's very clean ..
That is a good instruction .. I ever seen.
Wow ,... //

Maids .. coming around and many of them tweet with good impressed, all of that .. next to the butler.
Because, All of them done his/her job every day .. but .. they have no idea .. it's a wrong way...

Why ? .. How ? did you knows that ... Washu sama ?

Because ... I was look after and take care a lot of children ... When, I was home ..
There is it ... a normal life of people in my country.

the butler .. done a deep sigh .. and leave.

All right ! I'm done... Thank you everybody for cheers me up ...
Washu, Finished her clean up and said that while looking around.

Well ... next .. take a bath..... Errr.. Where is the bathroom ?
This is impossible task .. for the butler ... indeed.

Somebody ?

Oh !! , I do ! - I do ! .. I will guide Washu sama .. to the bathroom ...

One Young Maid .. stepped forward out of the line.

Her name is "Mikoto"
the Youngest among the staff .. Skinny, Native Jurai and her 2 younger sister living in the Academy
Study Fee and All living expenses .. come from her job .. in this mansion .. or you can say..
She done this job because she have no other choice.

In this era, .. to study abroad as a "College Student" in the Academy .. require a ton of money.
If you are NOT the person who was born in a very wealthy family ... this is "impossible" ..
That Why ? .. many "institution" of the Academy, set another objective for "human resource" development.

A scholarship... of course.

But .. only a few people, Who can got a scholarship like Washu did.
Washu's scholarship .. is a "gold scholarship" and it's available only The Department of Philosophy ..
that require the ultimate perfect "score" when graduate from an old school, only this type of scholarship that cover
all entry of the cost to live in the Academy ...

What's about ? another type of scholarship ...

As you can see .. "gold scholarship" is only 1 accepted condition on the start .. and job done !. no need a test anymore.
another scholarship .. depend on many thing .. score test, aptitude test, technical test, ect ..

test .. and test again ...and the "test" is not happen every day .. or as student require.
some "test" is once every a few years .. 

If you fail ... and need to change the Department ?. Yes ! .. you can, but require you to done another test .. again.

So ... living in the Academy when carry "a hope" of the people that send you here, the test is very hard and many of it,
very expensive cost to live ... life is not easy ... and even you are the lucky one that can pass all of this problem
and got a scholarship.

Nobody can guarantee how much ? .. you need to pay "the other cost" that not include in a scholarship that you get ..
until you graduate.

Sound too hard ? .. Asking for a good solution ?
done it .. with your own pocket money ...
yes .. find .. a good part time job ... and done it.


I'm end up with this job .. your maid. I'm an older sister, cost for living at the Academy for all of us is too high.
.. and the salary is good.

Mmm ... I don't knows the number is that high ...
Hey .. What is the department ? .. you need to go.

... Me ? ... I want to be a "teacher" .. in the Jurai Royal Court.

You mean .. Teacher of the Emperor of Jurai ?

Yes ! .. I want to done such a thing .. Teaching .. Prince or Princess of Jurai .. a good lesson.
And When She said that .. Her cheek suddenly turn to Red ///

Come to think of it.. When I was an instructor .. I think .. It's actually have a person from the Royal of Jurai in my class.

Really ! .. You teach .. the Royal ? .. You are so lucky .. Jurai Royal done a limited permit,
they can actually learn at some specific schools ... that only a master level.. and
all schools send "an image of teacher" for selected .. only teacher, they want to learn with ...
Ahhhh ....  One day ... I will be an instructor of the school's like you .. and meet that gentle person,
become a best friend, marriage and have a baby ...

Yes ... Hrmmm , You .. in love with somebody ? that come from the Royal of Jurai ? //
Washu said that question .. with evil tone of voice ...

... ! .... Yes !

Oh ! ... Cheee ! // [Whisper]... don't said that too loud ... hey ... what kind of person ? .. is he .. so cool ?

[Whisper]... make it clear .. her type of person is look a lot like you ... Washu sama ... very cool.

.... .... ... !  What ? ... Hang On a Seconds ? "HER"... You mean .. a Woman ?

Yes  ... ... What wrong ?

Washu ... really .. don't get it .. this is like a wonderland .. the area that not supposed to .. enter ... perhaps.
but .. this is Mikoto .. way of life ? .. and she said that .. like it's complete normal ? ..

What a shame .... ////

Yes ! .. I think so .. ////

This is the first time .. Washu thinking really hard ... for a reason.
In term of logic thinking ... It's like a hobby ...
Mikoto actually done a different hobby compare with Washu.
"different" ... "not a bad thing", look at her .. she look serious and her face become bright red .. ?

That Era, the "medical technology" power .. able to do that thing. the problem is ..
Washu's personal point of view ... woman supposed to be "mom" .. but it's wrong.

sorry... sorry... I thought that person you like is a man... I have heard that from you, I removed the choice.

From Me ? Removed the choice... ?? I don't understand ? ..

Washu don't understand it either...
Then .. She asked something .. for the example .. between you and me .. if we are the lover .. same gender
the local law here .. was allow both of us to done a marriage ??? with no problem ??.

Aha .. Washu sama, You remind me something ... I think in the very old Era, We have "a marriage prohibited description" 
... "yes, you can" or "no, you can not"., It doesn't exist more than .. A 1,000 Years .. 

Washu done a weird smile and laugh out loud with no reason. (No law here ... do it as you want !)

[Sigh] ....

More important thing ... Washu realise ... Here , in the Academy.

"Talk with a girl" ... She must be careful when it was. for example, Said .. "Naja is my best friend" ..
very similar word .. diffrent meaning ..and atmosphere. In front of her eye everyone is a normal girl,
like a gossip and shining like a star ... but .. in the dark side ..

Well ... beware that from now on.

What did you say ?

No .. nothing ..

There ! ... the bathroom ...
Mikoto point her finger .. to other side of the Gate, with no door and look like .. there is a garden ?

Where is it ?? .. Here !? ... Really ?
Again .. Washu was "stunned", when she knows this is a bath room ...

No, this is the dressing area for woman.
better than expected .. but ... that dressing area is hidden well and cover by a lot of trees.

..... a pool ? 
while staring at a large entertainment swimming pool.

No, Please .. take a shower in this area before you go to that "bathtub"
..... First time ? Washu sama ...

Yeah ....

but .. Washu see something, weird .. but very entertainment .. a various slider, very high over 10 meters from the ground
and the end of every slider is a very large "bathtub" ?? ...

All of this is your .. personal bath room .. Washu sama .. feel free to use it.

Oh ! My... .... ... Fufufufufu .....
Washu laugh with a low "hump" sound ...

Washu sama ???

I think ... every Maids ... I mean ... all of you, woman !... Let's use it, my bathroom !

What !?

Everyone ! ..... Everyone !!

Really ?

Yeah .... Yeah !!! Let's go .. !! Yahooooo !
Washu happily reply that ... life is so good !.

Hey ! .. let's try that one !

But ...
Come on ! ....  Riding a huge slider alone is not fun ...
and sometime it's jam in the middle... a lot people is better !

.. Is that good ! .. Is that good !
Mikoto ... half crying with joy

Yes ! Good ... everything is good !
Several tens of minutes later...
both of them shouting and also riding a slider together .. for a dozens of times... until the end.

After finished a very fun bath time ...

Washu need to change her dress into a pajama and go back to sleep,
but .. she discovery another "fact" ... "pajama" that Mikoto give her is not a "pajama" like she thinking ... ,
a sexy see through dress.

Another trouble feeling for her again ...
She running back to her room , throw it away ... change to normal dress and jump into her bed.

... Ahhhhhh ! Moooo ! I really don't get it !... I really don't get it !

Only that word .. and she sleep ... like dead... that night ...

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