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what of you think of a crossover between sailormoon and tenchi?

its awwwwwsone!
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its meh
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segaman 4

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segaman 4
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Hi everyone my name is segaman 4

Re: segaman 4
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Welcome to the board segaman4, glad to see our numbers increase!

As for a Tenchi / Sailor Moon crossover, it would probably be a video game based crossover if it were to officially happen at this point, as the studios who animate them are different (AIC for Tenchi and Toei for Sailor Moon).  It would depend mostly on who the rights for video games based on them belong to and they would have to be the same company / developer (Which is why crossover games such as Super Robot Taisen, Heroes Phantasia, and so on have happened without trouble in Japan).  As hype as it would be, I don't see it happening any time soon... at least officially. ;)

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Re: segaman 4
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Welcome welcome! ^_^
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